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Sub 40min training advice please - TheEd - 28-10-2009

Hi D .. thanks for the compliments

first off .. there a few users on here who are adding cycling and swimming to their running routine

so maybe consider structuring your program in such a manner as well

Running is an excellent base for multiple event training

Let me know your thoughts?


Sub 40min training advice please - Determinator - 21-11-2009

Sorry that I haven't got back to you sooner Ed. Thanks for your invitation to continue on the site with multisport. I am going to decline for now as the training plan that I have adopted is to train as hard for rowing, biking and running at the same time. I.e I am not focusing on achieving a sub 40 10k. I am using 3-4 week training cycles namely:
Base 1, Base 2, Base 3, Build 1, Build 2, Peak, Race (in that order).

The aim is to gradually build up training time each week with the last week of the cycle being approx' half of the time for the period and a 'test' week. Duration and intensity will increase from cycle to cycle and duration will gradually reduce nearer the Peak cycle. Races will be categorised A, B or C with A being the highest priority. In May I will have a one or two week activity recovery period. I will then adopt the same principles up until October 2010, the last races of the year for me.

I previously tried this approach three or four years ago and set my Lactate Threshold Heart Rate (LTHR) zones too high. This time I feel that I have more experience and have been more cautious. In addition to using LTHR zones I train how I feel but may even adopt a pace approach when I start interval training. The biking and running training principles and sessions are from Joe Friels 'The Triathlete's Training Bible'. For rowing I am using some of these principles/sessions and some from an old Ultrafit magazine.

Anyway, sorry for boring you. I thought that I would share my plans with you and any interested readers.

Sub 40min training advice please - TheEd - 23-11-2009

excellent stuff D .. will be interested to know how things go

running is one of the best forms of aerobic development however I have been led to believe that rowing is an exceptional all-round developer as well as putting the aerobic development right up their with running

so it would be interesting to see what you running is like after this period of training

Please do keep in touch