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RE: Sub 35 - jamieh - 30-11-2019

PF is stable and slowly improving. Still no pain at all running fast. Eases quicker first thing in the morning than it did 2 weeks ago.

After the 10k I will take a couple of off weeks into Xmas to hopefully lay it to rest properly.

RE: Sub 35 - jamieh - 03-12-2019

4x1 mile off 2 mins today. Not with the group as travelling for the rest of this week. Headwind on the odds, tailwind on the evens.

5:06 (3:10)
5:09 (3:12)
5:16 (3:17)
5:08 (3:12)

Tried to keep it fairy comfortable (at least on the tailwind reps!). Again no pain on the reps and just a bit sore now afterwards.

I did, however, have quite a lot of PF soreness during 20k easy off-road on Sunday so took yesterday off completely. Seems like off-road really aggravates things. Was feeling much better after 24h off though.

Will just keep things ticking this week into the race, with very little mileage and then as mentioned will take a good break afterwards.

RE: Sub 35 - TheEd - 04-12-2019

HI Jamie, twisting and turning will aggravate PF

good luck for the race


RE: Sub 35 - jamieh - 16-01-2020

Happy new year Ed Smile Hope you've enjoyed some good family time.

As you might have guessed I ended up not doing the 10k. Morning of the race was incredibly windy (40MPH), and my foot was still nagging so I decided to call it a season and take some proper time off. I took 10 days off and completely got rid of the PF pain. I did some jogging over XMAS and then a build up over the last 4 weeks. Last 2 weeks have been 80k (mostly jogging + fartlek) and with 29k easy on Sunday, all without pain.

I joined the group for 6x1 mile on the road loop yesterday evening ahead of a 10k race on Sunday.

6:30 turnaround time (so between 75-90s)

5:05 (3:10/k)
5:00 (3:07/k)
5:00 (3:07/k)
5:23 (3:21/k)
5:18 (3:18/k)
5:14 (3:16/k)

I did the first 3 keeping up with their 10k pace (actually felt pretty good!) and then decided to do the last 3 closer to my actual 10k pace. The last 3 felt incredibly comfortable.

Pleasantly surprised despite being 79kg.

Nice and easy now into the race on Sunday.

I had been aiming at sub 34... although after yesterdays session wondering if there might be slightly more in the tank if good conditions (it's a very flat course and so far looks like no wind and a very quick field).

Will keep you posted.

I have a championship entry to London Marathon in April, and 2x 2:35 guys hoping to break 2:30 to train with - so this is the goal!

RE: Sub 35 - TheEd - 16-01-2020

Great to hear from you Jamie .. and thanks .. all the best for 2020 to you Smile

just be careful not to aggravate the PF again, be careful of upping the speed too quickly and be careful with new footwear etc

how are you going to approach the marathon .. 10k training with long run maintained and then switch to marathon specific the last 6 weeks?

onwards TheEd