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Sub 35 - TheEd - 12-08-2014

congrats on your performance Jamie



Sub 35 - jamieh - 14-08-2014

5x2kR90 (Track)

6:52 (HR Avg:147 | Max:156)
@90s 73
6:45 (HR Avg:153 | Max:161)
@90s 84
6:46 (HR Avg:157 | Max:164)
@90s 92
6:48 (HR Avg:158 | Max:165)
@90s 93
6:40 (HR Avg:160 | Max:169)
[COLOR="Blue"]@90s 90
@2min 72[/COLOR]

Weight: 78.5kg
Weather: 13 deg, 7mph wind (nice)

Enjoyed the 2k's this morning, despite it being an early (pre-breakfast) session which I often find challenging. Didn't put any pressure on times and was starting to feel relaxed in the last 2 reps once heart was going.

Looking at HR I was recovering even faster than last cycle, which has to be a good sign (especially considering the reps were faster).

Whole session was sub 40mins which usually means I'm turning a corner with fitness Smile


Sub 35 - TheEd - 14-08-2014

yes, rounding into good form, however you must remember, your top level last for around 6 weeks .. so treat yourself good

you in shape, do the things that keep you balanced

Sept 7th is the important date when have you got your last long run planned for?


Sub 35 - jamieh - 14-08-2014

Started feeling good on 8th Aug... so I should just still be inside the 6-week safe zone on 7th Sept Wink

This is what my program currently says between now and Worlds. This is just run program (with brick sessions included). I'll be doing loads of steady biking in Morzine and plenty of hammer-time swim sessions. ... chat later?

15 Rest
16 Steady 60mins off long bike
17 Long run (up to 2hrs) off easy bike spin
18 Easy day of 10k running – relaxed
19 6x1k R60 (aim <3:15)
--- Training Camp Morzine Start----
20 Tempo 15k
21 Easy 10k
22 Rest
23 Avoriaz Brick Session (1h bike, 3k, 1h bike, 6k, 1h bike, 9k)
24 Easy day 30-45min run
25 Long run (up to 2hrs)
26 10x400R60 (or Fartlek)
--- Training Camp Morzine End---
27 Sprint Triathlon (Eton Dorney)
28 easy day of 10k running
29 Rest
30 Park Run 5k (if feeling good)
31 3x1.6k (full rest)
1 Easy 30 mins
2 Steady 50mins
3 Light tempo 5k
4 Easy run
5 6x1min
6 Rest
7 Worlds 70.3 Canada

Sub 35 - TheEd - 14-08-2014

the only session I am fearful of is

23 Avoriaz Brick Session (1h bk, 3k, 1h bk, 6k, 1h bk, 9k)

I am a great advocate of developing form, be it swimming, cycling and especially running

way back in the 80's I questioned the benefit of the brick session related to physiological benefits, in-between they have tried to justify the session related to the neurological benefits.

To me (imo), this is yet again mumbo jumbo that can't be measured

success on the day, is how you feel on the day.

Emotional . Mental . Physical state of matters on the day

if you apply a session on the 23rd and you have a negative response it will affect the above mentioned E . M . P

so take heed of the warning on that particular day

and focus on form . form . form during that session . do not look to grind out speed .. look to achieve good form, first and foremost and the speed will be taken care of

use the time during the run to focus on foot placement, upper body carriage, arms etc ..

hope this doesn't scare you but instead enlighten you Wink

then coming back to your sessions, you don't need this on the 25th

25 Long run (up to 2hrs)

your 10 x 400m and 3 x 1600m at this point are to achieve the feel good factor

bang yourself in the pool, as the recovery from hard sessions there are rapid

ps.. hope this gives you something to digest

Sub 35 - jamieh - 14-08-2014

Thanks a lot, TheEd. All makes sense and you can bet I'll re-read that post more than a few times over the coming weeks Wink

Sub 35 - jamieh - 18-08-2014

Various timing issues meant I only had an hour to run yesterday (instead of planned 2h run)... so I did a 16k tempo with a (fast!) friend (61mins over hills - last 10k in 36min - felt fantastic).

Given that - would it make sense to do the 2h long run next weekend in Morzine on the 25th instead? Or is the need for a run that length negated by all the long biking in the hills I'll be doing? I'd quite like to do it just to enjoy running in the mountains more than anything!

Sub 35 - TheEd - 18-08-2014

hopefully this: (61mins over hills - last 10k in 36min - felt fantastic).

wasn't your race feeling Wink

you can get away with not doing a 2hr run, especially if you able to go through your training without problems

either way, you can expect to struggle over the last 3k of a 21k race

you should be OK Jamie .. here's to great feelings on race day


Sub 35 - jamieh - 18-08-2014

Ok makes sense. As u say main thing is getting through the next weeks sensibly and without incident.

No not quite 'race pain' in the 16k yesterday! Although we put down a few sub 3:25 k's at the 9/10/11k mark which felt pretty race-feely!

Will let you know how the 1k's go, looking forward to them. Weight good.

Sub 35 - jamieh - 19-08-2014

6x1kR60 (Track)

3:13 (HR Avg:147 | Max:159)
@60s 89
3:11 (HR Avg:152 | Max:163)
@60s 98
3:14 (HR Avg:155 | Max:165)
@60s 101
3:14 (HR Avg:157 | Max:167)
@60s 112
3:13 (HR Avg:159 | Max:168)
@60s 112
3:08 (HR Avg:160 | Max:170)
[COLOR="Blue"]@60s 111
@2min 76[/COLOR]

Weight: 78.0kg
Weather: Windy (12mph), cool (16 deg)

Clawing back the fitness. Enjoyed the session today despite a windy back straight. First time this year I've found my upper body relaxing more and more as the session went on. Was almost feeling 'springy' on the last rep Smile