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Sub 36 in 10K - Albert83BCN - 17-04-2012

Thank you very much TheEd for the quick feedback and advise Smile

Next quality run should be Saturday's 5K paced run.

In the end I will be running the race that I had been left out this Sunday but not at my pace, I'm going to help a friend that will try to do Sub 40. I guess this is not desirable on the plan and I'd of course prefer to do the 1h easy run but he helped me in the last km's of the Marathon and I feel I owe him this one, friendship is also important Smile

Would you do any change in the schedule with this in mind?

Sub 36 in 10K - TheEd - 17-04-2012

that shouldn't be a problem

just as long as you not still tired in the legs come Friday



Sub 36 in 10K - Albert83BCN - 21-04-2012

Hi there!

I wanted to come here yesterday to discuss the pacing for today's 5K session but got home late.

I did my numbers and I guessed that if the sub 35 plan asks for a 17:30 5K (so 10K goal pace 3:30) I should do it in 18:15 if aiming to a 36:30 to start with (that's between 3:38-3:39).

So I went to the industrial state where there's little traffic and quite flat and after 3 Km warmup and 3 strides reset the Garmin and started. Did 5.04 Km in 18:18 avg. pace 3:38 according to the GPS (says in movement 18:09 @ 3:36). We know the GPS is a little bit optimistic but I will give it for good as a reference for future tests. Rested 2 minutes and went back home with 3 more Km at easy pace and some stretching in the end, for a total of 11 Km more or less.

Here's the Garmin activity:

And the summary:
1 3:35.7 1,00 3:36
2 3:37.4 1,00 3:37
3 3:35.5 1,00 3:36
4 3:39.1 1,00 3:39
5 3:38.9 1,00 3:39
6 :11.4 0,04 5:17 -> had a little bit of trouble stopping the Garmin, got kind of frozen for a few seconds

Avg. HR 176
Max. HR 184
(Recovery HR 2 minutes after 5K 122, Resting HR this morning between 48-50 lowest measured on bed)

I guess it was supposed to be done in slightly over comfortably hard effort but in order to keep it just in goal pace I had to push it to full-effort, race like :whistle:

Temp. 16ºC, sunny, wind 11 kmph, humidity 68%

Sub 36 in 10K - TheEd - 22-04-2012

nice going .. you got it right towards half the time you would like to run for 10k

so 18:18 = 36:36 10k



Sub 36 in 10K - Albert83BCN - 24-04-2012


Did my 10x400m this afternoon, went quite well. I should have done them at 3:22 pace according to the plan, but last year I have been doing a lot of 400m intervals a little bit faster so I felt confident to aim at 3:18-3:19 without pushing it too far (I know this intervals are not supposed to be done at full speed but rather at 3K pace or so).

A sub 39 friend of mine joined me and did almost the same session (8x400). He gets even more carried away that me Big Grin and since we were switching the lead between intervals some of them got even faster than planned, but felt very strong overall the whole session anyway.

Here's the full activity:

And the summary:
4 1:18.4 0,41 3:13-> Max. HR 169
5 1:02.8 0,11 9:11 -> Down to HR 134
6 1:18.8 0,42 3:10 -> Max. HR 173
7 :55.8 0,09 10:22 -> Down to HR 139
8 1:19.2 0,41 3:12 -> Max. HR 176
9 1:00.1 0,08 12:16 -> Down to HR 137
10 1:17.1 0,42 3:05 -> Max. HR 178
11 :59.8 0,07 14:03 -> Down to HR 136
12 1:15.6 0,42 3:01 -> Max. HR 179
13 :59.5 0,07 13:58 -> Down to HR 144
14 1:19.2 0,41 3:12 -> Max. HR 178
15 1:01.0 0,07 14:36 -> Down to HR 142
16 1:16.7 0,42 3:01 -> Max. HR 180
17 :59.0 0,06 17:47 -> Down to HR 148
18 1:17.1 0,41 3:07 -> Max. HR 180
19 1:00.5 0,06 17:54 -> Down to HR 147
20 1:16.8 0,42 3:04 -> Max. HR 180
21 1:01.4 0,08 12:35 -> Down to HR 153
22 1:14.3 0,42 2:59 -> Max. HR 182

Got near to the track by bus and went all the way home by easy running for a total of 12.8 Km aprox, with some chatting in between with friends ;D

Temp 21 ºC, between sunny and cloudy, a little bit windy.

Sub 36 in 10K - TheEd - 24-04-2012

as long as the legs feel fine tomorrow Wink

anything planned for this weekend?


Sub 36 in 10K - Albert83BCN - 24-04-2012


This Saturday night at 21:00 there's an important race for me, the "10K Cursa Nocturna de l'Hospitalet".

It's fairly new race, this is the 3rd edition and I raced the previous two with 41:42 in 2010 and 37:11 in 2011 respectively, both PB by their time. I was in very good progression but this time things are pretty different. It's also in my neighbourhood so It has an even more special feeling for me. It's a two 5K laps ultra-fast race. More or less 4000+ people enrolled on the 10K and 2000+ on the 5K (one lap). We start all together at the same time.

I plan to start at 3:41 pace and see if I can keep with this for just a sub 37 or I can push it a little bit on the second lap. But chances are that I cannot keep with this pace also, depending on the current fitness. What are your thoughts on this?

Sub 36 in 10K - TheEd - 25-04-2012

great ..

OK .. the standard approach for the 10k race .. which with time you will learn to practise during the 2k and 1k sessions (if on the track)

you have to be disciplined and the approach does work if delivered properly

you jump out quick the first 100m, and then settle into the anticipated rhythm of (in your case) 3.40 per k effort

from the 1km, you then take your split per k from there, focusing to run the needed 3.40 (or 41) per k .. if you run 3.45, you do not try make up the time but focus on running the next km on target

getting the pace judgement right as well as relaxing mentally and physically as possible, while maintaining the 3.40 (41) pace

then at 7km you start applying yourself (normally this is where the most focus is needed to maintain pace)

hopefully your last 1km is as fast as your first km

hope this is clear and we can chat more about developing this technique when you do the sessions on the track again

you will learn to listen to the drumbeat of hand and feet in coordination, determining the pace needed for the sessions and getting the splits per 100m on a 400m track

learning to relax while maintaining speed

relaxing at speed is the cherry on the racing cake



Sub 36 in 10K - Albert83BCN - 25-04-2012

Thank you very much TheEd!

I will put this strategy in practise and keep you informed Wink

Sub 36 in 10K - TheEd - 25-04-2012

hope not too many 'funerals' after the last 7 days of Barca Wink

take care