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Sub 36 in 10K - Albert83BCN - 28-05-2012


Aside from the key sessions you comment, I guess there are also the other activities like today's and Friday's easy 30'? Or should I skip them? As for the paced run, I guess you mean the 5K paced? Should it be this week? Isn't it too early? And then what about the longest run up to 1h30?

Sorry for so many questions. Please, let me put the schedule here so we can discuss what's right and what should be avoided Wink

Today: 30'-40' recovery run
Tomorrow: 1h easy (instead of 75 to 90 min)
Wednesday: 30'-40' easy
Thursday: 5x2000m R2'
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Here's where I got lost, easy 30' or right straight to the 5K paced?
Sunday: longest run time on feet up to 1h30... or what?
Next Week: What about? 2nd week of the cycle? Or for "roll down to the event" you meant going like 3rd week with less volume and intensity? or we will discuss it by the end of this week?

Sub 36 in 10K - TheEd - 28-05-2012

Hi Albert .. I am trying to return you to the mental status before what took place last Tuesday

the 10 x 400m session can cause leg problems if not sticking to the pace according to the program .. hamstrings, calf muscles etc ..

then the strength training may have added to the general slope of not feeling too good ..

so the idea by this week's training is to roll you back

Thursday .. 6 x 1k Rest 2 minutes .. longer rest, though same pace as before

this is hopefully to achieve the feel good process

pace run on Saturday could be 5 to 8k paced at 'anticipated' half marathon pace

please ask further questions

ps.. you are racing 21k the end of next week, yes? .. I prefer not to train you up currently but instead attempt to get you back to where you feel good ..

Sub 36 in 10K - Albert83BCN - 28-05-2012

A 21k race? Nope sir! I have a 10K as usual on Sunday 10th June, 9 AM, and the day before a 1000m on the track, but that will be just 3 minutes of fast running and then all the day chatting with team mates hehe. Just to clarify things Wink

But its ok for me with your plan to stabilize things, although I'm not still sure about what should I do the next week, but no problem, I have the schedule for this week so I can keep training and reporting back so no need to plan too ahead Big Grin

ps.. If you think that running that 1000m fast the day before a 10K it's a really bad idea I could skip it and focus on taking the pictures of my friends, I joined it because some insisted and can be fun but it's not that its really important to me now

Sub 36 in 10K - TheEd - 28-05-2012

OK .. then it is a 10k race ..

stick to this week and then we see what next week brings

so this weekend you would do 5k paced at anticipated 10k race pace

an 18 to 18:15 should be fine


Sub 36 in 10K - Albert83BCN - 01-06-2012

Hi Gavin!

Came back to report these last days trainings and feelings.

Yesterday I did the 5x2000 with 2' recovery as suggested. I had a dinner with friends at 9 PM and could not wake early enough to do them first thing in the morning so I ended up training from 6:45 PM to 7:45 PM. It was sunny and around 25-26 ºC by the start and it was very tough. I started at near 36:00 10K race pace but I had to adjust a little bit by the half of the session because I could not have sustained that pace until the end. For the 4th and 5th intervals I was very exhausted and tempted to call it a day but in the end I finished all 5 intervals even If I were to sacrifice a little bit of pace. Thanks god that extra 30" resting seconds, I'm not sure I'd have pulled it out with the typical 90" recovery.

The full session:

And the summary:
[COLOR="Red"]4 1:30.4 0,40 3:45
5 1:28.3 0,42 3:32
6 1:26.2 0,41 3:30
7 1:26.2 0,41 3:29
8 1:26.1 0,42 3:26[/COLOR] -> Max. HR 178
9 1:55.4 0,16 11:46 -> HR down to 116
[COLOR="Red"]10 1:26.5 0,39 3:40
11 1:26.2 0,40 3:36
12 1:27.1 0,41 3:32
13 1:26.5 0,40 3:35
14 1:26.1 0,41 3:31[/COLOR] -> Max. HR 180
15 2:00.1 0,15 13:01 -> HR down to 125
[COLOR="Red"]16 1:25.6 0,41 3:29
17 1:28.2 0,42 3:31
18 1:27.9 0,40 3:38
19 1:28.9 0,41 3:39
20 1:26.9 0,41 3:35[/COLOR] -> Max. HR 182
21 2:02.3 0,16 12:43 -> HR down to 134
[COLOR="Red"]22 1:27.1 0,40 3:38
23 1:28.7 0,40 3:41
24 1:28.1 0,40 3:40
25 1:29.6 0,40 3:41
26 1:26.7 0,41 3:32[/COLOR] -> Max. HR 182
27 2:01.6 0,15 13:19 -> HR down to 134
[COLOR="Red"]28 1:28.6 0,41 3:38
29 1:31.0 0,40 3:48
30 1:30.2 0,41 3:41
31 1:30.0 0,40 3:44
32 1:26.0 0,41 3:31[/COLOR] -> Max. HR 183
33 2:01.5 0,11 18:19 -> HR down to 137

By the end of the session I had the feeling that it went worse than 4 weeks ago. Later, comparing the two sessions I realized that there was not a lot of difference.

