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going for sub 40 - gjoko - 11-05-2014


What is next. I have 4-5 cycles behind me so I think now is good time for few days of rest & recovery followed by off training period and six weeks of build-up. Then it's already July and I'd like to race one or two 5K's during summer, a 10k in the end of August and HM in September.

You are right about me getting sick every time there's a competition. I've missed like 3-4 races due illness in the past 6 months. I do have a toddler who carries home more infectious diseases than a WMD, but it can be stress related too. I always get anxious few days before race and start calculating splits and how much to drink and eat etc.. I know I should concentrate only on the elements I can control before and during race and stop over-thinking things. But I guess that's something experience brings along.

On a final note I must say I truly enjoyed the race yesterday. Especially when flying past people on uphills after 15k Smile

going for sub 40 - TheEd - 14-05-2014

do note, you should come back stronger if you go through the process of the off period followed by the build-up

there is quite a change after this process


ps.. as you become more experienced things will fall into place

going for sub 40 - gjoko - 15-06-2014

Just a quick update how things are going.

Offtraining I did run first week 20km and second week 35km.

Finished the first cycle of build up today with a 75min run.
1st week 50km
2nd week 51km
3rd week 55km

All runs done at paces from 5.40 to 6.00/k and HR around 150-160

Legs are starting to feel pretty heavy. Especially feet and calves feel really stiff in the mornings. I've been trying to stretch and roll them but it doesn't seem to help that much. Maybe my feet just need a little time to adapt to the work load...

Now looking to do another buildup cycle and 4k time trial in the end.


going for sub 40 - TheEd - 16-06-2014

rather consider an easy week of freshening yourself up .. you should have decent weather not to get into faster running

whereas the build-up is great, you must take your personal self into account

freshen up and let's see how you feel after this week

what say you?


going for sub 40 - gjoko - 16-06-2014

Easy week sounds good. I'll have an extra rest day today and then aim for 30-35km this week keeping the longest run to 60minutes.

going for sub 40 - TheEd - 17-06-2014

good stuff .. learn what works for you and not feel that you have to do exactly as the program says, especially when feeling tired

on we go



going for sub 40 - gjoko - 10-07-2014


I did a 5k park run today. I was aiming for sub 20.


+25ºC and 75kg.

Don't know what happened at third km. Legs didn't feel 100% as I had done 10x400m on Monday (83s laps). Seems I need to lose some weight.

Last 2 weeks of build up were ~55km. Foot are feeling fine and I have now 7 weeks till my next 10k race. My plan is to do long run on Sunday, 6x1k on Tuesday and then some kind of time-trial on next Saturday. Does this sound reasonable?

Then two full cycles and the race.

going for sub 40 - TheEd - 11-07-2014

for the future .. drop the 10 x 400m session

replace it with

3 x 5 minutes fast @ 10k pace or 3k pace

with 2 to 3 minutes easy in-between

this is the safest session

hopefully it all works out


going for sub 40 - gjoko - 15-07-2014

5x1k at track

Smooth session. +20ºC and sunny. Looking forward to the 4k timetrial on weekend.

going for sub 40 - TheEd - 16-07-2014

coming back to normal