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Sub 36 in 10K - Albert83BCN - 23-07-2012

Don't worry TheEd :great:

Yep, I'm feeling fine, but I must confess the heat is not affecting me too much because I avoid it as much as possible, I either run on the mill if it's still hot during the day (and we have conditioned air on the gym Big Grin) or I run first thing on the morning or late at night where there's no problem at all with heat.

Sub 36 in 10K - Albert83BCN - 24-07-2012

Hi there! How are you doing on your travel TheEd? I hope you're having fun!

Just did my 6x1000 this noon. I'm pretty satisfied, today I've felt pretty well and pulled out a very good session, slightly better than the previous one (which was also better than the previous one) so there's some improvement going on, I think.

Ran at 9PM, just after the sunset, 25ºC more or less, 50% humidity and some light wind.

Here's the full data:

And the summary (2.5 Km warm up from home + 6x1000 + 4 Km back to home):

6 3:28.2 1,04 3:20 -> Max. HR 172
7 1:01.4 0,08 13:16 -> Down to HR 134
8 3:26.1 1,04 3:17 -> Max. HR 177
9 1:02.4 0,10 10:48 -> Down to HR 139
10 3:27.4 1,05 3:17 -> Max. HR 179
11 1:01.0 0,09 10:44 -> Down to HR 144
12 3:27.9 1,04 3:19 -> Max. HR 180
13 1:01.5 0,10 10:11 -> Down to HR 149
14 3:29.2 1,04 3:20 -> Max. HR 182
15 1:06.3 0,10 11:08 -> Down to HR 151
16 3:28.2 1,04 3:21 -> Max. HR 184
17 2:17.8 0,20 11:16 -> Down to HR 129

So, to resume it even more, it's:


Compared with 3 weeks ago:


Not only I managed to stay under 3:30 in all the intervals, I also scored lower overall HR during the session. Faster times with less effort, sounds good Big Grin

Ok, now for some 1h relaxed sessions until Saturday's 5K, I'm curious to see how well will I do, this session is pretty hard for me, almost like the 5x2000.

Sub 36 in 10K - IamWill - 25-07-2012

Not too shabby :great:

Sub 36 in 10K - Albert83BCN - 25-07-2012

Thanks IamWill

Let's keep working hard, we have a goal don't forget it Wink

Sub 36 in 10K - IamWill - 26-07-2012

I won't!Wink

Sub 36 in 10K - TheEd - 26-07-2012

nice to see the bounce back in your running, this should start giving you confidence .. enjoy the forward going that you are currently on

with the 5k paced .. you should aim to get used to running 18 minutes paced for 5k

no need to go faster than that .. so go through the first 4k on pace and then see if you able to accelerate the last km but not going flat out simply going quicker

you should finish the session tired BUT hopefully recover quickly

too feel tired the following day after this session is not the idea of the paced session



Sub 36 in 10K - Albert83BCN - 31-07-2012

Hi TheEd!

Some days after the last update. On Saturday I did the 5K paced and didn't go quite well. I woke up a little bit late that day and there was already the sun shining pretty hard so I planned to do the session at noon. But then I had some compromises with my girlfriend and got home at 12PM... didn't want to skip the session and as I was feeling pretty good for the hour (I'm definitely a night owl person) I went for it. 3K warmup + 5K in 18:28 + 3K back home. I think it's the worst 5K I pulled down since I'm into the cycles, previous ones were: 18:00, 17:52, 17:52 and 18:18...

I had the feeling I was running pretty fast but yet the Garmin told so, and since I always do the same route in order to have exact feedback over the weeks, I guess it must be right...

Well, let's see how the 10x400 feels today.

Here's the summary of this last days after the 6x1000:

Wednesday: This was a special day I'd like to comment. It was the 20th anniversary of the Olympic Games of Barcelona '92, and to celebrate it, the ceremony of carrying the torch to the stadium was recreated. Our running club was asked to bring 15 of its most involved members in order to accompany the last reliever, Gervasio Deferr, ex-gymnastics Olympic champion. And so I did alongside my club mates, it was a nice experience Smile When the ceremony ended, as I was already wearing running clothing, after this 1Km very very relaxed run I followed with my scheduled 1h relaxed run. Went back home to leave my bag which was pretty annoying. Finally did 1Km at 10' min/k + 3.25 Km at 4:41 pace + 8.2 Km at 4:52 pace, near 140 bpm more or less overall, so completed the 1h relaxed although with lots of interruptions hehe.