Yesterday vs 4 weeks ago 2K split times:
7:17 7:23
7:12 7:19
7:17 7:20
7:20 7:15
7:25 7:17

The 2' recovery gives some advantage but in exchange the temperature was a lot worse. From now on I'll try not to make plans at night these days and do the key sessions when the sun is gone, will feel a lot better.

As for the previous 3 days, I took it pretty easy, Monday and Wednesday 30' and 40' easy on the mill as expected, in a slight progression. On Tuesday I had my change to do a little bit more of quality in the 1h run but I met with a friend who has been off running for some time and went together, I expected him to be in a better shape but he had a difficult time coming back so we ended doing just 10K in an hour, so also a pretty easy session, with avg heart rate of 133 bpm hehe.

No sign of injuries and feeling pretty well overall. Today I expected to be a little bit unrested because of the hard 5x2000 but to my surprise this morning I tracked the lowest HR ever, avg 45 with the lowest 42! Also solid and clean dieting these days and weighting 61.4 right now, I want to be light the next week.

Ok, so today rest and tomorrow 5K at 10K pace, will aim to slightly under 18 as last time I managed to get 17:52 if I can remember, cannot afford to do worse hehe.

What about Sunday? The typical 5x2000 week has the longest run this day, but as you didn't tell anything about it, and doing the 5K paced, I understand that I shall skip it? Or should I go with it easy? Maybe just a filling 30-40' easy run?

And then, we could start thinking about next week's schedule Smile
Remember Saturday 9th June 1000m on the track competition and Sunday 10th June 10K race, pretty decent profile for a fast race but will be hot at 9 AM.

Sub 36 in 10K - TheEd - 01-06-2012

Sunday can be an easy 1hr around 140 bpm .. that should be good

then easy Monday run

Tuesday I would like to try a different session to avoid problems

Fartlek: 3 x 5 minutes paced @ 10k pace with 2 to 3 minutes easy in-between

don't go faster than necessary

Wednesday session as per program

Thursday - 6 x 1min fast / slow

Friday: Rest

then both races

that should do it Smile .. lots of hydration for the weather

enjoy weekend


Sub 36 in 10K - Albert83BCN - 01-06-2012

Thank you very much!! Like the setting, will do so Big Grin

Sub 36 in 10K - Albert83BCN - 02-06-2012

Did my 5K paced at goal 10K this afternoon. I waited until the sun went down, 22-23ºC with some slight refreshing air, not bad conditions for a quality run considering how the weather has changed recently.

I started fast and settled into pace 3:38-3:41, today I started not feeling like I wanted to push it very far (had not the best of the days and been animically a little bit down) but as I was getting into the session I ended it pushing it like always. I always get the feeling that if I don't give my best, I may regret it. So I ended applying the same effort as last similar 5K paced sessions. Also set different tracking mode on the Garmin and got a little bit lost, I was not sure if I was seeing avg. or current pace in the device so I concentrated more on feelings, form, etc. In the last km I went fast as if it were the finishing kick of a race, I applied the race tactics without realizing it. I saw the time when I got home: 17:52, exactly the same as last 3 weeks ago session. Swiss clock precision hehe.

This is the full activity:

The summary:

3 Km warm up at 4:42 pace with 3 strides.
5 Km in 17:52 (3:35 pace)
3 Km cool down at 5:20 pace
Stretching, as always.
... for a total of 11.45 Km, more or less, according to the GPS.

Tomorrow 1h very easy trying to average 140 bpm as suggested, will see if I can keep up with the demand Big Grin

Sub 36 in 10K - TheEd - 04-06-2012

good to be back in order Wink

enjoy the week's training


Sub 36 in 10K - Albert83BCN - 09-06-2012

Hi TheEd! (and co.)

Have been doing the planned schedule this week, so far so good. I've run the 1000m track this morning and I have mixed feelings about it. I think that if I were to run it alone, I'd be happy with the 3:06 I recorded with the garmin (awaiting official result EDITED: 03:03,75 I did better than I thought!), but I ran in the first series of 4, ordered by estimated time from the 10K, and most of my mates have achieved the typical goal of sub 3' or been 1 or 2 seconds away from it. My sub 36 friend Raúl won with a 2:51, he's in real good shape.

Well... I guess I'm not the velocity type. In any case, I estimated a time around 3:10 for me so it's what I was expecting being realistic. The event itself has been very fun and enjoyable Smile

We'll see tomorrow on the 10K, that's my sweet spot Big Grin. Considering the heat and that on the last 3 races I have been on the 36 high or 37 low... I guess that the racing plan should be to aim to sub 37 and it will be challenging enough.