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Sub 36 in 10K - Albert83BCN - 01-07-2012

Thank you guys for the cheer ups, really appreciated Smile

End of 1st week cycle, yesterday I did the long run up to 1h30'. Did 20.58 km in 1h26, 4:10 avg pace, 165 avg HR. Weather was really cloudy and that helped a lot, warm weather but manageable. I like to do long runs at a faster pace than easy pace, near marathon pace, it becomes a little bit boring running always at easy-relaxed pace. I mean, aside from the key sessions where I run at 3:4X or 3:3X on the intervals or trials, there's not much runs for 4:1X to 4:2X sessions and I enjoy them because they are 'comfortably hard' and I feel I work on them while yet being able to end strong. Do you think I can go with some of these on the long runs or is it mandatory to stay on the easy pace range?

Today I did 1h relaxed on the mill since it has been raining enough to not being able to run on the street. Did 12.02 km at 4:59 avg pace. Pulsometer band started to fail again, I have to do something about this. I estimate avg HR to be between 143-145 for today session.

This is the schedule for this cycle including the 1h recovery runs as you told me. I have one doubt. I'm supposed to race on the end of the cycle, but if I don't have any scheduled race, what should I do on Saturday - Sunday? a paced 8K? or maybe repeat a long run with a 1h recovery session on the next day as the first week?

Sub 36 in 10K - TheEd - 02-07-2012

good stuff .. I look forward to hearing how the 1hr runs slot in with your training and how you recover after the sessions

by the end of this cycle I would like to hear that you feel stronger after sessions ..

if you don't have a race planned then running a time-trial over any distance up to and including 8k will be fine

for instance you could even see how close you can get to 10 minutes for 3km

Please ask questions

edit: ps.. sorry was trying to get the image to fit as it was breaking the forum layout .. set-up a smaller image and a click through to a bigger image or make image width size a max of 700

Sub 36 in 10K - Albert83BCN - 02-07-2012

Sorry for the image, I have a huge screen at high resolution and I could see it just fine without breaking the layout, I guess it will break it on lower resolutions. Don't worry about the image any more, it was just to show you the schedule Wink

Today did another 1h relaxed, 12.25 Km at 4:54 avg pace and I guess avg HR between 143-146 bpm, HR softband working worse every day. HR two minutes after workout at 102 bpm which is typical in easy sessions for me, and no injuries or issues by the moment Big Grin

Today I ran between 5:30PM and 6:30PM and has been pretty sunny but temperatures lowered a little bit, 25º with 60 to 70% humidity and some noticeable wind, but at this pace it hasn't been much of a problem, and hydrated before, intra and post workout properly.

As for these runs, I'm feeling pretty comfortable with them, I finish without being very tired and I can cope them with my other activities pretty well, only problem may be to find the necessary time to fit them in the planning as well as my regular strength training at the gym. I'm starting to do some CrossFit or bodyweight/callisthenics stuff at home for 15' or 30' to win a little bit of extra time instead to hitting the gym so often.

Sub 36 in 10K - TheEd - 03-07-2012

nice Albert .. how are you finding the 1hr runs, are you finding them easy to do?

keep up the good rhythm


Sub 36 in 10K - Albert83BCN - 03-07-2012

Hello again TheEd!

As I told you on the last post I think I feel pretty well after the 1h sessions, I don't feel tired and I find them easy to do Smile

But today I wanted to verify this with the 6x1000 because I may feel ok but my legs could say the opposite thing Big Grin

Turns out I'm pretty satisfied with today's session. Did it from 8:50PM to 9:40PM, 23ºC, no sun, 75% humidity, mild wind 7 km/h.

Here's the full data:

And the summary:

3 3:28.4 1,05 3:18 -> Max. HR 175
4 1:21.1 0,19 7:09 -> Down to HR 137
5 3:30.3 1,05 3:21 -> Max. HR 182
6 1:04.4 0,09 12:09 -> Down to HR 140
7 3:28.8 1,05 3:18 -> Max. HR 181
8 1:01.3 0,09 11:02 -> Down to HR 148
9 3:31.6 1,06 3:21 -> Max. HR 182
10 1:04.3 0,11 10:08 -> Down to HR 151
11 3:33.3 1,05 3:23 -> Max. HR 190?
12 1:05.0 0,10 10:36 -> Down to HR 150
13 3:32.0 1,04 3:25 -> Unreliable HR data

So, to resume it even more, it's:


Well, it's not close yet to what you prescribed for pace 3:25, but looking at the last time I did this training (8 weeks ago) I think there's some improvement:


Sub 36 in 10K - TheEd - 03-07-2012

definite improvement and you also have the 1hr added

I was concerned about the 1hr because it was not a normal build-up period

things will get better


Sub 36 in 10K - Albert83BCN - 07-07-2012

Good morning!

Today I did my 5K paced, did it in 18:00, avg pace 3:36, avg HR 177, max HR 186. A little bit weaker than 3 weeks ago 17:52 at 3:34, avg HR 173 and max HR 183, but I guess I cannot PB my trainings every week Big Grin

As for this past week, I did my easy 1h runs, so far so good, the last two maybe I slightly went a little bit off the relaxed pace, running at between 4:40 to 4:55 (145 to 150 bpm I guess). That was not intentional but I went through unknown terrain and calculated the distance wrong on both sessions and had to catch up the pace to reach home before the runs started to get longer than an hour... :duh: I'll try to keep it more controlled to run more near 5' pace which corresponds to my 140 bpm totally relaxed.

The HR strap is still failing a lot, today It has endured enough so I can have reliable data of the 5K paced but then in the cool down started to become useless again. Yesterday I emailed Garmin RMA for a replacement, they say it's ok but they may send it within the next two weeks... ough I guess I will have to go like this until then.

Sub 36 in 10K - TheEd - 08-07-2012

17:45 to 18:00 is a good pace currently

all looks good


Sub 36 in 10K - Albert83BCN - 11-07-2012


Yesterday I couldn't go to the track to do the 10x400m session because it's being used by the athletes participating in the IAAF World Junior Championships as the training zone (more on this later!) so I did them in the mill at the gym.

As I find running at fast paces on the mill a little bit dangerous I started a little bit slower than prescribed and went catching up the pace at the last intervals where I felt more confident. Results:


This is more or less accurate since I was pending of slowing down the mill, pulsing the lap button, etc.. also I have no HR data of the session because the HR strap was so messed up I wasn't even trying to use it again. BTW, just when I arrived home back from the gym, I received my new strap. I asked Garmin for a replacement last Friday and got it yesterday by certified mail! This strap maybe pretty crappy lasting no more than 6 months but at least Garmin service is amazing!

Ok, more interesting than this I guess, after the workout I went with some friends to the Estadi OlÃ*mpic Lluis Companys to see the World Junior Championships!! It was amazing to see this young elite guys flying in the 10.000, Ethiopian Yigrem Demelash won with 28:16.07 followed by the Kenyans :wow:

Sub 36 in 10K - TheEd - 11-07-2012

quite something Albert .. any chance you took a few photos? Then I could create an Out & About article from this post

exciting times with running, cycling taking place at the same time