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Sub 35 - jamieh - 11-08-2018

Hey there, time for a check in! Hope you and the family have had a nice summer and enjoyed the heat?

The aquathlon went very well 3 weeks ago. The swim ended up being incredibly tough (waves, current etc.) meaning I had a big lead into the run and a 1:23 trail half was enough to win by quite a margin in 28 degree heat!

It was made all the more dramatic by the fact I had an atrial fibrilation the day before requiring a heart re-set (cardioversion) under general anaesthetic. Not something that has happened before and doctors weren't too concerned (had full ecg and blood tests etc and there were no further issues) but something I'll be keeping a close eye on.

Since then I've been really enjoying the running out here in Sweden with 3x100k weeks including:

2k's (done on a trail loop with c6m elevation gain per 2k, I gave myself 500 jog between as they were quite tough!)


1k's (done on asphalt and trail loop with minor elevation)

Not strictly part of the cycle but it turned out there was a very competitive trail half marathon today so I got involved and was pleasantly surprised with a 1:16 despite 22 degrees, 30k/h wind, 150m elevation gain and mostly windy single tracks in the woods!

Sub 35 - TheEd - 16-08-2018

Hi Jamie, you looked to have put in some nice training

are you back to normal in your surroundings now?

any further updates and plans?


Sub 35 - jamieh - 17-08-2018

Yes back to London now and feeling energised for training Smile

Planning to keep the 100k+ mileage rolling and get through a few cycles over the next couple of months with some fast 5k and 10k hits where possible (I'm hoping for an entry to a track 10,000 on Sept 2nd but not yet confirmed).

Will keep you posted once I hit the next 2k's!

Sub 35 - jamieh - 21-08-2018

Good news... I got an entry into the track 10,000 on September 2nd Wink

Legs were still feeling good this morning after a solid weekend (8k with 5k @ 3:30 pace Sat, then 24k gradually building from 5:00 to 3:45 pace Sun) so I tagged onto a track session with a friend this morning also training for the 10k.

5x (1500 @ 10k pace > 60s rest > 400 @ 3k pace > 80s rest)

4:58, 71
4:57, 71
4:57, 70
4:55, 70
4:50, 70

I'm planning to join these guys for 4x11mins tempo (3:30) off 4 mins float (4:00) on Thurs, easy/steady weekend (max 21k on Sun) and then the usual taper week into the 10k on Sunday (Light tempo Thurs, 6x1min on Fri) if you reckon that sounds ok?


Sub 35 - TheEd - 22-08-2018

Hi Jamie, nice session

all looks good, here's to a decent 10k


Sub 35 - jamieh - 23-08-2018

Threshold road session today: 4x(11 mins tempo, 4 mins float) continuous.

Pace (avgHR, MaxHR)

3:29 (148, 157), 3:57 (143, 155)
3:29 (155, 159), 4:02 (144, 154)
3:30 (155, 159), 4:06 (142, 156)
3:26 (159, 166), 4:15 (139, 157)

Enjoyed that one! Towards the end of the first 11 mins I was thinking there was no way I'd finish the session but was pleasantly surprised by how much I was able to recover at ~4:00/km on the float reps.

Sub 35 - TheEd - 31-08-2018

Hi Jamie, when have you got a Park Run planned?

Will be interesting to see how you are benefitting from training pace wise

hope all good


Sub 35 - jamieh - 02-09-2018

Hope to get back on the ParkRun from next week.

Focusing on the 10,000 tonight... 6pm start. Weather is looking on the hot side unfortunately (23-24 degrees) but calm at least. Am keeping hydrated.

Did 9x800 off 80s on Tuesday at 5k pace with every 3rd rep at 3k pace which went *ok* although definitely felt tough after the hefty week before. Was holding 2:32-2:36 on the slower reps and 2:29-2:30 on the faster. Light tempo 5k on Thursday felt better (relaxed 3:30/km pace). Was exhausted on Friday, but easy run yesterday felt good.

I'm slightly heavier than I should be given how much running I've been doing, but not disastrously so (78kg-ish) and thankfully the track is flat Smile

Planning to go out steady and hope to glide through 5k in 16:30-40 and hit the last 3k with some fight left... but we shall see!!

Sub 35 - jamieh - 03-09-2018

33:43 in 10k last night.

22 degrees
12 k/h wind
78kg on the line

Pretty happy considering the heat (which we know is rarely my ally!) and only 6 seconds off my 2013 PB (done in 4 degrees and 76kg).

Felt great through first 2k in about 6:35 but started feeling sluggish at 3k with HR in the 160s so decided to ease off from 1:19 laps to 1:22-23. Through 5k in 16:45 but HR still v. high and was losing form so held pace and increased cadence which allowed me to recover. Found a second wind with 1600 to go and was able to close out with 79-80s laps and a 74 to finish which was a good feeling (although not much sprint at the end!).

There is a track 5k in 2 days time which I am considering as the legs still feel good today and I have 7 weeks until the marathon so maybe a good time to be running fast?!

Other than that it's back to the program as soon as possible (either this Thursday if I don't do the 5k, or next if I do). Will certainly keep the park runs going where they fit into the program as I'm looking forward to Cross Country season this winter and some fast road racing when the temperature finally drops!

Sub 35 - jamieh - 05-09-2018

15:53 track 5k!! We're back in business Smile

16 degrees
8 k/h wind
.... 75.5kg on the line

3:14 (HR 150)
3:13 (HR 158)
3:17 (HR 161)
3:06 (HR 165)
3:01 (HR 166, max 168)

Was a quick race (winner just over 15:00). I dropped off the front pack after about 500m and found myself leading the second group. One guy came around me on the 3rd km which was great as I was able to recover (although we did slow down quite a bit) but I was then able to kick on for the last 2k so I think that slow pace was well timed for me.

Delighted with the time. The cooler weather and weight I think finally allowed me a proper blast. Somehow I managed to get to sub 76kg (fully hydrated). I suspect the extra kg's were mostly food/bloat from a stressful work week last week, and actually I've been lean enough from all the miles to get to fighting weight with some discipline!