12.09 Km in 01:00:02 at 4:58 pace, Avg HR 142.

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 11 Km with the 5K paced in between in 18:28 (poor 3:42 pace)

Sunday: Rest (I felt sorry I had a pretty busy day like the day before and maybe with the upset of the previous run and since I already did some exercise at the gym I ended deciding to skip the 1h relaxed run)

Yesterday: 12.14 Km in 01:00:01 at 4:57 pace - Avg HR 144.

I also noticed this last days the morning HR is a little bit higher than usual. Not pretty much higher but I'm not achieving the lower HR of some days ago. In the other hand, I notice lower HR in general in the strength training at the gym and also on my runs. But despite of this, I don't have the feeling this is translating into better running shape. I feel as if my cardiovascular endurance is improving but my top speed for endurance racing above lactate threshold is not. I know the relaxed runs are here for the sake of recovery but I have the feeling that I was in better shape when I was running almost everyday in between 4' to 4:30 pace when not interval sessions. Any thoughts on this?

Sorry for the long post Big Grin

Sub 36 in 10K - TheEd - 01-08-2012

unfortunately with running (in particular) getting the consistency right creates confidence and a good setting for all training and performance. So when this training rhythm is thrown out the athlete needs to rely on the mental aspect of balancing everything despite the person feeling out of 'sync'

so use this as a learning experience to maintain a positive outlook despite poor results at the moment .. look forward .. if you have a solid 5 x 2000m session, this is the session you must build you confidence on

good sleep patterns and nutrition then allow for you to use the training you doing. Day 3 to Day 8 is the most important period of the program

so after Day 8 onwards remain focused on staying positive as you have done the necessary work

hope this isn't too long Wink

ps.. sounds exciting about the Olympic torch activity

Sub 36 in 10K - Albert83BCN - 01-08-2012

Ok, will try to keep positive and think more about the good sessions I rolled out instead of the weak ones Big Grin

Yesterday I did the 10x400, the results:

6 1:19.5 0,42 3:11 -> Max. HR 168
7 1:00.0 0,10 9:56 -> HR Down to 116
8 1:16.7 0,42 3:02 -> Max. HR 172
9 1:00.4 0,08 12:06 -> HR Down to 127
10 1:16.2 0,42 3:03 -> Max. HR 174
11 1:01.8 0,09 11:16 -> HR Down to 133
12 1:16.6 0,42 3:03 -> Max. HR 176
13 1:01.6 0,09 11:49 -> HR Down to 138
14 1:15.9 0,42 3:00 -> Max. HR 177
15 1:00.2 0,08 12:29 -> HR Down to 144
16 1:15.7 0,41 3:04 -> Max. HR 178
17 1:03.6 0,11 9:59 -> HR Down to 146
18 1:17.4 0,42 3:04 -> Max. HR 178
19 1:03.9 0,11 9:47 -> HR Down to 149
20 1:16.6 0,42 3:01 -> Max. HR 179
21 1:01.7 0,10 9:48 -> HR Down to 152
22 1:17.2 0,42 3:05 -> Max. HR 179
23 :59.9 0,10 10:26 -> HR Down to 154
24 1:15.3 0,43 2:56 -> Max. HR 180
25 1:00 after the last one -> HR Down to 150

If you remember 3 weeks ago I did it on the mill because the track was unavailable, so I'll compare it to the previous session that goes back to before the small off-period.

