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Sub 36 in 10K - Albert83BCN - 26-03-2012

Hello again!

Today I have quite heavy soreness but at least I can get to walk somehow after a few minutes warmup hehe, I had a walk for 20' to speed up recovery. Blisters are healing pretty fast and I think that by tomorrow they will be no problem. Despite from this, I don't feel specially tired nor I feel any other kind of possible injury. Fine!

Ok, I have scheduled a possible configuration for my next training cycle. I realized that it's too important for me to run at least 2 of the 3 races that are going to take place soon, so I set up everything according to these dates. I aim specially for the one on 28 April since I think that I'm not in time to end a cycle for the one on 22 April (6 days before).

To accomplish this I had to shorten the off-period and build-up cycle to one week each. I know it may not be a good idea but if I'm not going to skip these two races then I think that it may be the best approach.

If I followed the plan rigorously I'd have run a 5K hard effort the day before the first race so I made a small change and put the day-off just the day before the race and placed the sharpening session 2 days before the race. Of course this is my idea as an amateur runner, so any advice will be much appreciated Smile

I'd like to post a screenshot of my Google Calendar but since I can't, this is the ugly-text-based schedule Big Grin

M 26 March - Active recovery, some walking
T 27 March - Active recovery, some walking
W 28 March - Swimming or cycling, very light
T 29 March - Running, very easy 20'
F 30 March - Running, easy 30'
S 31 March - Walking (I'll be travelling this weekend)
S 01 April - Walking (same as saturday)

M 02 April - 40' easy
T 03 April - 50' easy
W 04 April - Rest
T 05 April - 60' easy
F 06 April - 75' mostly easy (with 15min 65% effort)
S 07 April - Rest
S 08 April - 4K time trial <- end of 'flash' build-up phase

M 09 April - 40' easy run
T 10 April - 75' easy distance <- start of 10K plan
W 11 April - 30' easy run
T 12 April - 5x2000 R90
F 13 April - Rest
S 14 April - 30' easy
S 15 April - Long run 1h30'

M 16 April - 10K easy
T 17 April - 6x1000 R60"
W 18 April - 40' easy
T 19 April - 1h easy or 15K
F 20 April - 30min easy 6x1min fast with 1min slow – 1min @ Race Pace
S 21 April - Rest
S 22 April - Cursa Bombers 10Km (Race)

M 23 April - 30' easy
T 24 April - 10x400 R60
W 25 April - 10K easy
T 26 April - 30min easy 6x1min fast with 1min slow – 1min @ Race Pace
F 27 April - Rest
S 28 April - 10 Km Nocturns L'Hospitalet (Race)

... and repeat 2 more times the 3 cycle week

Sub 36 in 10K - TheEd - 27-03-2012

this looks fine and should be able to work .. we will take your pace for the 2k and 1k sessions from the 4k time-trial on the 8th April

try your utmost to get a mental break .. as that is often the biggest need of a recovery


Sub 36 in 10K - Albert83BCN - 27-03-2012

Thank you very much TheEd, I'm trying to do so, enjoying things, eating everything I want, etc. And this weekend I'm on a small trip with my girlfriend and I'll do some photograpy which I also enjoy a lot, I think I will be able to disconnect quite well this week Wink

Sub 36 in 10K - Albert83BCN - 03-04-2012

Hi TheEd!

It has been some days into the off-period week and now starting the build up week so I wanted to give a little bit of feedback. Not much to say, I find it difficult to run so slow but if it is for the good... hehe

This is a small report of these few days:

Thursday, 29th March - First day of running after the Marathon, 19' at 5:13 Avg min/km, Avg HR 146, Max HR 161. Legs felt more or less ok, this was a run from home to the gym, it was a little bit more tiring than expected because I was carrying the bag, but easy anyway.

Friday, 30th March - 30' easy run on the treadmill at 5:31 Avg pace/km, Avg HR 137, Max HR 143. The mill always makes me feel that I'm running faster, but according to the heart rate and given pace seems ok according to my street running effort, so ok.

Saturday and Sunday off, but travelled all the weekend all day long and I felt very tired specially at Saturday night from walking from 7 AM to 9 PM almost non-stop. I kind of felt that I was missing my rest and felt a little bit uneasy about this. Despite from this, I ate a lot this last three days and gained 2 kg by Monday :O

Monday, 2nd April - 40' easy run at 5:11 Avg pace, Avg HR 140, Max HR 151.

