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Sub 36 in 10K - Albert83BCN - 04-05-2012

Thank you very much Chris.

I've read a little bit of your trainning thread and we're quite similar, I also started by running the 10K in 42 minutes and I also got my base fitness from bodyweight training which I am not as focused as before nowadays but I also maintain to a reasonable 3-4 days a week.

I'm pretty sure that with this 10K plan and the dedication and consistency needed you will improve a lot very soon Wink

Sub 36 in 10K - Albert83BCN - 08-05-2012

Hello world!

Sunday did my first performance as an official pacemaker in a small race (500+ people more or less) organized by my running club,, the 10K Cursa de Sant Quirze del Vallès, Memorial David Rovira. It's a race in memory of a child who passed away in an accident about 6 years ago, his father is a member of our club.

I'm pretty happy with the experience, it's a two 5K laps race and with a lot of changes in altimetry, so impossible to set cruise pace. I had to aim to sub 40' and did it in 39'47" so quite good. On the first lap I tried to preserve energy and passed the 5K marker in 20:10. Then I panicked a little bit about the loss of time and tried to get the second lap a little bit faster to compensate. I was worried about the runners who were running along with me but the ones that got to the first 5K also ended with me and got greetings of many of them so I think it was more or less successful at the challenge Big Grin

Sub 36 in 10K - Albert83BCN - 08-05-2012

As for today, I did my 6x1000. Yesterday I wake up feeling quite bad and after having lunch I started having stomach ache and a little bit of fever by noon, 37.2ºC. Spent all the day lying in bed and trying to get full rest, of course took the day off training. Today woke up feeling more or less fine and with no fever. I was reluctant to do the interval session and thought that wouldn't be wise to do it but I also didn't want to mess the schedule and in the end, after all day debating with myself, decided to go to the track and give it a try.

I could manage to get through the session quite well, although I think that on a better scenario I could manage to get the intervals faster, I didn't feel at my full, but of course that was expected.

This is the session, forgot to disable the auto-lap so there are 0.04km laps that mess the beauty of the tracking :duh::

And the summary:

1K in 3:30 -> Max HR 173
Rest 61" -> HR down to 127
1K in 3:34 -> Max HR 176
Rest 63" -> HR down to 134
1K in 3:33 -> Max HR 178
Rest 62" -> HR down to 143
1K in 3:33 -> Max HR 180
Rest 74" -> HR down to 140 (Needed to add a few more rest time)
1K in 3:33 -> Max HR 181
Rest 71" -> HR down to 140 (Idem)
1K in 3:37 -> Max HR 181

Tomorrow some weights and 40' easy as planned and try to get plenty of rest because I'm aware I need it Rolleyes

ps: awaiting for my personal blog space... :whistle:

Sub 36 in 10K - Chris.C - 09-05-2012

Thank you, did make me smile that even ill, you still trounced mine Smile

Sub 36 in 10K - Albert83BCN - 09-05-2012

Well that's the reward for being training consistently for about 2 years now with very little pause and running between 5 to 7 days a week, with full dedication and commitment.

I'm pretty sure that with consistency and over the time you will get there also, just have a little bit of patience and things will develop naturally (oh my god I feel like TheEd hehehe).

Sub 36 in 10K - Chris.C - 09-05-2012

:laugh: Hopefully, I do have the same banter with my mate who still lives in my old home town. His area is completely flat, maybe the odd bridge!

So I tease him with my gradients!

Sub 36 in 10K - TheEd - 10-05-2012

Albert, do monitor your am pulse and keep an eye on how you feel

the 1k session seems steady however the mentioning of a higher temp could have been the indication of a bug

try to drink a little more water during the day

let's hope there is nothing further


Sub 36 in 10K - Albert83BCN - 10-05-2012

Sure, I've been monitoring my AM HR for more or less a month already and these last days they have been fluctuating a lot. Last week I could more or less easily see between 47-50 bpm the lowest values. The day of the race I wake up a little bit nervous and I measured between 58-60 the lowest, so through the roof! Then the next day, the one I started feeling ill, I measured 49-51 and since then the day after the 6x1000, 60-65, and today got lower to 50-53 but still a little bit high.

Also I've been repeating the same training circuits as last 3 weeks and while I noticed a slightly improvement last week in regards to 3 weeks ago "5x2000 week", this time I've noticed worst results on the ''6x1000 week", higher HR in general and also higher perceived effort and 2' after exercise recovery HR. Must say that the temperature has raised enormously this last days, today did my easy 1h run and at 9AM it was already 19ºC... but at least there is fewer wind.

But I really think that there must be a bug because even if I don't have any more fever I can definitely sense an strange distress in my stomach, like I'm still hungry even when I eat and some flatulences... will drink a lot of water and take care and go to the doctor next week if it hasn't cleared by then.

Sub 36 in 10K - TheEd - 10-05-2012

good stuff Albert .. sadly these things happen and we can only work to try avoid them and then learn to better deal with recovery etc

the higher temps will definitely affect performance


Sub 36 in 10K - Albert83BCN - 11-05-2012

Hello TheEd!

This weekend I'm going to the mountain with my girlfriend to have a little bit of nature, walking and photograpy Smile

As it would be difficult to do the paced 5K there in an unknown terrain I moved the session to this night. So tomorrow no running and on Sunday I'll try to find a hole to fit in my 1H easy run. It will be nice to run through the mountain, it's a pitty that my girlfriend is not into the running thing Sad

Ok, so as for the 5K paced run, It went pretty well! Today I woke up a little bit sluggish because I slept 8h (I think I work better with 6 to 7h) but after a few hours I started to get in the mood and today I'm definitely feeling better than this last days. Stomach issues are disapearing (still some feelings but better) and feeling better in general. AM pulse still a little bit high though (52-54).

Today I ran the 5K in 17:52 and I think it's a little bit of an improvement comparing to the last 18:18. I went all-out, which maybe is too hard for the purpose of the session... but is also the same I did in the last one Big Grin

Here is the activity:

And the summary:

1 3:40.5 1,00 3:40
2 3:40.7 1,00 3:41
3 3:33.3 1,00 3:33
4 3:29.6 1,00 3:30
5 3:27.1 1,00 3:27

Also 3K easy with 3 strides as a warm up to get to the place and 3K again as a cool down to go back home.

I have compared to the last session and this time (without thinking about it before) I've run from slower to faster while last time I ran all splits quite evenly. Same circuit, only difference is that today it was noon and last time was in the morning. I'm kind of a night-owl person so this may have had a little positive impact in the performance.

Pulse range quite similar in both activities, today's a little bit higher (Max. 186, Avg. 177) but I also ran faster so its quite in the line.

This is 3 weeks ago session if it may provide some feedback to compare: