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Sub 35 - TheEd - 23-04-2015

the work is definitely done , with more experience you won't overcook yourself in the future

drink lots of water and drink lots of water

things should be OK


Sub 35 - jamieh - 23-04-2015

Will definitely drink lots.

Interestingly, I just took my HR and it's resting at 34... which is as low as I've ever seen. Usually when I'm in shape its 37-38 on a rest day, 40-42 on training day. I guess my body is enjoying the longer than usual rest and aerobically I'm in shape, even if I am a bit coldy!

Sub 35 - TheEd - 23-04-2015

from my experience, the top athletes coached, were often on the verge of a cold when in peak shape

let's hope the same applies here Wink


ps.. low pulse augers well, that all is OK, keep drinking the water

Sub 35 - jamieh - 27-04-2015

2:44:03 in the London Marathon yesterday. (2:41:52 through 42.2k on the watch... it seems navigating the water stations + dodging other runners adds up to a quite lot of distance during a City marathon... nearly 500m in this case!)

Those last few miles... wow thats painful! In hindsight I think going out at <2:40 pace was ambitious... and I suffered for it at 18-20 miles. At the halfway mark (1:20:07) I was still feeling good and pushed on, but quads starting stiffening at 18 miles. 18-20 miles was a very dark period where I tried to maintain pace through a lot of resistance.

At 20 miles I realised <2:40 wasn't achievable so settled into a <2:45 rhythm and started to feel a lot better. By 24 miles my quads were completely trashed but everything else felt great so I was able to push through the pain and finish strong which was a great feeling.

I wonder if I over-cooked the nutrition. I took gel at 45mins, 1:20, 2hrs and then regular sweets from 2:15 and remember getting a big boost for a few mins each time and then sugar crashing... progressively worse each time. I never eat on training runs so wonder if I might be better off running on empty or steering clear of sugar in future.

Anyway, sub 2:45 is pleasing and ensures I can get on the championship start line in future London Marathons which will be brilliant. It's an inspiring event to be a part of, thats for sure.

Onwards to the 70.3! Quads obviously in a lot of pain today (stairs challenging) but had a nice spin on the bike and a gentle swim. Will just focus on zero-impact recovery, possibly a short run tomorrow/weds if legs allow.


Sub 35 - TheEd - 27-04-2015

well done on grinding it out, that augers well, if you consider having a go at the marathon

you need to get a 2hr run every 3 weeks into your routine, so that stepping it up to train for the marathon is not a stretch

your fall off was not major, and if you improve your half marathon time below 75 minutes, it will make the 42k pace a great deal easier

with your 10k time, a sub 2.40 should not be a stretch

however you need to get a few elements into your training as normal

how do you find the distance, do you enjoy it?

ps.. I do ask the questions for particular reasons Wink

Sub 35 - jamieh - 27-04-2015

Definitely enjoyed it. And enjoyed the training. The first 20k in particular is an unbelievable feeling, holding back. I think of the distance mainly in terms of an Ironman since I'm thinking of trying for Kona next year... but I'd love to focus on a genuinely fast marathon some time in the future. Plenty of time for that once everything achieved in triathlon! Probably 100 of the guys finishing before me yesterday were aged 40+!!

If I do go for Kona next year, 2016 London Marathon will definitely be something I can focus on, though, since timings will work very well.

Considering Ironman is in the cards for next year (and 70.3 is already well on the cards this year), I think getting a 2hr run in every 3 weeks is definitely a good idea from now on so consider that done!

Sub 35 - TheEd - 19-11-2016

Hi jamieH, it has been a while

how things going and what is good in everything?


Sub 35 - jamieh - 07-08-2017

Greetings Smile

It's been a while... but after a year off sport (marriage, baby, new job.. you know!) I'm dusting off the sneakers.

Target race is a ~flat Marathon on the 22nd October, with a longer game of the 2018 London Marathon, which means I need a sub 2:45 to qual. Hoping you're still around an fancy helping keep me on track?

I'm going to keep in Swim/Bike shape as I have a few fun races in the calendar this summer, but I'd like to focus this forum 100% on running if that's ok with you.

I've completed a 4 week build up & one cycle which ended with a 16:59 5k park run last Sat (3:19, 20, 28, 23, 26). 1k's were 5x3:20 & a 3:15 to finish. 2k's were 4x7:00 & a 6:50 to finish.

Weight is good ~77-78kg... parenthood stress seems to help with that Wink

I did a long run yesterday (2h of hills, mostly with the running buggy) and quads a bit sore so plan to skip long run tomo and do some gentle jogging before kicking off the 2k's on Thurs. Gunning for 6:50s. Sound good?


Sub 35 - TheEd - 08-08-2017

Welcome back Jamie

take it easy in the first 2 x 2k and focus on 7 minutes 3.30 per k before speeding up to 6.50 for the last 3 x 2k

ease back into the cycle and be kind to yourself


ps.. saw a pic of you on FB and was going to send you a message to ask what's happening, and here you are Big Grin

Sub 35 - jamieh - 08-08-2017

Roger that. Will keep you posted on the session.