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Sub 35 - TheEd - 23-07-2014

It would be good for you try to get some 'aerobic' level into you at some time, this will help you go to the next level, which should be a sub 16 5k and a sub 33 10k

however, if you keep banging yourself into race shape it can have a detrimental effect, whereby all of a sudden it no longer works

you have the talent but need to get the balance right

other than that, all seems good Smile



Sub 35 - jamieh - 23-07-2014

Point taken. And, obviously, you are right!

Consistency from here on in.

After 70.3 worlds in Sept I have a Half Marathon (Vegas) in November and then the London Marathon in April next year so it's going to be a winter of running.

Would absolutely love to crack 16/33 during marathon training for April.

Sub 35 - jamieh - 24-07-2014

28+ degrees and quite breezy today...

Treadmill, or suffer through it? With the heat wave, chances are my next 2 races will be in similar heat so maybe its good practice.

Sub 35 - TheEd - 24-07-2014

treadmill may be better, avoid creating unnecessary fatigue as you don't have that much background running

treat yourself kindly

please do report back the HR from session


Sub 35 - jamieh - 24-07-2014

5x2kR90, Treadmill (0.5% gradient)

7:03 (HR 145 to 151)
6:58 (HR 149 to 155)
6:54 (HR 151 to 158)
6:47 (HR 156 to 162)
6:40 (HR 158 to 166)

Weight: 78.5kg

Temp was up over 29 degrees by the time I finished work so opted for the treadmill. Legs felt great but not an easy session (obviously!). Really felt it in the last 2 reps. Managed a good strong last 500m at <3:10 pace.

Planning to do an easy recovery run tomorrow & easy spin on the bike. Then will rest on Saturday ready for the Sprint tri (5k run) on Sunday morning.

Will definitely get on the track for the 1k's on Tuesday!

Sub 35 - TheEd - 25-07-2014

Jamie, do you have the pulse ranges for the Rest period, please?

always check to see how rapidly your pulse drops as this gives you a good indication of how your fitness is going

will be able to provide more data about things when weather plays a role or even the terrain

looks pretty good, no need to go quicker than 10 seconds per km on Tuesday

what length run have you planned for the weekend?
[COLOR="DarkRed"]EDIT: apologies, see the event on Sunday
in truth, days 3 to 8 should not have an event in than can detract from training, this is more or less the only time that training is NB[/COLOR]

Cheers TheEd

Sub 35 - jamieh - 25-07-2014

Rest intervals:

7:03 (HR 145 to 151)
[COLOR="blue"]@30s 131
@60s 118
@90s 97[/COLOR]
6:58 (HR 149 to 155)
[COLOR="blue"]@30s 138
@60s 120
@90s 104[/COLOR]
6:54 (HR 151 to 158)
[COLOR="blue"]@30s 140
@60s 125
@90s 104[/COLOR]
6:47 (HR 156 to 162)
[COLOR="blue"]@30s 150
@60s 127
@90s 119[/COLOR]
6:40 (HR 158 to 166)
[COLOR="Blue"]@30s 154
@60s 123
@90s 104
@2min 90
@3min 69[/COLOR]

Right now sitting at my desk it's 39-41.

I know there shouldn't be a race between 2k/1k... but really needed to get one in to sharpen up before nationals and I'm away next weekend so won't be able to do a good quality paced 5k. I won't go all out on Sunday. And maybe give myself an extra day before 1k's to recover. Do them on Weds?

10s per km on Tues?!?! Smile

Sub 35 - TheEd - 25-07-2014

judging from the drop in pulse the session was too easy for you

Tuesday session 15 secs quicker

JamieH, you serioudly need to make the most of your talent

and that is serious, the slow lads in our squad ran 33:30 for 10k

you must aim for sub 16 and bring the 10k right down and a 72 minute Half should be well 'doable'


Sub 35 - jamieh - 27-07-2014

I'm not sure I'd call it easy! Remember my max HR is only about 170 (I think I've only ever seen it that high once!) so I was working pretty hard. I was recovering well though... I guess it's the long course training I've been doing.

Will give it some in the 1k's on Tues and see where we are. Will try to wear a HR monitor also.

Good race today, 1st place and a new course record Smile Going to do an easy recovery run this evening then another easy one tomorrow ready for Tues.

72min HM... yeehaa!

Sub 35 - TheEd - 27-07-2014

recovery is why I mentioned it being easy, not your MAX Wink

congrats on event today