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Sub 36 in 10K - Albert83BCN - 09-06-2012

ps: one thing I noticed is that my stride is way too short. On the final meters I lost two positions. I had the feeling that my colleagues leg turnover was not the fastest but the distance they covered with a single stride at high speed was enormous compared to mine, don't know really how to explain it. I realized this before but on the short distance I think that it comes to light with more evidence.

My garmin pedometer measured an avg. cadence of 108 spm, max 113 (one leg I guess?).

What are your thoughts on this? At a point were I'm struggling to improve my performance, do you think that would be wise to try to work on proper running technique? I consider myself as quite clumsy where technical sports skills come into play, so may be this would be a flaw worth considering, don't know. Or do you believe, as some do, that the natural way I developed of running will be the most comfortable and suitable for me already?

Sub 36 in 10K - Albert83BCN - 12-06-2012

Good morning TheEd!

Came back to report last Sunday's 10K. I ran in 36:57, very near the sub 37 I guessed I should aim to. I gave it all and I think I could not have run faster. The race was very crowded and we had a hard time running comfortably until well entered the first km. Then on km 5 many people ended his 5K race and there was not many people aiming at my pace for the 10K so I ran km's 6 to 9 pretty alone. I catched up also with a lot of slow 5K runners so I had to start avoiding them, with all this altogether and considering that the race environment wasn't the most appealing, I began to release myself and start thinking of ending at whatever pace I could. Then on km 9 a runner picked up with me and that triggered again my competitiveness so I did a fast km again applying myself as much as I could to end in just sub 37.

Now I have to think about whether I should end or not the season here in order to prepare myself for the coming races in September/October. I'd like to discuss a little bit more about this but I have the feeling you're a little bit busy these days. Hope you are doing well Smile

Sub 36 in 10K - TheEd - 12-06-2012

Hi Albert, we can discuss, only the internet is slow at the moment Wink

always busy but always can make time

would you like to do a quick off period followed by Build Up

The off period is good to get rid of any niggling problems etc and then the build up allows for introducing the 'stapple' 1hr runs which we then roll through to your 10k program (ask questions about this, please)

I am happy with your sub 37 run considering the time a few weeks ago where everything seemed to be going in the wrong direction

so fire away and we can chat about things



Sub 36 in 10K - Albert83BCN - 12-06-2012

Hehe, thank you very much TheEd for being so accessible and always willing to provide advice Smile

Ok, with Sunday's 10K one of the three leagues I'm enrolled came to an end. I placed 18th on the general classification and 9th for my age group, out of a few thousand people, not that bad Smile This leagues reward a mix between fitness and consistency, racing as many races as possible on the calendar (best 7 of 12 most famous races in Barcelona from September to June).

The other two leagues have a yearly basis, that means they go from January to December. For one of this leagues, the 'Lliga Championchip' I'm a little way ahead because I have only ran one race that scores double out of the 6 possible. I have plenty of time to catch up until December, but there is one race in 1st of July that could have fit perfectly into the 3 week cycles, so I thought that I could perform one more cycle before ending the season.

I was exactly thinking of doing the off-period and build-up, but for now I don't feel I have been long enough since we started with the cycles after the marathon (2 months more or less I guess?) and I feel like I still have energy and motivation to do one more cycle, and that would suit to end with this race on 1st July.

But the problem here is that I have made my calculus and if I were to do that, I could only barely perform two cycles of the 10K training program before reaching the first races on September. This races are pretty important for me, because last year I ran this last Sunday's race with a 37:45 and swear that I would train hard during the summer to get under 37 for the first time and I achieved it on September (36:46 and 36:09!!), so it was a great moment for me and I'd like to repeat this once again (probably aiming once and for all at sub 36 this time). That's why I think that maybe it could be better to start right now with the off-period and forget about this last 10K, even if I feel like I still want to train. This way I would run the 1st race on 2nd week of the 3rd cycle and next race that is one week after in the end of the 3rd cycle (it's a pity there are only 7 days apart one from the other but last year worked pretty well).

Which approach do you think that would be most benefiting?

Sub 36 in 10K - IamWill - 12-06-2012

Well done!
I'll do a virtual race against you in SeptemberSmile

Sub 36 in 10K - Albert83BCN - 12-06-2012

Hehe, things are getting interesting, you seem to have still some margin to improve before hitting a plateau while I have ran faster but I'm now stalled and need to give that extra step forward. Looking forward to see both results this fall Big Grin

Sub 36 in 10K - TheEd - 13-06-2012

Albert, lets work on one week on off period and then switch to the build up where you able to go onto the 1hr runs

keep providing feedback so we can see how it all goes


Sub 36 in 10K - Albert83BCN - 13-06-2012


If I understand correctly, you're suggesting one week of the 'off-period' instead of the typical 2 weeks?

Assuming this is correct, on Monday I still ran a 40' easy on the mill having in mind to keep training as the 1st week of the 3 week cycle. Then yesterday I finally decided to go into the off-period so I did not run (so 1 day of rest accumulated for now). Then I was planning to stop running for 2 more days and then start the 2 week off-period as suggested on this site article.

So, how should I fit then this 'only-one-week'? Should I still rest two more days and then start the period? Or do I start right now with day 1 up to day 7 of the period?

Also, 'totally relaxed – at ease through out' I guess these are 140bpm runs, aren't they?

ps: today recorded a PB on morning HR, 40 bpm lowest and 43 avg for 5 minute monitoring!

Sub 36 in 10K - TheEd - 13-06-2012

use this week as the off period

take the first few days and the last few days of the off cycle

so it is only 1 week

then move onto the Build Up period for 1 week next week

first few days of the Build up and then the last few days of the build up

hope this is clear?



Sub 36 in 10K - Albert83BCN - 13-06-2012

Ok, so if I understand correctly both the off-period and build-up would be shortened at one week each. Let's see how it works until then and then I guess there are only two options: continuing with the build-up for some more time or perform the 4k trial?

I picked up the first and last days of each period, please let me put it in a graphical calendar in order to clarify things and let's see if everything is correct :great:

[Image: schedulemidjune2012offp.png]