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Sub 35 - jamieh - 29-07-2014

6x1kR60 (track)

3:13 (HR 145 to 163)
[COLOR="red"][COLOR="Blue"]@30s 126
@60s 95[/COLOR][/COLOR]
3:15 (HR 160 to 165)
[COLOR="Blue"]@30s 142
@60s 104[/COLOR]
3:18 (HR 161 to 168)
[COLOR="Blue"]@30s 149
@60s 111 [/COLOR]
3:19 (HR 164 to 169)
[COLOR="Blue"]@30s 148
@60s 120[/COLOR]
3:21 (HR 164 to 170)
[COLOR="Blue"]@30s 152
@60s 126[/COLOR]
3:13 (HR 168 to 174)
[COLOR="Blue"]@30s 158
@60s 131
@2min 98
@3min 82[/COLOR]

Weight: 78.5kg
Weather: 26 degrees (HOT!) 7mph wind

Yikes, tough session today. Legs were feeling very tired from the start... I guess the race between 2k's/1k's makes things interesting! I was working hard as you can see from the HR data - but I could tell from my breathing that the heat was making me suffer more than needed.

I'm away at the weekend in the mountains so planning to get my paced 5k done on Friday somewhere on the flat. Tempo 15k tomorrow and recovery jogging on Thurs.


Sub 35 - TheEd - 29-07-2014

this is a decent session .. you recovery rate is excellent

try not to hurt yourself now

you have done your running training, slot 1 long run in when you can without hurting yourself and you on your way

your next cycle need not be quicker however you should try to stabilise things in general

I can say, you will be OK for your race, if you don't hurt yourself

nice to see

ps.. you wasting a lot of your talent, we really should talk

Sub 35 - jamieh - 01-08-2014

Struggled a bit through paced 5k early this morning. Legs were absolutely dead after a long ride yesterday evening (+ no rest day since the race) but managed to get the heart going (average 161 for a 17:30).

Nice relaxing weekend away now (just some gentle running and swimming).

Was planning to do the 3x1.6k in place of 10x400 next Tues, then 20min light tempo on Thurs, 6x1min on Friday, rest Sat ready for the race on Sunday.

Let's chat next week once I'm back form yorkshire! Definitely need to talk about this wasted talent thing! Smile


Sub 35 - jamieh - 05-08-2014

10x400 (R90) Track

73 (HR 154)
@30s 119, @60s 76
74 (HR 155)
@30s 119, @60s 81
73 (HR 160)
@30s 122, @60s 87
73 (HR 162)
@30s 123, @60s 92
72 (HR 163)
@30s 128, @60s 93
71 (HR 164)
@30s 129, @60s 103
72 (HR 165)
@30s 132, @60s 102
73 (HR 167)
@30s 144, @60s 102
72 (HR 167)
@30s 143, @60s 104
70 (HR 169)
@30s 144, @60s 103

Weather: 23 deg, 10mph wind
Weight: 78kg

Legs were feeling very fatigued this morning so opted for the 400's over 1600's (which seemed a little daunting!). Once the heart got going I was quite enjoying these despite the heat/wind.

Weight is coming down so fingers crossed be in the right range for race day next Sun!


Sub 35 - jamieh - 08-08-2014

Things feeling a lot better as I taper down towards Sunday. Nice light tempo 5k yesterday, pegged at 3:30/km and feeling easy. 6x1min race pace felt great this morning at around 3:20/km. Weight around 78, so should be just under on the start line... light enough to do some damage hopefully!

Sub 35 - TheEd - 08-08-2014

have a good one and remem, how you recover after the event is most important



Sub 35 - jamieh - 08-08-2014

Roger that. No sweets till after Mont Tremblant Wink

Sub 35 - PYL - 10-08-2014

jamieh Wrote:Roger that. No sweets till after Mont Tremblant Wink

Just hijacking your thread to say it's been a great read. Also wondering if you meant the Aug 17th IM at Mont Tremblant? Or is there a triathlon as well that I'm unaware of?

If I didn't play volleyball that day I'd probably go and check it out. I live in Qc so it's not too bad.

I'd love to do triathlons someday so that whole thing was inspiring. Wish I'd have taken some swim lessons when younger. I have no technique and it's pretty hard to learn compared to running or biking.

Best of luck and hope you like it here!

Thread hijacking complete. I'm out!

Sub 35 - TheEd - 10-08-2014

PYL, knowing Jamie, I think it is in France
[COLOR="DarkRed"]edit: should have known it is Canuck land
yes Jamie?

ps.. he is racing today

Sub 35 - jamieh - 11-08-2014

5th overall on Sunday and British Champ in 30-34 age group Smile

Finished off the day with a 33:40 10k split, so super happy with the race. Actually managed to sleep the night before (I usually don't) so felt amazing on the start line. Great swim, strong on the bike despite torrential rain/wind and then was absolutely bouncing along on the run (first time at <78kg in a while!).

Unfortunately struggled with my bike helmet clasp in T1 which cost me 40s (and 3 places in the overall). Also I didn't go full-gas on the bike as was very risk-averse on corners in the wet after my crash in June, but the 30-34 title was my goal... so all good.

Managed to avoid stuffing my face with cakes and sweets (ok I had one ice cream) so feeling good today. Nice easy 8.5k this morning feeling loose and no tightness or injury.

Planning a time-on-feet run tomorrow (90 mins in the morning maybe), then easy day weds and straight back into the 2k's on Thurs (although no pressure on times...). Hopefully we can chat before then (will connect).


PYL - hello there - you're actually not the first hi-jacker we've had... but I don't mind! Glad to hear someone else is able to find the thread useful. The race I'm doing is the IM 70.3 Triathlon World Champs in Mont Tremblant (Canada) on Sept 7th. Very much looking forward to visiting Canada.