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Sub 35 - jamieh - 07-11-2017

Ended up having to take 5 days completely off running due to tight hamstrings, then gradually built up last week. Back on form by the weekend with an 18k on Saturday cruising at sub 3:50 pace and legs feeling great.

Planning a 90min easy run today, and kicking off with the 2k's on Thursday. Not going to push it too hard. Looking forward to a few 5k's leading into a 10k on Boxing day.

Definitely planning to keep the staple easy long runs rolling with a 32k+ every few weeks.

Sub 35 - TheEd - 11-11-2017

how did the 2k session go?


Sub 35 - jamieh - 13-11-2017

Work got in the way unfortunately so I had to delay a week. I ended up unable to run on Thursday or Friday last week.

Nice muddy, hilly tempo 10k on Saturday (~36mins feeling good) and a very easy social 26k yesterday (4:30 pace). Will keep you posted after this Thurs!


Sub 35 - TheEd - 13-11-2017

probably a blessing in disguise to take the extra break

on we go


Sub 35 - jamieh - 18-11-2017

Taking another week unfortunately... some achilles soreness (which appeared at the end of last Sunday's long run) is still lingering, though improving. Hoping to be ready by the coming Thurs.

Sub 35 - TheEd - 20-11-2017

I am always concerned how runners recover after the marathon, it can often be a tricky time

in the past years of coaching, I was always more concerned about the psychological damage that can occur

take it is easy, it will return


Sub 35 - jamieh - 24-11-2017

Yes indeed - it's quite a toll on the body and mind!

Ankle was still sore jogging to the track yesterday so I did not run the 2ks. Saw physio today and the issue appears to be super tight calf causing some strain around the ankle (which is actually good news... it's not an achilles issue).

We released the calf and got rid of the scar tissue around the ankle (which made it feel immediately better) but I need to take a week just biking & swimming before starting off with the running again.

Seems like I'll need a bit of a build up before hitting the 2k's so will check in again mid-Dec when I'm hopefully back on track.

Sub 35 - TheEd - 25-11-2017

I truthfully wanted to say, to swim and cycle only for your recovery

I guess that is happening now Big Grin

don't stress too much, you know you round in to shape pretty quickly

on we go and enjoy


Sub 35 - jamieh - 07-12-2017

Back in action this week after 7 days completely off running and then a 7 day build up of sorts.

5x2k R90

7:00 (148, 156, 125)*[SIZE="1"](avgHR, MaxHR, Recovery avgHR)[/SIZE]
6:58 (149, 158, 130)
6:56 (152, 161, 136)
6:54 (154, 163, 136)
6:48 (156, 167, 145)

Not too bad considering, and definitely not a bad starting point! Planning to get through the full cycle (not pushing too hard) with a decent hit out at a 10k on 26th

Sub 35 - TheEd - 08-12-2017

the pace is the however the recovery pulse is reasonably high, so make certain not to over cook things, you should get to the 26th quite fine

the 1k should be a great deal nicer

make sure to run with ease over the weekend

nice going and look after yourself