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Sub 35 - TheEd - 23-12-2014

certainly OK .. still try to hold back on banging yourself in other further runs

ps.. enjoy Xmas

Sub 35 - jamieh - 10-01-2015


6:50 (HR Avg:146 | Max:155)
@90s 89
6:49 (HR Avg:152 | Max:161)
@90s 97
6:50 (HR Avg:155 | Max:165)
@90s 109
6:47 (HR Avg:158 | Max:167)
@90s 114
6:42 (HR Avg:163 | Max:172)
@90s 117

Pretty tough session on Friday (had to push out out a day due to illness). I've had a nasty cold for the whole of my 'rest' week unfortunately. My recovery rates weren't nearly as good as last cycle (lowest point during rests was 10 beats over!). Prob in part to the virus.

I've been religiously on the lemon/ginger/cayenne pepper tea's for the last few days (thanks to your missus' post! Wink) and definitely helped.

Did a 28k run today which felt good, slightly tight calves but nothing out of the ordinary. Skiing next week so will try to find a treadmill for the 1k's.


Sub 35 - TheEd - 13-01-2015

good that you able to put the sessions together, do monitor your health that you don't have a relapse and always be sure to work on keeping the calf muscles loose


ps.. great to hear the cold remedy was helpful, will find a way to attach to forums

Sub 35 - jamieh - 12-02-2015

5x2k R90 (track)


Weight: 79kg
Weather: 5 degrees, calm

34:27 in the 10k on Sunday. Nothing special but I'll definitely take it as a good starting point after lots of illness and missed training over the past few weeks. I knew I wasn't in fantastic shape so raced sensibly, going through 5k in an even 17:15, and finishing with a 3:19 kilometer.

2k's today were much more comfortable after a few days of easy running and with some time in the hurt locker under my belt from Sunday. Didn't put any pressure on myself & just ran them as they came. Nice and relaxed. Pleasantly surprised by the splits!

Planning a nice steady 30k for Saturday then onwards to the 1k's. The race for this cycle will be a 5k & I'll be hoping to get in fighting shape for that in 2 weeks time.

Then Lanzarote for the start of next cycle which takes us up to the Half Marathon end of March. Looking forward to that!


Sub 35 - TheEd - 13-02-2015

good to have a 'not so good' run and run a sub 34.30

now to build on that

what time you looking for at the half marathon?

ps.. I am sure you understand the training cycle by now, yes Smile

Sub 35 - jamieh - 13-02-2015

Well... I'd be lying if I didn't say 75 minutes wasn't in the back of my mind. But who knows! I'd certainly like to work towards that anyway. What do you think? Can I get there in 2 cycles?!

Sub 35 - TheEd - 17-02-2015

you certainly should be able to, if your 10k shape comes down to sub 34 and you able to run 2 x 10k @ 3.30 per k

you should be in with a shout

do it by the numbers, do the training and let it come together naturally



Sub 35 - jamieh - 17-02-2015

6x1k (R60) Track


Weight: 79kg
Weather: Breezy (7mph), Cool

Pretty decent set of 1k's today (actually, best since August last year, same with 2k's for this cycle). Kept relatively relaxed throughout with just a bit of pushing required on the last two!

100km in total last week including 30k on Saturday (21k social speed + straight into 9k building from 4:00/km down to 3:30/km pace - finished feeling great).

Little bit of adductor tightness creeping in on the last couple of reps today so need to keep an eye on that. May take a rest day tomorrow as no real sessions needed before paced 5k on Sat.


Sub 35 - jamieh - 23-03-2015

1:15:30 in the Half Marathon yesterday.

5k - 18:19 (30m climb @ 4k)
10k - 35:56
15k - 54:06
20k - 1:11:11

Weight: 78.5kg
Weather: Cool (6/8deg) 9mph wind

Overall pretty pleased with the result, particularly as a milestone towards the marathon next month. Training was interrupted a bit when I tripped over some lava in Lanzarote on day 2 of training camp & strained my quad so couldn't run for 5 days (missed long run and 1k's for this cycle). Luckily I was still able to bike and swim lots, although that's a double edged sword as it meant lots of strength, but also lots of weight.

I went into this with a goal of sub 1:16, holding 3:36/km throughout (except for hills) and I felt absolutely great at that pace. Went through 10k in <36 feeling super comfortable. At 15k I was still feeling great and probably should have started turning the screw, but held pace knowing I've struggled in last 3k of long races before.

Last few k's were tough, but in hind sight I think if I'd picked up the pace just 5/10s per k from 15k I could have dipped under 1:15.

Anyway, just over 4 weeks till the London Marathon (26th) and then my first 70.3 Triathlon (Aix en Provence) the week after on 2nd May. Also have a sprint tri on 6th April to test the legs a bit.

I can just about get 2 cycles in before London. Was thinking: recovery between now and Thursday, then a short cycle between now and 6th April (basically the sprint tri will be in place of 'paced 5k' and will be the end of that cycle). Then after a couple of days recovery I'll kick off a full cycle ending with the London Marathon as race day. Then a recovery focussed week with a 'ticking over' paced session before the 70.3.

I'll definitely keep the 30k long runs as an important part of both of these cycles.

Sound ok?

Sub 35 - TheEd - 23-03-2015

nice going, I reckon you should run a 72 minute half with the correct prep etc

for the marathon, try to introduce a rolling hill session on the Tuesday instead of the 1k sessions. You can do the same hill at least 400m to 600m in length, if you able to find a suitable route let me know. Always best to find a route whereby you can run say in circular hilly route, work the uphills @ 21k pace effort and recover on the downhill part of the course. Have you anything like that?

focus on recovery most important now

ps. I have been a little poorly the last 10 days, thought I was going to hear from you while you were in Lanza, weather not great and then I was probably a 'walking germ centre'