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Sub 35 - jamieh - 03-10-2017

Ok makes sense.

No plans for 2k.

20min tempo Thurs, 10k pace Sat, 20k easy Sun. Next week tempo runs Tue and Thurs then an easy weekend. 4x400 pace on the Tues before then 2x rest days before the race on Sunday. Try not to eat sweets. Sleep/drink as much as poss.

Anything else you would add?

Sub 35 - TheEd - 04-10-2017

This looks good Jamie, when doing the 400m session, please use your marathon shoes for the session, and don't do anything which is unnecessary Big Grin


Sub 35 - jamieh - 05-10-2017

Roger that! Good tempo 30mins today. Built gradually up to 3:25 pace and held it there for 2k then back down. Really felt good. Rest/massage tomorrow.

Sub 35 - TheEd - 06-10-2017

now to keep the powder dry Smile

positive affirmation


Sub 35 - jamieh - 08-10-2017

Will do.

Decent weekend with 10k on Sat at 3:45-3:50 pace and then 20k today with 15k at 4:15 (HR120-130) and then 5k at 3:45-3:50 (HR140-145).

Will see how this week goes but feels like marathon pace is going to be about 3:50.

Sub 35 - TheEd - 10-10-2017

HI Jamie, if you are going to go out at 3.50 check to see that the pulse hovers below 140 .. especially in the beginning (first 5km)

try keep the heart rate below 150 until 30km

now remember, to lower the heart rate, you do not necessarily have to slow the pace, but instead do things to relax yourself, shake your hands loose, one at at time, towards your knees

shorten your stride to change your breathing pattern, before returning back to normal stride

nod your head towards your chest, to loosen your shoulders

on both uphill and downhill sections, shorten your stride .. treat the uphill as though you running against the wind

on the downhill, shorten your stride, then nod your head when you want to go quicker, but do not over-stride

read and digest Big Grin

remember, your most important night's sleep, is 2 days before the event

enjoy, and have a good one

ps.. will remove the above text to create an article, this is what is discussed when coaching one on one, more difficult across the internet

Sub 35 - jamieh - 10-10-2017

This is awesome, thank you. Will certainly digest! I had been considering wearing a HRM for the race and I definitely will now given the guidance. There is almost no chance I will keep HR <140 for the first part without one!

Tempo run today: 2k @4:30 (HR 115-125) then 3k @3:22 (HR 150-160) then 2k @4:00 (HR 135-140). Legs felt great.

Sub 35 - jamieh - 12-10-2017

Easy 10k today with 6k in the middle at target pace focusing entirely on heart rate (using some of your tricks above).

6k 3:48/km HR 142

Pretty happy with that. Felt very good indeed Smile

Sub 35 - TheEd - 13-10-2017

OK .. also note, that on race day, the pulse will be higher than normal, so focus on running at 3.45 - 3.50 per k for the 1st km without monitoring your pulse.

Once you in a rhythm, at least by 3k, then focus on getting the pulse towards 140

don't panic if it is not exact, but certainly focus on your rhythm and being relaxed

you would like to be able to run above 160bpm from around 30km but note that your pace may not get quicker

the last 5km forget about the pulse and focus on time, make sure to run 1km or mile at a time at a certain pace

have a good one, and above all, enjoy


Sub 35 - jamieh - 15-10-2017

Thanks again. Will let all this sink in over the taper week.

Relaxed 8k on Sat pushing the buggy (pulse never over 115). 13k this morning with 8k HR 110-120 and then 5k focusing on keeping HR at 140-145 without looking at pace... turned out to be 3:50 exactly Wink