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Improving 10k training with advice - martz - 12-10-2015

Hey Ed,

It's been awhile, pretty busy lately but still manage to just fit at least 4 runs per week especially when I was training for my first marathon and achieved many personal best so far.

Here is what I achieved this year so far:

21.1km Half-Marathon in May -> 1:41:30 (Old PB 1:47:40 in May 2014)
10km road race -> 0:45:07 (Old PB 46:19 in Nov 2014)
42.2km Marathon in September -> 3:51:36

While I was training for the certain event, I was using the running program provide by the running events and it certainly worked out pretty well for me. Except during long and easy run, I kept my average heart rate to around 140-145BPM which range from 5:25/km for 5km easy run 5:55/km for 35km long run. I have to admit after I ran my first marathon, I've seem to lose bit of interest in running and legs are sore for nearly 2 week and did not run at all. Over the last one week, only just got back to running and build my running distance slowly. Probably no longer than 10km til the end of the year. Other than that, I have no doubt that this my best year I've been running so far, not just achieve achieving my personal best although I was kind of disappointed I missed on sub-45min for 10km, but I have ran a marathon and I haven't had any injury this year so far.


Improving 10k training with advice - TheEd - 12-10-2015

martz, this is often the response after a marathon, the training and preparation, and then running of the marathon can have such an impact

it is not abnormal, so go through the process of recovery and enjoyment