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Sub 35 - jamieh - 22-04-2014

Hey there,

Long time no post... but I've been injured and heavy and quite frustrated unfortunately Sad

After the 1k's back in March I strained my peroneals doing Yoga and then ran a fairly fast off-road 10k race (about 34:30 for the win) and ended up compensating for the peroneals with my vastus lat which tightened up. I then ran a 30k easy a couple of days later (stupid) and screwed my knee.

Been having physio and occasionally jogging (no more than 30mins) for the last 3 weeks. I had triathlon booked for yesterday so I took the knee for a tempo 5k spin last Friday (3 days before race) to test it. Felt really great with last 3k at 3:10 pace, 1% incline (16:30 for last 5k) so I decided to race the tri.

Tri yesterday was all good and managed to get round the run feeling good (if a little out of shape) with no pain. I was about 30s off of where I usually am in that 5k (17:45 off a hard bike).

Good news is I'm in strong swim/bike shape and the knee has been given the all clear. Bad news is I have exactly 2.5 until Mallorca 70.3 triathlon (May 10th).

Mallorca run is completely flat. My plan is to focus on a strong bike/swim and aim to run a steady (say 1:20) half marathon (picking up at the end if all is feeling good on the day).

Any thoughts on a run program between now and then?


PS - I got down to 79.5kg for the race yesterday (after last 2 weeks at 81+). Going to be super strict until Mallorca and confident I can get to sub 78kg and still hold on to the bike quads and swim lats.

Sub 35 - TheEd - 22-04-2014

here's your problem: I then ran a 30k easy a couple of days later (stupid)

you know I have been trying to get to chat to you, so we could balance your training Wink

hopefully you able to recover sensibly

ps.. as for the run aspect, if I were you I would avoid long runs and maybe pop a 5 x 2k session in this weekend .. use the cycling for aerobic .. make sure the 2k run is not quicker than 3.30 per k for now

Sub 35 - jamieh - 22-04-2014

You're right (as always) re: that 30k. It was crazy. But I was in New York for the first time and was desperate to do a central park and hudson river loop. Was an amazing run... but probably not worth the 3 weeks of injury in hind sight Wink

Yes planning to do a 2k session on Thurs so will keep it to 3:30 pace as you say. Yes will avoid long runs and do aerobic work on the bike.

Thanks and lets speak soon.

Sub 35 - jamieh - 24-04-2014

5x2kR90 (Track)


Weight: 79kg
Weather: Cool, calm

Decent session this morning. Legs were fairly dead as v. early start + done lots of cycling + the race 3 days ago (also have cut the carbs out of diet for the last 4 days) but was able to settle into a nice pace. Last 2 felt a lot better!

Knee felt great. No pain or tightness.

I've got exactly the right amount of time to get a full cycle in before the Mallorca race... was thinking:

- 1k's next tues @ 3:20 pace
- paced 5k on sat @ 17-17:30 (maybe off a 70.3 pace bike ride)
- 3x1600 @ 70.3 run pace on tues
- 6x1min race pace on thurs
- Race on Sat (10th)

What do you think?

I won't do any of the usual long runs (will keep them to under 1h)

Sub 35 - TheEd - 24-04-2014

that should be all the running you do .. no 1hr runs even

with the above planned running you minimise the chance of aggravating the knee

slow running will aggravate it, running quicker for the 1hr will add unnecessary muscle fatigue

you can add 2hr rides to compensate for the 1hr run, focusing on aerobic via spinning and not using the quadriceps too much

you should be OK, not much else you can do. Don't kill the carbs too much but rather cut down on sugar

you will be the normal 'beast' on race day, so keep the belief system and not the fear of



Sub 35 - jamieh - 24-04-2014

Thanks TheEd, makes absolute sense. Will spend the time on the bike instead of any slow running. Will just do these sessions.

One thing... there is actually race #2 of the sprint triathlon series (like I raced on Mon) the day after I was planning to do paced 5k off brick. What do you think? Can I do that instead of the paced 5k? It's a race I know well and could be a good test + confidence building. Would still have 5 days to wind down before the 70.3...


Sub 35 - TheEd - 24-04-2014

you should be able to race .. it is normally the recovery after racing that is important, so keep that in mind after the events

and remember long runs as recovery are not good for 'you' after events

aerobic swimming is probably ideal



Sub 35 - jamieh - 17-07-2014

Right... time to get back on the horse!

I've been ticking along with training since Mallorca, eating too many sweets and struggling a bit with weight + injury (tight hamstrings - now feeling good after various physio/massage treatments). But am ready to dedicate again now.

Focus is Olympic Distance National champs on 10th Aug, then 70.3 World Champs in Canada on 7th Sept. I have a training camp in Morzine between the two (21st-26th Aug) which should set me up nicely for Canada.

I managed a reasonable 5.6k (19mins, off road) at the JP Morgan challenge last weekend with a few 33/34min 10k guys around me at the finish.. so I'm in some kind of shape (despite being 80kg+ on the line).

Also been enjoying long weekend runs (up to 1hr 45) and steady 15k's in the week so planning to keep those 60min standard sessions around the speed work.

Planning to do start with 2k's next Thurs. So thinking I might do a 'fun' version tonight: 5x2k with 2-3 mins rest (stole idea from your FB... Smile) as it's been so long since I was on the track.

Sub 35 - TheEd - 18-07-2014

Hi Jamie, you don't leave yourself much time, do you Wink

the 3 x 2k for MrsDuck was due to her working on 5k speed the next 6 weeks Big Grin

see how the session goes and consider dropping it to 4 if taking strain

try to increase your long run to 2hrs and do that every 3 weeks

then slot in a 1hr tempo run and 1 x 90 minute run instead on every weekend

we never ever got to have our chat then, now did we Big Grin

5 x 2k next week should be around 3.40 per k to start

if you feeling comfortable then increase the pace over the last 2

don't run and blow


Sub 35 - jamieh - 21-07-2014

Smile not much time indeed, but I thought I should test your theory that I can get in shape quickly Wink

The 5x2k 'fun' session went well on Thurs evening despite hot/windy conditions. I decided to try running them at steady pace, taking as much rest as I felt I needed to be relatively fresh each time. I didn't look at the watch (just beeped it at the start/finish of each rep).

Interestingly I did them all at around 7min pace and with almost exactly 90s rest (although I could have sworn it always felt like more than 90!). Guess I've done the session so many times it's engrained in my body-clock Wink

7:03 (R88)
7:04 (R91)
7:03 (R90)
7:02 (R96)

Weather: HOT (25+deg), windy (12mph)
Weight: 79kg
This ended up being a fairly tough session (though never strained). I'd say I ended up giving about 85% of usual 5x2k effort.

Nice weekend of steady riding and running with the family in Dorset + a strong 15k tempo this morning back in London. Steady running between now and the first proper 2k's on Thurs.

Like the idea of 'not blowing' on 2k's on Thurs so will start steady as you say and only pick up last 2 if feeling strong.