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Sub 40min training advice please - Determinator - 31-08-2009

Hello Ed Three of my friends and myself have today just ran a 10k off road 10k. My running partner beat me by 1minute, which is a lot less than usual in races. I ran it in 44mins or just under by a couple of secs but was unsure where they clocked me. The winner ran 32mins 59secs and the second person 35mins so you can imagine how hard a course it was. I am disappointed that I ran it approx' 15secs slower than my pb for that course and it is 4mins slower than 39mins 59secs 10k! However, it was extremely windy and humid:much more so than last time. Furthermore, we have been hosting guests for the whole weekend and I didn't sleep very well last night. I cannot tell you my heart rates as my monitor does not show them now. My 1k splits are meaningless as the terrain was so variable with approx' 30-50% on road. Throw in some hills, long grass and shale and hopefully you get the picture!

My next 10k is the one on Sunday 27th Sep' 2009 on a totally flat course, like where I live. If I run sub 40mins I will be very surprised. If I do not crack it then the only other flat 10k that I can find this year is between Christmas and New Year so I will have to be very disciplined on my eating and drinking! However, there is a local flat 5miler in Nov' 2009 which could give me a good idea of where I am.
What's the plan for running training now? As I am weak running in to the wind when can I do some specific training for running at target pace for that or do I just try to do it as part of the current 1k's, 2k's and 5k when it is windy? What's the chances of me doing some press ups and maybe leg strength exercises now?

Sub 40min training advice please - TheEd - 01-09-2009

D .. you must remember you went through a bit of a bad patch a few weeks ago, so don't be too hard on yourself

if you go through the motions you should start getting back into the swing of things

Good luck and let me know how you feel over the next couple of days



Sub 40min training advice please - Determinator - 05-09-2009

Good morning Ed How are you? Have just looked at official results for last Mondays race and I came 59th out of 439, 20th out of 106 in M40 category so I am pleased with that on reflection. Since then......
Tuesday 1st Sep 30mins easy
Wednesday 2nd Sep 30mins easy
Thursday 3rd Sep Rest
Friday 4th Sep 6x1k with 1mins rest
3mins 59secs very strong head wind
3mins 48secs very strong backwind
3mins 53secs very strong head wind (really went for this one)
3mins 47secs very strong backwind
4mins 02secs very strong headwind
3mins 49secs very strong backwind
Overall very pleased with that. My next 10k is on the flat on Sunday 27th Sep 2009. The only one after that this year is between Christmas and New Year. Questions for you:

1. What's the plan regarding training sessions from today?
2. How would you suggest I use my new Garmin 305 for training? It can be set to bleep at certain speeds and heart rates.
3. What do you think about me doing some strength training or just press ups?
Thanks from a motivated and keen to crack sub 40 Determinator

Sub 40min training advice please - TheEd - 05-09-2009

you can do a long run of sorts on Sunday and then look to slot into the 2000m session on Thirsday next week

Tuesday 75 to 90 minutes should be great with easy recovery on Wednesday

Cheers and enjoy


Sub 40min training advice please - Determinator - 05-09-2009

Thanks for reply ED. Any chance of doing another speed session tomorrow (Sunday) instead of a long easy run? I really feel up for it and will be running easy Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday before the 2k's.

Also what's your answer to questions 2 and 3 from my last post?

Sub 40min training advice please - TheEd - 06-09-2009

stick to the training routine, if your body is feeling recharged all the better

in reply to question 2 do a few sessions with the garmin so you become aware of its capabilities and how it aids your training, rather than changing everything to accommodate the garmin To recap, do the sessions as normal record training and effort with the garmin and then over time get the equipment to enhance your running

3. press ups absolutely no problems and can add to improving your running

Hope this helps


Sub 40min training advice please - Determinator - 06-09-2009

Thanks Ed and I will let you know the results of the 2k's later in the week.

Sub 40min training advice please - Determinator - 13-09-2009

Good morning Ed Here's some feedback about 5x2k on Day 3 last Thursday.
7mins 52secs Av HR 147 Max HR 157
7mins 58secs Av HR 152 Max HR 161
7mins 59secs Av HR 157 Max HR 165
8mins 01secs Av HR 159 Max HR 168
8mins 03secs Av HR 161 Max HR 173
Weather was warm with a medium breeze. Lap 5 was the only lap that I ran flat out near the end. Very pleased overall and the Garmin helped me to try and keep to target pace in to the wind. Not only that I now have a heart rate monitor that works. Interesting that my max HR was 173 flat out and that nearly agrees with the 220-46(my age but it is nearly 47)=174. I have never worked on that basis for max HR before.

Yesterday I did Day 5: 17.42km in 90mins and a few secs = 5mins 11secs av per km with an average HR of 128.

With the 10k race on Sunday 27th Sep' in mind should I carry on with the programme as normal?

Sub 40min training advice please - TheEd - 13-09-2009

most certainly as it slots in perfectly with the 3 week cycle



Sub 40min training advice please - Determinator - 28-10-2009

Hello Ed First of all apologies that I haven't been in touch. I ran the 10k on 27th Sep' and failed miserably. 41mins 45secs. No excuses as it was sunny and there was a slight breeze. I just wasn't fit enough.

So.......I have decided to concentrate on Sprint Duathlon, Sprint Rowathlon and throw in a few 10ks as I get bored just running. I have a feeling that if I am going to break the 40mins 10k marker it just may happen when I least expect it. However, it may not ever happen! I have devised a year long training overview and am devising sessions every 3-4 weeks using various training resources, one of which is yours.

I just wanted to thank you very much for your advice and support. You do a very good job for everyone who subscribes to this forum.
All the best