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Improving my running - TheEd - 22-07-2014

140's is fine .. PYL .. we shall guide you through this

it sounds as though you definitely picked up an overuse problem

chat soon


Improving my running - PYL - 24-07-2014

Did a relaxed run yesterday.

Ended doing a relaxed 30 minutes. Avg HR was 135, avg pace 6:29/km and 4.64 Km

Felt great, calves seemed a bit stiff but at the end everything felt great and no pain at all.

Will report back after my vacation next week. :yes:
Will probably try to get some more easy runs while over there but I don't think I'll have the time for much else. Once I'm back I'll do the 4K TT and report back.

This morning I feel great though. Smile

take care,

Improving my running - TheEd - 24-07-2014

nice to hear .. keep things simple, keep things easy

enjoy your holiday and we chat on your return

take care


Improving my running - PYL - 04-08-2014

Hello the Ed,

I'm back from my trip. I only managed to run once during the whole week.
The time off might have helped, or not!

I ran a bit faster (5:3X/k) and for 35 minutes this time. Felt a bit sore at the end of the run but it as probably due to the big slanting of the road.

My knee hasn't been hurting at all the previous 2-3 weeks. But sometimes at the end of the runs I can feel it a bit (mostly if I push a bit more). Not to the point of pain but just sore. I would guess I'm just overcareful about it at the moment.

I'm not to sure where to start now. It seems I can go 40 minutes easy runs now and be fine. Should I do a few more easy runs this week or start something more organised?


Improving my running - TheEd - 05-08-2014

we must get you to the point where there is no pain before we can consider 'pushing on'



Improving my running - PYL - 05-08-2014

Considered some very short intervals today with my running group but guess I'll skip!

I have 3 races coming up August 24th, October 5th and October 19th.

I'll see how it goes when closer to the races. If all else fail I might just pace my gf on a 55 or something a bit under 1h. If I feel good I might just run it around low 50s probably... won't push for a PR since I've been silly enough already.

For now easy running it is... 3 times a week sounds good to me.

I'll report back when I feel no pain at all. Dunno when that will be.

thank you for the support,

Improving my running - TheEd - 06-08-2014

you shouldn't be looking at events until the 'problems' are truthfully sorted out

and don't do intervals for now

will await your feedback


Improving my running - PYL - 25-08-2014

Allright, I cheated and just ran the event anyway. I paid a fair amount for that one and it's a tradition. I had a bandage done by a physiotherapist and took Ibuprofen.

I had no pain during the race and took it easy enough but when I looked at my watch I was going at PR pace so I just maintained that pushed a bit for km 9 and 10 and ended with 46:35 a 1:19 PR.:mmm:

I didn't push that much either so I was quite happy with the time and my legs aren't dead today.

I still have that October 5th race that I'll probably do as well with the same "strategy" of pills and bandage. It's the last race of the season and next race is in May around here so I'll just heal the injury 100% afterward. Will keep you tuned when that happened and train for a sub 45 after the winter break.

Might just be the few weeks I did train on the program that paid off but I only ran once a week last 3 weeks and only easy runs of 40 minutes and less. No idea! :confused:

thanks for the support and help
talk to you in a few months!

Improving my running - TheEd - 25-08-2014

nice going .. hopefully you can recover without too many problems and then you can get some solid training in and aim for a sub 45 minute 10k

all the best


Improving my running - PYL - 30-09-2014

hello the Ed

So this week-end is that final race of the year around here.
I've had no knee pain the last 2 weeks and even ran 1h and 1h10 at a slow pace. So I'm confident I can finish this next race and still feel fine. I'll quite likely skip the medicine tooSmile

After this week-end, my next race is on May 4th. So I have a very long time to train and all that. If I still feel fine I'll probably try and start again on October 19th or 27th. Should I do a 4K TT then and we can start from there or should I wait longer and take more time off?