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RE: Sub 35 - jamieh - 15-09-2019


Pleased with that! Sub 75 was the main goal of the day and it's PB so all moving in the right direction.

Not the easiest course with a good few climbs (~100m total ascent) and the final 8k very wiggly and cobbly in the city centre.

All in all the pacing was solid. I felt great the whole way and was able to push a 3:25 final kilometer. HR was quickly up to 150 but this felt comfortable. Pushed up to 160+ after 12k and then 170+ for the last 2k (179 over the line!).

Legs feeling good tonight and no niggles in general, probably helped by the very low mileage week.

My wife is away next week so planning an easy week with just buggy running and maybe a long run next weekend before getting into another cycle.

RE: Sub 35 - TheEd - 16-09-2019

Hi Jamie, a very decent result considering you felt out of it with a week to go

just shows how much you have improved in keeping things together, experience goes a long way

congrats on PB

ps.. what's planned for next

RE: Sub 35 - jamieh - 26-09-2019

5x2k R90 today (road)


I've not had a chance to look through my training log but pretty sure that's the fastest set of 2k's I've done Smile It was out/back on road with about 6m elevation gain per 2k. Also I ended up doing 1/3/5 into headwind!

Been keeping the miles going, mostly just easy/buggy since the half marathon and the weight has really started coming down (75kg). I think the swim/bike muscles are finally going.

In terms of what next... turns out I'm on vacation when I had planned the marathon in October (woops) so that is off the cards. I'm thinking instead to focus on 5k/10k into the winter (as well as cross country) and then aim for London marathon 2020 (my 1:14 in Bristol gets me a championship entry luckily).

There is a competitive, fast road 5k on October 25th I'd like to target to kick things off...

RE: Sub 35 - TheEd - 27-09-2019

All sounds good Jamie .. if looking at marathon long-term we need to keep a 25km or 2hr run every 3 weeks

if you looking at getting 5 / 10k preparation in, then ideally the 2k should come to below 6:20 for the 2k session

this is possible if you balance the recovery and avoid niggles and other

once you doing the 1k session below 3 minutes per k, then your real running will begin

this can be achieved and if so, it will change the whole 'whats capable in the marathon'

32 / 33 minute 10k places the possibility of 2:30 ish marathon

on we go


RE: Sub 35 - jamieh - 29-09-2019

All sounds great to me Smile

Found a really strong training group in Bristol (most are running sub 15 for 5k) so hope that can help me move things on.

26.5k easy today (2 hours) in the local hills and mud.

The guys are running 5x1 mile off 6:30 turnaround on Tues and would like to join in. Ok to do this instead of 6x1k?


RE: Sub 35 - TheEd - 29-09-2019

Hi Jamie, nice to see you have guys to train with. From my experience, I have met a number of guys from the UK who run sub 15 for 5k but can't run 66 for a half. Let's see, if they doing long rest in-between for the mile session. Of course join in, look forward to hearing the feedback

cheers TheEd

RE: Sub 35 - jamieh - 30-09-2019

I'll gladly take 67 for a half! Smile

RE: Sub 35 - TheEd - 30-09-2019

Hi Jamie, sub 15 in our squad set the athletes up for 64 to 65 .. as can be seen from the programs, it is not high in mileage but we focus on short recovery to enhance speed endurance. I am sure I have mentioned that 62 minute half-marathons were run using the same structure as the 10k programs

5 x 2k with R90 @ 2:50 per k = 5:40 in accommodating others 6 minutes for the 2k to 6:20 or 6:30 gave certain performances achieved from the 2k session

with the 1k session 10 seconds per k quicker than the 2k session .. we found that if you took your overall 1k pace and added 25 seconds to it, this should be the slowest you should run for 5k ..

all the above a reminder, to keep doing the things that work for you and for you not to get caught up in what others do, because they have faster PB's Smile

onwards TheEd

RE: Sub 35 - jamieh - 01-10-2019

Gotcha. Thank you for this.

RE: Sub 35 - jamieh - 01-10-2019

4x1 mile (7 minute turnaround)

5:03 (3:05/k)
5:01 (3:01/k)
5:04 (3:06/k)
5:02 (3:04/k)

Enjoyed that! Road loop with a slight incline to start and windy but nice temperature and about 10 guys doing the session.

I was dead last (of 10) on each rep but really good fun and managed to hang tough. The coach pulled me from running the last rep (told me after 3 that the 4th should be my last) which was probably a good call.