6 1:19.3 0,41 3:11 -> Max. HR 168
7 1:00.0 0,07 14:58 -> HR Down to 126
8 1:17.2 0,42 3:04 -> Max. HR 173
9 1:00.6 0,08 12:48 -> HR Down to 127
10 1:17.0 0,41 3:06 -> Max. HR 175
11 :59.9 0,07 14:42 -> HR Down to 134
12 1:16.9 0,42 3:02 -> Max. HR 177
13 :59.3 0,07 13:50 -> HR Down to 137
14 1:15.0 0,42 2:57 -> Max. HR 179
15 1:00.2 0,07 13:48 -> HR Down to 142
16 1:15.8 0,42 2:59 -> Max. HR 179
17 1:00.5 0,07 14:43 -> HR Down to 145
18 1:14.9 0,42 2:58 -> Max. HR 180
19 :58.8 0,06 15:24 -> HR Down to 149
20 1:13.9 0,42 2:57 -> Max. HR 181
21 :59.8 0,06 15:25 -> HR Down to 150
22 1:16.5 0,41 3:07 -> Max. HR 180
23 :59.0 0,07 13:32 -> HR Down to 153
24 1:15.1 0,42 2:58 -> Max. HR 181
25 1:00.8 0,07 15:10 -> HR Down to 149

Well, the data looks like pretty much the same, almost same paces, thought back then I ran the splits slightly faster. Yesterday I hadn't the change to look back to the previous session data before doing the workout so I wasn't well aware of what paces should I try to keep with, just focused on getting the intervals near 1:16-1:17 as I know that faster is indeed not needed.

Now that I see both data, yesterday HR was very slightly lower for the intervals, 1 BPM less (though if you look carefully, there's also 1 BPM higher in the rest intervals) so as I said, more or less on the line, they probably where slower just because I ran more controlled.

Ok, lets talk about the following days. This week I plan to stick with the 1h relaxed runs as recommended, then on Sunday don't know really what to do since there isn't any scheduled race. Then the next week I'll be on a trip to Paris with my girlfriend (oh la laá Big Grin) for 6 nights/7 days so I don't know how will I be able to train.

My idea is to go out for relaxed runs everyday as if I were here, but I know that will be difficult because leaving my girl alone for 1h everyday may be harsh so chances are that I end skipping 1 out of 2 sessions, I guess that this won't be very problematic. The thing is what to do with the quality sessions. As I'm leaving on Thursday, I guess that I could do the 5x2000 on Tuesday? (like the last one, but this time intentionally Wink) then some days of easy run or rest, just walking by all the day long doing tourism, then can try to gather enough time to do the long run on Sunday if I have settled enough confidence running in the new environment, then the next Tuesday I'll be back home and I can resume the 6x1000 one day after, on Wednesday.

Is it ok like this? Thanks a lot again for everything :notworthy:

Sub 36 in 10K - Albert83BCN - 08-08-2012

Good morning coach!

I'm departing to Paris in a few hours, I doubt that I'll be able to write in the forums from the mobile so here's my last report until next week Big Grin

Yesterday I did the 5x2000. Well, I did a 4x2000. I went to the track with two friends and once we got there... it was closed for holidays!! So we had to go down again and I took them to the street where I do the 4K test which is 2K long. With this we had already run easy for 5 Km or so.

So we started the training but I only had things in my head like I was out of time to prepare all things for the trip, my gilfriend was waiting for me, my friend running alone by the street... I felt a little bit guilty also for enrolling theme in such a hard training as the 5x2000... hehe. I was also pretty tired from the day so in the end I decided to call it a day at the 4th interval.

The summary:

1st interval in 7:13 (3:37 pace)
2nd interval in 7:19 (3:40 pace)
3rd interval in 7:17 (3:39 pace)
4th interval in 7:23 (3:42 pace)

As the GPS is optimistic, I guess that they were actualli 2" per km slower... so not as good as session as like in the track, but I had not the mental strenght to put anything better.

The other trainings until yesterday have been like this:

Wednesday: 50' relaxed on the mill, 9.5 Km at 5:18 pace, avg HR 141.

Thursday: rest

Friday: 30' easy on the mill with 1' fast-slow + 1' 10K pace, in 45' at avg HR 153. Fast intervals between 3:55 to 3:45 pace, 10K pace 3:36.

Saturaday: Rest

Sunday: 19 Km hilly, 1h21' at 4:15 avg HR 167.

Monday: 1h relaxed by the street - 12 Km at just 5:00 pace, avg HR 144

... and yesterday the 2000 intervals.

Well, this days I'm planning to run relaxed runs If I'm able to fit them in the schedule, I'll tell you how it went once I'm back.

See you soon! :tonguepop: