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Sub 35 - TheEd - 12-04-2012

Hi jamie .. you must recall that you had a 'slight' off period recently, so in retrospect the performances are quite something

I will go through things a little and if you put your trust into a decent 'balanced' tri structure/program coming from the process then I think it would be beneficial long-term

however, you need for everything to come together naturally and not to force it

I do believe the secret to both swimming and cycling is technique

and once this is achieved the development of QUALITY in both areas will further enhance the performance

with a good technique the quality is even more beneficial

any thoughts?


Sub 35 - jamieh - 14-04-2012

Thanks TheEd! I´d absolutely love to see your thoughts on a balanced tri program. And of course I´d put trust in your recommendations.... look how fast they are making me run Smile

16:52 paced 5k this morning, straight after a high quality, fast 3.5hr ride on TT-bike.

Planning to use the race day next weekend to run a fast 5k again at Bushy Park if I can.


Sub 35 - TheEd - 16-04-2012

the swimming can be maintained for now however please get them to analyse your technique and that you are establishing a smooth action

then for the cycling .. technique again and we shall do the long rides maybe in some way having a 1hr ride in the am and then 90 minutes in the afternoon

with the current emphasis on spinning to achieve a smoothness before moving toward 'crunching'

the idea and intention behind this is to eventually achieve the 'spinning action' in the higher gears .. so crunching is technique .. pure rhythm where the speed is maintained without bopping or loss of speed due to poor form

I believe you should go below 34 for 10km this summer, so we need to get towards that goal via the sessions

the aim would be to get to 3.20 per k for the 2k session during this period

once we doing the 2k @ 3.20 and the 1k @ 3.10, we can then stabilise on the running and roll towards further quality on the bike

what are your thoughts on this and how soon do you believe you can get to those 2k and 1k sessions Wink

if we able to start on less and achieve more for now and with the balance of the program correct, you are then able to build on that in a theoretical and practical manner which should not have too much impact on lifestyle and the body

your thoughts?


Sub 35 - jamieh - 16-04-2012

Agree re: swimming/cycling. I'm pretty confident on my swimming technique so will continue with sessions and of course continue to work on smooth action & technique with my drills.

With cycling I'll keep the long rides and try to fit in a couple of 1hr/90min rides during the week to focus on smooth spinning action.

Sub 34 is for sure my goal on the run for this summer, that would be a-may-zing!

I think the 3:20 2k's and 3:10 1k's are not too far away. Let's see how I go in the 5k on Saturday, I think that will give a good indication of where I am fitness-wise.

I have a flat/fast 3-lap road 10k race at the end of the next cycle (May 13th) so it would be great to start pushing towards 34 in that race, maybe with a view to hitting the 3:20 2k splits the week after (so May 17th).

Ok - so maintain swimming & focus on gradually increasing bike mileage (spinning initially) as we move towards 3:20/3:10 run intervals. Once I'm hitting the intervals we move to the next stage on bike and put some crunching in!


Sub 35 - TheEd - 17-04-2012

grand .. let's see how the 5k goes Smile


Sub 35 - jamieh - 23-04-2012

16:47 in the 5k this weekend.

Disappointed with the time... but it wasn't a fast day (quite muddy on the grass sections) & I think I was a little tired from lack of sleep & some big swim sessions earlier in the week.

Slight niggle appeared in my right peroneus brevis (never had anything like this before) during 80min easy run yesterday. Taking today off running to stretch/ice & see how it feels.

Will keep you posted, hopefully back on track before 2k's on Thurs.


Sub 35 - TheEd - 23-04-2012

make sure to work on your calf muscles

you may have followed the pattern of the athlete who becomes excited with the 'prospect' of what training harder can achieve

so back off and remember it is getting the talent to the line in a healthy manner

my major concern is keeping balance

in retrospect it would have been better to have an easy day on Sunday, as the muddy grass sections would have placed more stress on the calf muscles. A 2hr ride would probably have been excellent

the calf muscles support the ankle area and the long run would have done the calf muscles no favours

hopefully a few easy days will have it solved but try to focus on calf muscle recovery .. from tomorrow do the alphabet with your toes to work the ankle area (and other areas)

keep me informed

ps.. 16:47 is by no means terrible considering the course Wink

Sub 35 - jamieh - 25-04-2012

Thanks a lot TheEd. Took Mon/Tues completely off except for icing/stretching and doing the alphabet under my desk Smile

Seems to have worked as ran an easy 10k XC this morning with no niggle. Phew! Provided I feel nothing on my jog to the track tomorrow morning I'll go ahead with the 2k's... though I'm not that excited by the prospect of the forecasted 20mph winds and driving rain at 7:30am!


Sub 35 - TheEd - 25-04-2012

if it is windy, then simply try to do the session where most of the wind can be behind you .. don't run into the wind if you can avoid it

the wind can cause a massive amount of fatigue which can cause a host of different problems

let me know how it goes

ps.. great to hear that the niggle is gone, the next time don't go run over a cross course as part of your recovery Wink

Sub 35 - jamieh - 27-04-2012

Bit of a disaster with the 2k's yesterday. Was feeling a bit out-of-sorts when I woke up + the weather was howling but decided to give it a try. I only managed 3.


After the 3rd was feeling a bit dizzy/exhausted so decided to call it a day. My girlfriend has a pretty bad cold so I think I may have a diluted version of that. Making the most of my rest-day today.

On the plus side, injury is definitely gone! Will ease back in with an easy hour tomorrow and long run on Sunday.