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going for sub 40 - gjoko - 07-01-2014

I could ask a friend to lend me another hr monitor for side by side comparison. The calibrations might be off as they are rather old gadgets (Polar a3 + t31)

Today 63min, 10.4km, 6.07/k AHR 171. Effort easy.

Failed to test my hr this morning. I'll try again tomorrow.

Do you think I could perform a max hr test on Thursday? Just thinking that training with a hr monitor would be more beneficial if I knew my limits Smile

going for sub 40 - TheEd - 08-01-2014

gjoko .. no need for the max test .. we should soon have your data more accurate to your needs, hence me asking about the pulse range being a bit 'funny'

use your friends HR monitor and then let's see if there is something to be done


going for sub 40 - gjoko - 09-01-2014


Morning pulses for last two days have been 60-64 bpm. Weight is down to 73kg.

Today I ran the same course as on Tuesday but with different hr monitor:
62min, 10.4km, 5.58/k AHR 167 (measured with Suunto M1).

I see nothing particularly wrong with my RHR nor with my HR monitor's operation. My heart rate zones might be just bit higher than average as I've seen my hr go over 210 bpm during the timetrials.

30min easy tomorrow and then a 15km long run on the weekend.

going for sub 40 - TheEd - 09-01-2014

OK .. this helps a fair amount

it will be interesting to see whether your resting pulse drops below 60 bpm in the near future

it looks like you may operate at a pulse range 20 bpm higher (so 140 for others will be 160 for you)

continue as per normal for now and provide feedback



going for sub 40 - gjoko - 12-01-2014

I'll keep an eye on my rest pulse. Not sure tho if it can drop much as I have really really low blood pressure by nature... which (I think) must be compensated by high heart rate...

Friday: 9,6km, 62min, 6,30/k AHR 148

Sunday: 14,6km, 85min, 5,50/k AHR 172

Temperatures 'finally' dropped subzero in here. So snow on the ground now.

going for sub 40 - gjoko - 17-01-2014

On Monday my my outer left knee starts to feel a bit iffy while running. I walked home as I didn't want to redo mistakes from last year. Adding the S to the ITB that is.

Tuesday 30min easy cycling

Wednesday 60min easy cycling

Friday 58min easy, 10km, 5,48/k AHR 164, no problems with the knee.

I was planing to start the sub 40 cycle next week. Problem is the forecast says temperatures will drop below -20. So instead I'm thinking of doing 3 weeks of build up.

going for sub 40 - TheEd - 19-01-2014

how are you feeling now?


going for sub 40 - gjoko - 20-01-2014

I feel motivated! ...but as you said this time of year isn't fun.

I had stomach problems on weekend so I skipped the long run.

This morning I went for an easy 10k (5.40/k, AHR 160). On the last km's the knee started feeling bit dull and weak again. Then after the run the IT band is pain free. I've been strengthening my hips and glutes as well as doing dynamic stretches to help it get better. I have also put some ice on it twice a day.

I think it's the slippery surfaces causing extra stress to the tendons. Do you think I could get away with keeping my volumes down like running every other day or should I take some time completely of running?

going for sub 40 - TheEd - 20-01-2014

gjoko .. I seriously and highly recommend cross country skiing

if you are able to do so, you onto a winner

or else it is maybe a gym pass and treadmill running to get through the worst of winter

all the best


going for sub 40 - gjoko - 23-01-2014

Thanks for the advice!

Good news is I now have access to treadmill. Legs are feeling strong too.

Tried the treadmill out today with a 40min run. 5,50/k AHR 170. I'll do another session tomorrow. I used a 1% incline. Is that ok?

I'll start the cycle next week as I now have no excuse not to do it Smile
Or at least do the key sessions... I think I can hit the treadmill for maybe four sessions a week till the worst of winter is over.