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Going for sub 45 - TheEd - 16-05-2012

a significant improvement and especially with the pulse ranges

this program truly kicks in when you get to doing 5 x 2k

then you will move to levels in your running you did not expect

for now this progress should give you a lot of confidence to build on

nice going


Going for sub 45 - Stef4n - 04-06-2012

It's been a while since my last post, so here's an update of my activities lately.

After the 6x1k, I did the 5k paced

5k paced session
Distance: 5.00
Total Time: 22:26
AHR: 182
MaxHR: 195

Number | Time | Avg HR | Max HR
1 | 4:30 | 166 | 175
2 | 4:27 | 179 | 183
3 | 4:31 | 185 | 189
4 | 4:28 | 189 | 192
5 | 4:29 | 193 | 195

Then, last monday, I had a 20.2k race, so I did not run a 10k this cycle. It was really hot, so I took it easy and finished in a time of 1h52min.

Last few days I did some easy runs as recovery, and I will do another 30 min easy today. Tomorrow I'll start off a new cycle with the 2k session.
Should I do a 4x2k or a 5x2k? And what pace should I aim at?


Going for sub 45 - TheEd - 04-06-2012

Hi Stef4n, same as before, 4 x 2k Rest 90 seconds

pace 4.20 to 4.25 per k

2k = 8.40 to 8.50

good luck

ps.. we first need to get a result off 4 x 2k before moving it up to 5 x 2k

Going for sub 45 - Stef4n - 08-06-2012

Unfortunately I strained/teared my ankle ligaments last monday in a friendly football match. The X-ray also showed a bone splinter which came loose. Very nasty injury. As of now, I am even unable to walk. I have a compression bandage untill monday, and then I get an ankle brace for 5 weeks. After that, I will probably have to take it easy for a couple of weeks, before starting with a new cycle.

I will be back when I made a full recovery. Thanks so far for all the help.


Going for sub 45 - TheEd - 08-06-2012

good luck with the recovery Stef4n

swimming should be helpful


Going for sub 45 - Stef4n - 05-09-2012

It has been a while since my last post, but I'm back Wink
I recovered from my ankle injury, and I think I'm ready to start a new cycle. However, I will stick to the sub 50 min program at first.

If I do the 3x2k tomorrow, I can do exactly one cycle before my next race on sunday september 23rd (10 mile race). Signed up for that before my injury, and I have some more races on the calendar after that (a 14k trail and two 15k runs).

Going for an easy 30min today. Will post the 3x2k session tomorrow.


Going for sub 45 - TheEd - 05-09-2012

great to hear from you Stefan, would always be good to do a 4k time-trial as a marker and then from that you able to set the 2k pace times

please let me know your thoughts


Going for sub 45 - Stef4n - 05-09-2012

4k trial completed. I tried to keep it around 4.50/k. It was harder than I expected, but it kind of worked out in the end.

Distance: 4k
Time: 19.24
Av. Pace: 4.51
Number / Av. Pace / AHR / MHR
1 / 4.48 / 161 / 177
2 / 4.49 / 183 / 189
3 / 4.55 / 192 / 194
4 / 4.50 / 197 / 200

So, what are your thoughts given this trial?


Going for sub 45 - TheEd - 05-09-2012

OK .. great stuff .. if you willing we can juggle things around a little to get you to the race on the 22nd

so we move the 2k session to Saturday .. reduce the longer run from Sunday and place it on Monday, then look to have the 1k session on Wednesday

for the 2k session start with 5:05 to 5:10 per k (10:10 minutes to 10:20)
[SIZE="1"]this pace but should be manageable[/SIZE]

1k session 3.55 to 4 minutes per k
[SIZE="1"]you could find this session more difficult, so be prepared[/SIZE]



Going for sub 45 - Stef4n - 05-09-2012

Sounds great. Will start with the 2k session saturday. Tomorrow and friday maybe 20-30 min easy. And as for the 1k session: I'll add a minute per k if you don't mind :p

Looking forward to starting the program again. I need structure in my running Smile

Will post when I have the result of the 2k session.