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Sub 36 in 10K - Albert83BCN - 11-07-2012

Sorry I couldn't take any photos, I was so in a hurry that I could not have time to decide whether to take the DSLR or not. This Thursday I'm coming back so maybe with some little more time I plan it a little bit better and decide to bring the camera with me.

BTW, I'm pretty sure they'll be pictures rolling out there, If I see any galleries from any of my contacts with interesting pictures I'll let you know :great:

Sub 36 in 10K - TheEd - 11-07-2012

Thanks Albert .. the Out & About is aimed more at the Time-to-run users, so that is a different angle to simply having the images


still interested though


Sub 36 in 10K - IamWill - 17-07-2012

Just checking how your training goes. Seeing those elite World Junior Championships athletes, for whom sub-36 is a jog, didn't undermine your self-confidence, I hope?:jester:

Sub 36 in 10K - Albert83BCN - 18-07-2012

Hi IamWill! Well, seeing those young guys running the 10.000 at a pace I could barely run the 400m sure has some impact on one's ego, hehe. But I'm too stubborn to give up, you know, that makes me realize we need to train harder to cut the gap with them a little bit more Big Grin

Its true I have been pretty busy these days and as I haven't done anything special since the 6x1000 I didn't post any updates, but yesterday was the 5x2000 so I think it's time Wink

Well, as for the past week, I've been doing a mix between my 1h recovery sessions at near 140bpm effort, some of them a little bit shorter (45 minutes, have been too much busy to fit 1h sessions in everyday) and two runs of 50'-1h but at a faster pace.

Then on Friday 30' easy with 6x1'fast-slow and 1' @ 10K pace on the mill feeling pretty good and on Sunday I wanted to try what Gavin said about seeing how close I could get to 9' for the 3K, but the track was still closed due to the World Athletics and I went to the gym and did a pretty hard CrossFit session, so I stepped on the mill being pretty worn out already and just run from slower to faster the 3K in 11 minutes or so. A fast session to kick in some speed but by no means a decent 3K trial. I guess it was a bad idea to try it on the mill.

And yesterday the feared 5x2000 came back. I went at noon, from 9:30PM to 10:15PM, 24ºC, no sun, 50% humidity, no noticeable wind, and it really makes a difference. The problem is that the session itself went a little bit messy, on the second interval I forgot how many 400m laps I had done until that time, so I had to guess and preferred to do one more because I thought I had just performed 4 out of the 5. Then on the 4th interval the same happened. When I got home I had the look at the session and realized than on the first one I did one more lap (6x400) and on the second time one less (4x400) :duh: so the session came out like this:

1st Interval: 2000m in 7:16 (3:37 pace)
2nd Interval: 2400m in 8:40 (3:36 pace)
3rd Interval: 2000m in 7:19 (3:39 pace)
4th Interval: 1600m in 5:51 (3:39 pace)
5th Interval: 2000m in 7:19 (3:39 pace)

This is the full activity:

And the detailed summary (400m laps):

[COLOR="Red"]3 1:29.1 0,42 3:33
4 1:27.5 0,42 3:29
5 1:27.1 0,42 3:26
6 1:26.3 0,42 3:27
7 1:26.4 0,42 3:28[/COLOR] -> Max HR 174
8 1:31.0 0,13 11:18 -> HR Down to 115
[COLOR="Red"]9 1:26.2 0,41 3:29
10 1:26.7 0,42 3:29
11 1:26.9 0,42 3:28
12 1:27.4 0,42 3:28
13 1:26.5 0,41 3:32
14 1:26.6 0,42 3:27 [/COLOR] -> Max HR 179
15 1:34.6 0,14 11:07 -> HR Down to 127
[COLOR="Red"]16 1:28.3 0,41 3:35
17 1:28.3 0,43 3:25
18 1:28.5 0,42 3:31
19 1:27.5 0,42 3:29
20 1:26.5 0,41 3:30[/COLOR] -> Max HR 181
21 1:31.3 0,12 12:39 -> HR Down to 135
[COLOR="Red"]22 1:27.3 0,41 3:33
23 1:28.3 0,42 3:31
24 1:28.2 0,41 3:35
25 1:27.8 0,41 3:32[/COLOR] -> Max HR 181
26 1:32.4 0,13 11:24 -> HR Down to 131
[COLOR="Red"]27 1:28.4 0,41 3:35
28 1:29.1 0,41 3:36
29 1:28.7 0,41 3:35
30 1:28.1 0,41 3:33
31 1:25.4 0,42 3:24[/COLOR] -> Max HR 193 (HR spike!? progressive graphic grows up to 182 before spike and seems more reasonable)
32 2:05.5 0,19 10:54 -> HR Down to 122 2' after

