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Sub 35 - jamieh - 10-08-2017

5x2k R90 this morning

7:00 (142, 148, 114)
6:59 (144, 152, 118)
6:53 (147, 155, 124)
6:44 (151, 160, 127)
6:33 (157, 165, 133)
*avg/max/avg-recovery HR in brackets

Weight: 77.9kg

Enjoyed that! Good call taking it out steady as I wasn't feeling great on the first two but warmed up nicely. Legs/hips really opened out on the last one.

Saw physio and no issues with the sore quad. Just two of the vastus muscles (fascia) sticking as they passed each other. He loosened them up and felt great today.

Easy bike this evening then resting tomorrow. How long would you suggest on the weekend? I'm quite keen to go for a 30k...


Sub 35 - TheEd - 11-08-2017

Jamie, don't go over 90 minutes for your first time out or 25k max

you don't want to break down in the early stages (or in the latter stages) Smile

keep it easy


Sub 35 - jamieh - 11-08-2017

Ok! Thanks.

Sub 35 - jamieh - 15-08-2017

6x1k off 60

3:20 (136, 146, 115)
3:18 (142, 153, 126)
3:18 (147, 156, 132)
3:15 (149, 158, 136)
3:14 (152, 160, 141)
3:06 (157, 165, 143)

Weight 77.7kg

Struggled a little getting the heart moving this morning but happy with the session & felt strong on the last rep.

Stuck to 90mins on the Saturday run (22.5k as it happened) which felt nice and loose.

Couple of easy 60min days now before paced 5k on Sat. Next race is a sprint tri (5k run) on 28th.

Wondering should I try to find a 10k or 1/2 Mara between now and the marathon in Oct?


Sub 35 - TheEd - 16-08-2017

very decent 1k session .. still powerful engine sitting there

what would you like to achieve by racing either a 10k or half marathon? (edit: meant half)

I ask this to see if you able to answer your own question

onwards TheEd

Sub 35 - jamieh - 19-08-2017

A fair question to ask!

Basically I just want to get race sharp and achieve the best possible marathon time in October, and racing 10ks and 1/2's in the build up seems to be the strategy for a lot of marathon racers.

Having said that, if I can do it just running fast 5k's and long tempo runs for the next couple of months... then all the better Smile

In the winter and in the build up to London marathon next year I would definitely like to put down 10k and 1/2 mara PBs.

16:48 in the 5k paced run this morning:

3:27 (headwind!)
3:23 (headwind!)

Weight 77.5kg

Felt good.

Sub 35 - TheEd - 20-08-2017

HI Jamie, I edited my question above, however I am sure you understood that I meant half marathon

Now by now you know why I ask questions and where it sometimes leads to Smile

'marathon racers' nowadays in truth are souped up 10k racers with aerobic training runs over 42km and paced runs of the marathon distance in 2:15, who then have recovery to focus on at their will, so a different 'kettle of fish'

so moving away from that example, in my question I would like to elaborate, that I am concerned that you have the natural speed (as mentioned in the past) that you will achieve a fast 10k and or even a 21k time and then not have success in the marathon

just from the session feedback, it shows you rounding off into quite a decent speed already

what marathon time would you like to achieve in October and what 10 and 21k times would you like to achieve now?

you can certainly get into 10 / 21k shape and then focus on the marathon with 6 weeks to go

hope this helps in clearing things for you and understanding where I am coming from

always for the best


Sub 35 - jamieh - 20-08-2017

Ha! Yes I eventually assumed you meant 'half marathon'... although I have to admit before I realised the mistake I spent some time pondering the bigger, existential question of what I wanted to achieve racing a marathon!

I definitely agree/understand your point on the marathon racers of today. So cool.

So. October. The top 5 finishers last year were between 2:30 and 2:39. I'd love to find myself in their company and feeling strong coming into the last 10k... possible?

10k/21k. Sub 34 and Sub 1:16 (fresh, i.e. no bike) would be great and I think realistic given the short time scales.

But... I'm doing a middle distance tri (British Champs) on Sept 9th (21k run), and have the London Duathlon on the 17th (10k run , 40k bike, 5k run). I guess we won't have time to also squeeze in straight 10k/21k. The Tri/Dua should still be great prep for marathon.

PS I ran a steady 15k after a 3h bike today. Trotting along at 3:48 pace feeling surprisingly good. Wore a HR monitor. 145 avg & 154 on the last k where I picked things up with a 3:30.

Sub 35 - TheEd - 29-08-2017

how things going Jamie

hope all moving in the right direction


Sub 35 - jamieh - 29-08-2017

So far so good. 1st in the tri yesterday with a 17:18 5k. For context it's exactly the same time I ran on that course 3 weeks after I did the 33:37 10k in 2013! I actually swam and biked slightly faster this time, too Smile

Weight seems steady around 77 to 77.5kg with body fat at 9% to 11%. I'm not getting sick or feeling at all weak which is great.

Easy running and biking on the schedule today and tomorrow ready to kick off the next cycle with 2k's on Thursday. Plan to go out fairly steady again and see how the last 3 progress.

Next race is a 70.3 Tri on September 9th which will effectively replace the 'paced 5k' for this cycle. And then the London Duathlon on 17th will be the 'race day'. Then I'm clear until Marathon on Oct 22nd.

FYI here is a cool pic from yesterday... looking almost like a proper runner.


[Image: wLfRviPNfa8VAUgb8]