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Sub 35 - TheEd - 27-04-2012

Hi Jamie, this is life .. so don't read too much into it

if I may give my view on things .. you took your break and then you came back and did the few good runs and a solid TRI

don't make the mistake of becoming too 'crazy' about the whole training ordeal and the 'feel' for the need to train and monitor every improvement as that soon leads to a negative scenario

remember to enhance the natural ability and not to kill it

less is so often better and this applies to you, especially for now, while shaking off the 'minor' aspects of a cold

so try get the mind to a space where everything is fun and not to put too many expectations on yourself

allow your natural progression

hope this helps


Sub 35 - jamieh - 01-05-2012

Thanks TheEd, the wise words really helped over the last few days Smile

I ended up taking Fri (normal rest day) and also Sat off running and just did my 4.5hr bike on Sat instead. I then did a really enjoyable 22k run on Sunday (95mins) after swimming, then an easy 10k yesterday.

6x1kR60 at the track today was solid:



Not setting the world on fire, but it's my best set of 1k's since January so that's definitely positive, especially as I'm at least a couple of kg's over race weight.

Sub 35 - TheEd - 01-05-2012

good stuff Jamie

you have something under the hood (a decent engine) .. so look after it and enjoy your ability and it should all fall in place


Sub 35 - jamieh - 06-05-2012

17:03 in paced 5k yesterday.

Again at Bushy park (muddy) + just after a 40 min swim in 10 degree water! I tried to run it at 10k pace without a watch so am happy with the time. Unfortunately I seem to have caused the same strain to my peroneus brevis. My feet were still frozen numb from the swim so they may have been striking the ground strangely. Have been applying RICE and only swam/biked today and is easing nicely.

Will try an easy run tomorrow if no pain after long bike.


Sub 35 - TheEd - 08-05-2012

jamie, you need to look into sorting the leg problem out and it looks like running aggravates it the most

please keep me informed


Sub 35 - jamieh - 08-05-2012

Will do.

Ran a steady 15k (58mins) yesterday with no pain. Also feels fine today. Have a massage booked this afternoon and seeing physio next week.


Sub 35 - TheEd - 08-05-2012

OK .. avoid long easy runs for now, replace them with cycling (spinning)

you should be able to do faster running on even surfaces however if you able to avoid running till you have had the physio check it out then all the better

hope all works out OK


Sub 35 - jamieh - 08-05-2012

Ok, sounds sensible.

I ran a easy 40min 10k at lunch today (before I read your message) and it felt perfect. Just had a massage and some serious knot's in calfs... which have probably impacted the peroneus.

Apart from my 10x400 tomorrow and Fartlek on Friday I'll just spin leading up to the 10k race on Sunday.


Sub 35 - TheEd - 08-05-2012

perfect .. let's hope we can nip this in the bud and move on without any concern



Sub 35 - TheEd - 04-06-2012

Hi Jamie .. how are things?