Well, compared to last session where I felt a little bit bad, this one turned out pretty well, at least I managed to get all 400 laps under 1:30 not like the last time, and while still being hell, I think it hasn't been as 'hellish' as the last one. Running without the sun at noon when I feel more awake and lively than in the morning helped a lot I guess.

Onwards and forwards! Confusedurf:

Sub 36 in 10K - TheEd - 18-07-2012

it was a super hot day yesterday and it had me thinking of you and wondering how you would be coping in the heat

good to hear you were able to roll out a session even if counting laps went out the window Wink

as long as you able to put sessions together now to maintain consistency it is good

nice going


Sub 36 in 10K - Albert83BCN - 18-07-2012

Thank you so much for worrying about my training, really appreciated Wink

Don't worry, as in being consistent with my training and coping with the planned schedule I cannot be beaten, even by the Kenyans Big Grin

As for this next weeks, I plan to repeat the last previous ones, a full cycle with the 5x2000, long run, 6x1000, 5K paced and 10x400 but with the easy 1h relaxed sessions added in between, I guess it's the way to go.

Maybe I look into the races calendar to see if there's some short race for the end of this cycle since it would be more motivating and rewarding than running fast on the street which lacks a lot the mental kick.

Sub 36 in 10K - TheEd - 18-07-2012

good stuff


Sub 36 in 10K - Albert83BCN - 18-07-2012

Ouch!! :duh: Coach, I have just realized something that I guess no one also noticed before! I was checking what to do today and I saw that it should be a rest day after the 5x2000. Then the next day is the long run up to 1h30'. Then I thought that something was wrong since the long run is scheduled normally on the weekend. Then I realized what happened: yesterday I somehow forgot that the 5x2000 is done on Thursdays and I went ahead on Tuesday!!

As I did not run a race on Sunday I was not very aware of the longer recovery time left in between the race and the 5x2000 session and I guess that's why I forgot about this. So now I'm two days 'in the future' regarding my schedule :laugh:

I was wondering how to deal with this, I guess I should fill the days with 1h easy runs until Saturday's long run (may be a fartlek/hilly/threshold in between?), then re-sync with 6x1000 on Tuesday. I hope that I'm not missing the stimulus of the overload that comes with the tight 5x2k + Long run + 6x1K in a short period and may be missing the benefits, I guess it's not the case?

Sub 36 in 10K - Albert83BCN - 22-07-2012

Hi there everybody! Came here just to do a quick summary of the week, starting after the 5x2K on Tuesday:

Wednesday - no running (but some strength training)

Thursday - 10.2 Km in 44:55 min (4:24 min/km pace), Avg HR 154, Max HR 166.
No enough time to do 1h totally relaxed during the day, so I ran at 12AM for distance...

Friday - 50' relaxed, on the mill. 9.47 Km in 50:07 (5:18 min/km pace), Avg HR 143, Max HR 149.
Didn't have enough time after the strength training on the gym so I ran close to 1h but a little bit less.

Saturday - Long Run. 21.2 Km in 01:28:01 (4:09 min/km pace). Avg HR 163, Max HR 173. Went at 8 AM in the morning, partially cloudy which helped a lot. Ran 'comfortably hard' and felt pretty good.

Sunday - 55' relaxed, on the mill again. 10.64 Km in 55:05 (5:09 min/km pace), Avg HR 142, Max HR 148.

Tomorrow 1h relaxed again and then 6x1000 on Tuesday Big Grin

Sub 36 in 10K - TheEd - 23-07-2012

sorry Albert .. somehow I missed your post on the 18th .. lets get back on track with the training

most important to try remember the cycle of 3 days recovery after a race and then the 5 x 2k session best placed on the Thursday

OK .. 6 x 1k on Tuesday .. look forward to the feedback

ps.. how are you feeling overall, is the heat affecting you?