Tuesday, 3rd April - 50' easy run (starting with a hill the first 2 kms) at Avg pace 5:06 per km, Avg HR 145, Max HR 168. The first 2 km took a little bit of effort because it was a hill and I was running alongside with a friend to reach the track. Then we split our training, he did his 8x800 intervals and I went easy with my build-up run.

Tomorrow rest and by Thursday I'm planning to do the 60' easy run and really looking forward to the 4K trial on Sunday. Running this relaxed makes me itching to start training fast again Smile

BTW, I wonder if I'm running at the expected easy effort. I find it very difficult to run above 5 min/km, I can only do it in the mill as it feels like I'm running faster.

Sub 36 in 10K - TheEd - 04-04-2012

Albert, for now try to keep it relaxed as this will aid your recovery as well as prepare a foundation for the future training to be built upon

slow for now and nice the 'fartlek' starts on the build-up you will know you getting close to doing fast sessions again

enjoy and recover well


Sub 36 in 10K - Albert83BCN - 04-04-2012

Thank you very much for your advice Smile

I have a doubt regarding what you said that the fartlek on the build-up will get me right to the faster speeds in the training cycle phase. Since my build-up is very short due to my calendar and I'll end this sunday with the 4K trial, I haven't scheduled any fartlek before the start of the training. Maybe I should do it Friday in the middle of the 75' run?

One other thing: It has been a sudden change of plans on my race calendar. The first race I wanted to do closed the registration process just in one week with 24.000 people and I've been left out!! :duh: That's insane what is going on here in Spain with running these days. So now, theoretically, I cannot enter the race. I guess this will be better for the start of the plan.

Now, I have a 3 week cycle without racing before the first planned race (so it fits nicely the end of one 3 week cycle and then race), but... do you think I'd better consider to include another week in the build up period to give myself more rest even if I have to race on the 2nd week between the 6x1000 and the 10x400 or is OK to leave it this way?

Sorry for so many questions!

Sub 36 in 10K - TheEd - 04-04-2012

let's see how you feel come Friday and whether you want to take a further week

this way you will be able to decide whether you would prefer a further week and then to consider adding fartlek into the extra build-up week

we will chat Friday


Sub 36 in 10K - Albert83BCN - 07-04-2012

Hi there!

I did my last build-up trainings, 60' easy and on Friday I did the 5x8' rec 2' that is supposed to come just before the 4K test. So far so good.

Tomorrow I'm doing the 4K trial and I'll post the results Wink

Sub 36 in 10K - Albert83BCN - 08-04-2012

Ok, I did the 4K time trial!

It has been quite an odyssey. I tried to perform the test on the track but I couldn't take the bus because it's out of service today for being holidays. Then I took another bus that brought me to the middle of the way and got to there jogging slow to warm up just to find that the track was also closed :duh:

So I went down again and did the test on the industrial estate that it's next to my home where there is little traffic and I had to rely on the GPS. Feeling quite fine and rested just before the test.

I'm a little bit disappointed with the result, here it is:

Distance: 4.01 Km
Time 14:24
Avg. Pace 3:36 min/km
Avg. HR 177
Max. HR 188

1K Splits:
1 3:41.3 1,00 3:41
2 3:38.3 1,00 3:38
3 3:34.1 1,00 3:34
4 3:29.5 1,00 3:30

The full activity

And the warm-up:

Temperature was 15 ºC sunny and a little bit of wind, 18 kph average.

On Garmin Connect there are all my activities since December 2011. All my activities since January 2010 are on Runkeeper at:

That can give an idea of what I have been doing the last year. The fastest 10K race I did on 31 December was at faster pace than today's 4K time trial, so that's why I'm a little bit disappointed, but well I hope that with this training I will get to there again Smile

Sub 36 in 10K - Albert83BCN - 08-04-2012

I did my homework and according to the Program tips the paces for my interval runs I think that should be something like this?

4K pace = 3:36 -> 5K equal = 3:36 x 5 = 18:00 minutes

18:00 x 2 = 36:00 + 1 minute = 37:00 -> 3:42 min/km for the 10K


5x2000 at 3:42 (10K pace)
6x1000 at 3:32 (10 seconds faster than 10K pace)
10x400 at 3:22 (20 seconds faster than 10K pace)