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Sub 35 - jamieh - 08-02-2012

Slight hiccup... picked up a pretty awful stomach bug on Monday so last 3 days almost totally run-less (though have been skiing/stretching - snow just to good to miss!).

Energy levels returning this evening (first proper meal since Mon) so hoping to be able to run again tomorrow morning.

Last healthy run was on Sunday (15k's over the mountains - great run), then did about 4k this morning (inc. 1k@ race pace to see how it felt... pretty rough).

The programme says 5k easy tomorrow, then the 6x1min fartlek on Fri before rest-day.

Obviously if I'm feeling drained on race-day then I'll can the 10k and race next cycle instead. But let's assume I feel great Sunday morning and ready to rock... what do you reckon is best I can make of the programme between now and then?


Sub 35 - TheEd - 09-02-2012

there is always the risk of something going wrong .. instead of testing yourself so soon after the problem simply accept it will take at least as many days to recover as the amount of days you were 'poorly'

you still have time and you should have not lost any form

onwards and forwards


Sub 35 - jamieh - 10-02-2012

Thanks for the wise words.

Managed an ez 10k yesterday eve - felt good. Also squeezed 30 ez + 6x1min @ race pace today which also felt surprisingly snappy considering all the skiing + altitude & temp!

15hr drive to rest tomorrow so hopefully all good for Sun Smile

Will let u know.


Sub 35 - jamieh - 12-02-2012

34:19... seems I owe you a blog Smile


1k 3:27
2k 3:28
3k 3:30
4k 3:29
5k 3:22 (17:16)
6k 3:19
7k 3:23
8k 3:28
9k 3:28
10k 3:27 (34:19)

Course: rolling (50m up/down). Weather: Cold (-2), light wind.

I'm a happy chap! I think pacing really was the key. Made a real effort to hit the 17:20 5k split and it paid off. Passed the half-way mark feeling brilliant. Oddly a side-stitch seemed to hold me back from 7k, rather than my legs or lungs... but I guess there's always going to be something.

So... that's 4 cycles (just under 3 months) on the program and 5 months of consistant running averaging 50k (3.5hrs) a week (biggest 75k, smallest 24k). I'm still feeling pretty energised, but wondering what's the best way to take things forward? Should I take a break?

There's a 10k I'd like to run fast on April 1st or (if you think that's too soon for improvement) another on May 13th (or both!). Other than that I have a hand full of sprint tri's (5k run legs) between Feb & June, then the first serious Tri of the season (10k run leg) on June 16th.

I'd be interested in your thoughts (broadly speaking) on a running programme between now and then?

Genuinely, thanks so much for all your help.


Sub 35 - TheEd - 13-02-2012

congrats Jamie .. it must have been touch and go over the last week

a nice result

maybe to come down for a week or two will be no harm

especially after the stomach problem

so 1 to 2 week come down then a 1 build-up cycle and then onto the routine?

the build up gets you onto 1hr recovery runs, which is an important part of development as it assists in future recovery from the hard training sessions as well as races

let me know your thoughts

ps.. would also like to delve in assisting with the multi-sport events, as that is so much about balance, with swimming and cycling being very much about good technique

Sub 35 - jamieh - 14-02-2012

1 week come down + a build-up cycle sounds good to me.

Only thing is I need to run a fast 5k on 26th Feb... so I think maybe I'll do my 2k's/1k's this week/next week, then start the come-down after the race. Would a 2 week build up after 1 week come-down be feasible? Just to make sure I can get a cycle in before 1st April 10k?

Of course I'd be very happy to hear your thought's on assisting with my Tri training. What do you need to know?

Current swim schedule: Tues eve (6k, 2hr), Thurs eve (4k, 1.5hr) and Sunday morning (6k, 2hr) + every other Friday eve (4k, 1.5hr) with a great club/coach. Come April I'll be throwing in a 1hr open water session on Saturday mornings. I'm pretty confident in the programme & my abilities here so shouldn't need to much input!

Current bike schedule: 3-4hr quality hills ride on a Saturday morning + 20k easy commuting each day. Basically my bike programme is non-existant at the moment Sad Luckily I seem to have some 'talent' on the bike, but would love to get a structured programme to compliment my running... ideally incorporating brick sessions & turbo trainer sessions etc.


Sub 35 - TheEd - 15-02-2012

depending on exactly how important the 5k event is you will still be able to run quickly

there would be no need to do any interval work

the run is still available in your legs

so do the come down etc and still run the 5k

thereafter there may not be as much in the legs as the process will have taken place

ps.. we can change one session a few days before the 5k to a paced 20 minutes followed by 6 x 1 min fast / 1 minute slow .. this all depends on whether the 5k is of massive importance

Sub 35 - jamieh - 17-02-2012

Thanks, makes sense. I'll trust you that my legs hold on to the speed! As you say, I'll do a paced 20 + 6x1mins a few days out from the race.

Am on my second of 3 days off on the comedown cycle. Will then do a week of the relaxed 30/40/50 min runs next week before jumping on the build-up program for 2 weeks.

I was thinking about doing days 6 - 18 of the build-up in order to keep it down to 2 weeks - then kicking off with the 5x2k's again.


Sub 35 - TheEd - 17-02-2012

you can do it that way BUT don't think too much ahead or else you defeat the purpose of coming down - to reboost the mind and body

leave the event for later and revel in what you have achieved till now

don't try to maintain things now but rather consider that you need to take time off to come back stronger



Sub 35 - jamieh - 06-03-2012

Hello there!

Long time not much... I hope all is well with you?

Just a quick update. Have had an awesome mini off-period, not thinking toooo much about running fast & have progressed on the swim/bike. Am about 2kg heavier than when I raced my 10k 4 weeks ago... but am pulling back on the cakes/pies as I reach the end of my build-up phase this week Smile

Planning on doing a 5k TT this coming Saturday to see where I am and set myself up for the first 2k session next week.

Will let you know how it goes...