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Sub 36 in 10K - Albert83BCN - 26-04-2012

Hehehe you're right there has been a lot of disappointment here with the recent match loses with Madrid and Chelsea. Well, I guess you cannot win forever. Good for me that I'm not a soccer fanatic as many people here is Big Grin

Sub 36 in 10K - Albert83BCN - 28-04-2012

Hi there Gavin!

Just dropping by here before sleep to tell that the 10K went pretty well, I ran it in 36:54, so completed my goal to run it in just sub 37. Not in my best shape like in last fall but I think that it will be a good starting point coming from the marathon and with the 10K plans I hope to get nearer to the low 36's in the next races before summer, this will be my goal for now.

Tomorrow I will post more data about the race Smile

Good nite! Big Grin

Sub 36 in 10K - TheEd - 29-04-2012

definitely a good starting point after the marathon

'monitor' your legs the next few days as that shall determine a great deal as to how well you have recovered since the marathon and then check am pulse range as well

nice going


Sub 36 in 10K - Albert83BCN - 30-04-2012

Good morning!

Yes, from a week ago or so I started monitoring my HR every morning. I do it just when I wake up, lying on bed and trying to stay the most calm, quiet and relaxed I can. I note down the 'lowest peak value' I can barely see and the 'most usual low value' I can easily see.

This past days it has been between 46-49 bpm but curiously enough, yesterday I noted down between 50-53 and today between 53-56 which is a lot higher than last week. Yesterday I was in a hurry because I was late to an event so maybe I was nervous but as for today, there's no special reason... so maybe will be true that competing at a very hard effort can be a little bit taxing on the body hehe.

Also, I got a break on dieting for two days and I put on almost 4 kg!! which is what it took me about 3 weeks to get rid of! I hate my slow metabolism... I hope it's just a lot of water retention due to sudden high carb take in again. But well, I know that I will get in shape in a few days also if revert to clean eating Big Grin

As for the race, I tried to apply all your advice, started quick, then settled to goal pace (maybe a little bit faster) and try to run relaxed at speed. At the middle of the race I realized that by running relaxed I was starting to lose some speed so from km 7 or so I started applying myself and recovered goal pace and ended with a fast Km as you suggested, giving everything I had left. I was very lucky with the weather since the whole day was very cloudy and windy, but during the race wind was just mild and did not rain more than a few drops. It started to rain heavily again at minute 50+ so slower people had a very different race I guess... :/

This is the activity, notice that avg pace seems a lot faster since the GPS recorded 10.2 km instead of official 10.000. Avg pace according to championchip is 3:41 as I was exactly aiming to.

Sub 36 in 10K - TheEd - 30-04-2012

your heart rate could be elevated for at least 3 days whole the body aids recovery .. if it continues then it displays that the body is needing more time, so going to bed a little earlier will assist .. going to bed earlier, lowers the heart rate and provides a relaxed state that aids recovery

as for the race and the dropping of the tempo while relaxing, this will all be ironed out when you doing the 2k and 1k sessions

it is a mental relaxation which aids the body while still maintaining speed

this is very much a learned and trained state

let me know how the body recovers and hopefully the weight drops accordingly after the 2k session

a quick reminder, when is your next race?



Sub 36 in 10K - Albert83BCN - 30-04-2012

Next race at full effort is in 3 weeks (sunday 20th morning). There are a lot of options to race but I have chosen the ones that suit better the training plan. It will be also a very flat 10K race where last year I ran in 37:17.

The problem here is that I have been asked to run as an official pacemaker for sub 40 in a race that my team organizes this next Sunday and I felt sorry to refuse. This time is not a flat race like the one 2 weeks ago, I have the profile and according to what my mates told me I think that doing sub 40 here will have an impact like near sub 39 effort. And this time it's the day where I should do the longest run...

How do you think that I should accommodate my schedule having this in mind? Should I just skip the longest run for the race or shall I switch one of the easy runs to fit the long run in?

Sub 36 in 10K - TheEd - 30-04-2012

we can find a way to work round Saturday

maybe a 3k warm up and then 2k warm down will accommodate the long run


ps.. it is close to the 2k session, so you must work to recover from that session

Sub 36 in 10K - Albert83BCN - 03-05-2012

Good evening everybody!

Today did my 5x2000. I'm very happy with the results. Three weeks ago I started with 3'45" pace and managed to finish the training as expected at full effort. This time I aimed to run them at 3'41 min/km, I thought it would be feasible as it's my current 10K pace from last weekend and the 2000 are supposed to be ran at this pace. And it went well Smile

I got all the 400m laps evenly paced, just the first one in every set a little bit faster since I put in practice the race tactics of starting fast the first 100 meters then settle into goal pace.

This is the full activity:

And the 3 weeks ago activity which serves as a good starting point to compare. Today pulled it with a little bit faster avg. pace although recovery HR during the 90" rest also raised, maybe I pushed it farther than last time.

And the summary (only the intervals, as always GPS pacing is too optimistic, second column is actual time per 400m taken by manual lap button):

[COLOR="Red"]4 1:26.0 0,41 3:32
5 1:29.7 0,42 3:36
6 1:29.8 0,43 3:30
7 1:29.4 0,43 3:27
8 1:28.4 0,42 3:29[/COLOR] -> Max HR 176
9 1:28.3 0,06 23:30 -> HR Down to 116 (not sure this is right? :/)
[COLOR="Red"]10 1:25.0 0,42 3:22
11 1:29.0 0,42 3:30
12 1:28.5 0,42 3:29
13 1:28.4 0,42 3:31
14 1:27.9 0,42 3:31[/COLOR] -> Max HR 177
15 1:27.3 0,05 27:03 -> HR Down to 134
[COLOR="Red"]16 1:23.8 0,41 3:23
17 1:30.1 0,42 3:36
18 1:29.3 0,41 3:36
19 1:29.2 0,42 3:31
20 1:27.8 0,42 3:29[/COLOR] -> Max HR 180
21 1:31.9 0,06 25:58 -> HR Down to 134
[COLOR="Red"]22 1:24.7 0,42 3:24
23 1:28.5 0,41 3:33
24 1:28.7 0,42 3:31
25 1:28.6 0,42 3:30
26 1:25.2 0,42 3:23[/COLOR] -> Max HR 181
27 1:33.3 0,05 31:34 -> HR Down to 140
[COLOR="Red"]28 1:25.4 0,42 3:24
29 1:29.1 0,42 3:33
30 1:29.5 0,41 3:40
31 1:28.7 0,42 3:33
32 1:25.0 0,42 3:24[/COLOR] -> Max HR 181

Had to suffer a lot to pull down the last two 2K (as it happened 3 weeks ago) but I managed to maintain the starting pace Wink A sub 36 friend of mine joined me during the first 3 intervals and the last 400's and made the whole thing a lot easier, at least mentally hehe.

Quite sunny and windy on the track, as it was back then, so more or less same conditions.

Tomorrow and Saturday I'm focusing on recovery as planned and then the sub 40 pacemaking on Sunday. But already thinking in next week's 6x1000 and paced 5K Big Grin

Sub 36 in 10K - TheEd - 03-05-2012

nice data Albert .. something for me to look into

yes .. the last 2k would be affected by the pulse being on 140 by the time you had to start

though when racing 10k, this is normally when you have to dig deep from the 7k mark

the concentration and the effort needed from then is important

often from 8 to 9k runners try to ease off and this is when keeping the pressure on is important

the last km often takes care of itself and if one is able to develop their mental finishing speed the body will follow and more

nice going


Sub 36 in 10K - Chris.C - 04-05-2012

Excellent work, keep going :notworthy: