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going for sub 40 - TheEd - 08-09-2013

HI gjoko, an ankle sprain can take up to 3 to 6 weeks to recover depending on the ligament damage .. so you may have to incorporate some non weight bearing exercise if it is troublesome

as for the hillsprints .. that would be fine as a session if you wanted to play football or run in sprint races

all the sessions recommended in the programs get the results as needed

please keep me informed as to how the ankle goes, you may have to also look after your calf muscle as it will need to support the ankle more than normal during this time .. tight calves can lead to a series of other problems, so do take care to treat

hope all works out well


going for sub 40 - gjoko - 11-09-2013

Hello Ed!

Thanks for the response about hill sprints. Sounds logical.

About my ankle.. it's not ready for running yet. Walking doesn't hurt but jumping is a no-no.

I'm thinking of replacing the off training period running sessions with biking. This would also give some rest for my calves as the zero drop shoes put quite strain on them. For the cycling I've got clipless pedals and padded shorts.

Today I started biking with a 40min easy (AHR 142). That's to replace the 30-40min easy running (hr below 150).

Would this be the correct formula or do you have better suggestions for the cycling sessions?

going for sub 40 - TheEd - 11-09-2013

for the cycling you able to double the time on the bicycle

so 30 minutes running = 1 hr cycling

pulse range lower .. so 130 bpm on the bike will be enough

when it comes to riding, good technique is most important, learning to spin properly is very important

please ask for more details if needed

hope all comes right, though as mentioned earlier it could take longer than thought at first


going for sub 40 - gjoko - 19-09-2013

I cycled some 200 km last week. It was invigorating.

Ankle and calves are now better and I've started running again.

Today 8,8 km, 5.40/k, 149. Very enjoyable.

Weight is down to 70 kg.

I'll keep mixing in cycling and swimming for another week and then start building up aerobic base by running

going for sub 40 - TheEd - 19-09-2013

do consider the build-up program and discuss how you can balance everything, especially when considering swimming and cycling

good to hear all is well


going for sub 40 - gjoko - 25-09-2013

Hello Ed,

last week 50km cycling and 40km easy running.

Legs are feeling great and I am motivated.

I started the build-up today. I'm looking to do 6 weeks on the program. Weekly updates will follow.

Take care

going for sub 40 - TheEd - 26-09-2013

great gjoko .. enjoy the build up


going for sub 40 - gjoko - 19-10-2013

First two weeks of the build up were great. Avg paces 6min/k ±20sec

Last week I was in Spain and all the runs (~50km) I did there were over rolling hills or in beach. Hard time for lower legs. So soles and calves are a bit stiff now...

I'll take it easy this weekend and then start the second build up round. I'm looking to do a 4k time trial in the end of it.

Weight 71kg

going for sub 40 - TheEd - 20-10-2013

sounds like you have been having fun

you more than welcome to provide feedback of your heart rates from your easy runs


going for sub 40 - gjoko - 20-10-2013

I've been doing the runs with running partner. 6min/k pace felt like I was still able to speak full sentences.

Today I was wearing HR belt:

Duration 1:04
Distance: 8.91 km
Avg Pace 7:10 min/km
Avg HR 150


Didn't expect it to be that slow... I guess I should be wearing the HR belt more to provide feedback.

I'll take rest day tomorrow and then start the build up on Tuesday.