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Improving 10k training with advice - martz - 03-07-2014

Hi Ed,

I was very impress when reading through other people's post and your comments to keep people motivated. So I thought, I give it a shot.

Information about me:
23 years old
Very short 162cm tall
Resting Heart Rate - 48 BPM
Maximum Heart Rate - 202 BPM

Personal Best:
5km: 00:23:36 (Dec 2013)
10km: 00:48:08 (April 2014)
Half-Marathon: 01:47:40 (May 2014)

I've been running for 4 years. At the moment, I'm injured my left knee (ITB friction syndrome) for almost 2 months just before I finished my half-marathon in May and currently in contact with a physiotherapy and only re-introduce to running just a few weeks ago. Currently I'm running on a modified running program given by my physiotherapy. I have lots of injures related to running in the past especially when my time improves and I end up getting too carried away with training. So I was hoping your advice also helps control my eager from over-training. So, what is your recommendation? Let me know if you need more information.


Improving 10k training with advice - martz - 03-07-2014

Here is my run I did during the week so far. These are my running modified by my physiotherapy. Both of my running felt very easy except I still felt a dull sharp pain on my left knee when I hit 8km during my 10km easy run.

29th June - 10km Easy Run
Time - 01:04:02
AHR - 146 BPM
Temperature - 13C

1st July - 5km Easy Run
Time - 00:31:14
AHR - 144 BPM
Temperature - 12C

Improving 10k training with advice - TheEd - 04-07-2014

Hi martz and welcome to the forums

it is not easy getting into training, especially if still carrying a niggle

may I ask what your short-terms goals are as well as your long-term goals are, please?

from what I see your easy run pulse looks OK, however if you carrying an ITB injury this could have been the result of overuse or poor form etc

what does the physio say has caused your problems?

over to you


Improving 10k training with advice - martz - 04-07-2014

Hello Ed,

For my short term goal, I got few races I've signed up already before I got injured. I have a 10km race on 13th July which I'm aiming at 52 minutes, 14km race on 10th August which I'm aiming at 75 minutes and a half-marathon on 21st September which I'm aiming at 110 minutes. It depends how my knee recovers, hopefully, start my training program with my physio giving me a green light to start. Considered that I'm injured, I may not be able to do speed workout for another month and haven't done so in the past 2 months but looking to slowly build my weekly mileage back to around 50km in few months time which I've done so in the past. If my recovery goes well, my realistic 10km goal is 48 minutes by the end of year.

For my long term goal is breaking the 45 minute barrier for 10km, 100 minutes for half-marathon and able to run a full marathon.

When I saw my physio, he found out that I had a tight/weak glute, tight ITB, over-training and worn out shoes. My treatment program my physio have given me includes strengthening, stretching and modified running program. For my strengthening includes single leg squat, single leg bridge and side lying leg raise all 3 set of 10 reps twice per day. For stretching, by using a foam roller includes ITB, quads and glute each muscles for couple of minutes twice per day and also sitting piriformis stretch for 30 seconds on each legs twice per day. For my modified training program, I was given 5km for Tuesday, 5km for Friday and 10km for Sunday and increase to one of my 5km to 7km if I don't feel any pain during 5km workout. I got another appointment with him in a week to get my left knee re-assess.

I did ran earlier today on treadmill but I did not feel any pain and able to maintain my natural stride while running which is a good sign. Except there is still an awkward feeling on the side of my left knee. By the way, I usually wear minimal running footwear on treadmill for once a week and all my other running days I wear traditional running shoes outdoor. Big Grin

Over to you,

4th July - 5km Easy Run (treadmill, no incline)
Time - 00:29:38
AHR - 141 BPM
Temperature - 18C

Improving 10k training with advice - TheEd - 05-07-2014

OK .. I do have a concern regarding the ITB .. from my experience it is often the slower running that hurts

when running shorter distances the athlete's form is better which keeps them 'biomechanically' more sound

I would like to 'play it by ear' first to see how you progress

I seriously wouldn't recommend running further than 20 to 30 minutes for the time being

when we start on the program a 4k time-trial is recommended beforehand, so this is something we should hope to do in the next 2 weeks after you have run without pain

when u go onto the program, we shall modify things so that you can return to running with less risk of injury

all the best


Improving 10k training with advice - martz - 06-07-2014

Hi Ed,

I was wondering since I already paid 3 running events I mention before to register myself, is it possible I can still participate or should I skip it? What are your thoughts?

I ran 10km earlier today, this time at moderate pace and I did not felt any pain on the side of my left knee except feeling something is still there. Compare my todays 10km run and 7 days ago, there's a huge improvement on my left knee and for the first time I haven't felt any pain when running 10km since injury. I'm very confident I should be able to do 4km time trial in 2 weeks time.


6th July - 10km @ Moderate Pace
Time - 00:57:27
AHR - 165 BPM
Temperature - 14C

Improving 10k training with advice - martz - 12-07-2014

Hi Ed,

Here is my 2 running workout for this week:

8th July - 7km @ Moderate Pace
Time - 00:39:21
AHR - 166 BPM
Temperature - 10C

11th July - 5km Easy Run (treadmill, no incline)
Time - 00:29:32
AHR - 143 BPM
Temperature - 18C

Few hours after I did a 7km run, I felt a slight niggling pain on my knee when I lie on my side bending my knee back and forth, however, this hasn't affect my 5km run few days later. I had the appointment with the physio on Thursday and he gave me a green light to do 10km race. However, he advised me not to faster than my moderate pace. Other than that, I can't wait :yes:


Improving 10k training with advice - TheEd - 15-07-2014

maybe consider not running over 5km for now until the ITB clears up

every 2nd day running should hopefully help to get over this


Improving 10k training with advice - martz - 26-07-2014

Hi Ed,

I haven't been running over the last 2 weeks since I have a terrible flu. Right now, I'm as good as new and I think my ITB is fully healed. Should I start running 5km every second running day? When do you reckon I can do a 4km time trial? I can't wait to hit the pavement :jester:

Back to you,

Improving 10k training with advice - TheEd - 27-07-2014

do the 4k as soon as you can before Wednesday and then we can plan the forward steps

the 4k time-trial is a marker, so need to kill yourself