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Improving my running - PYL - 07-09-2015

Today was 4x2K at 8:30. Again went at 12:00, temperature was 31C :please:

Considering it was stupidly hot outside I think it went decently.

2K 8:24
R: 2:15
2K 8:35
R: 2:25
2K 8:37
2K 9:00

Again started way too fast :duh: was likely to be sub 8:00 for the 2K if I didn't slow down a lot in the final 400.
I'll make my goal for the next 4x2K session to go a tiny bit slower than target on my first 2K and pick it up instead of falling flat on the last one AND go earlier in the day.

Had a good easy 61 minutes run on Friday, avg pace was 5:57 avg HR was 137 (at least good for me)

Plan is to get around 43 (hopefully sub 43... 42:30 would be great) at my next race then train and go for sub 40 next year. Dunno if I have sub 40 in me but it would be great I'm sure. If I get it early next year I might go for a HM at the end of the year. Otherwise I'll give it another try in this same October race next year.

Feeling good so far this summer.

Improving my running - PYL - 15-09-2015

Did the 6x1K session last Friday. Went later in the day this time.
Chose the university's track so I was set up to success! :p

Aimed at 4:05 but mostly keeping myself in check on the first few Ks

Ended with splits of 4:05 / 4:09 / 4:06 / 4:03 /4:06 / 3:57.

Quite happy with that one. Seems the 2K helped here as I felt much more at ease at that pace and could push on the final K. Tomorrow is the 5K paced and then I start over from day one to end the cycle on Oct 4th for my race.

Had a 54.72km week, my second highest ever.

Had some easy runs in the 12X avg HR. Dunno if that's too low though?

Improving my running - TheEd - 15-09-2015

nice going PYL, the results should start coming

your easy run heart rate pulse can be up to 150 bpm

provide feedback from the runs, as it is more or less 1 minute per k slower than current 10k time per k, for when you run up to 1hr

so if you were racing 10k in 40 minutes, then it would be 4 minutes per k plus 1 minute to give you 5 minutes per k

if your pulse matches 150 bpm for 5 minutes per k, then you on the right pace. Of course, weather conditions and fatigue can affect speed, so up to 150 bpm is more helpful

hope this helps


Improving my running - PYL - 20-09-2015

So if I understood correctly I should be aiming to go near 150 and not just run at any intensity that is below 150 (like 130). As in an avg of 145 is better than an average of 132.

Day 1 to 5 are done.

Day 1 was easy 60-70 which I ran with someone. Pace was slower but still faster than those I used to run at 6:30. But constant talking made the HR go to 144 with an avg pace of 6:14. 10K in 1h02:18

Day 2 was an easy 30 minutes which I ended doing a bit too fast. 6.18K in 31:46 avg of 5:08 and avg HR of 157.

Day 3 is the 4x2K at 8:30. Was hot again and I failed at going slow on the first 2K.... again! :mmm:
1: 8:10
2: 8:32
3: 8.36
4: 8:34

Still happy that I didn't meltdown like the previous time with a 9:00+ final 2K. Overall I'm below the 8:30 per 2K avg but I'd much rather reverse my first and 4th 2K finishing strong. Maybe next time!

Day 4 Rest

Day 5: long run 1h30. I tried going slightly faster and it came much more naturally than going at 6:30 and forcing myself to slow down. Ended with 16.42K avg 5:30 avg HR was 145-146. Legs are tired now but I felt fine through the running.

Up next are 2 easy 30 minutes days or a 30 minute and a relax 10K I'll see. Then 6x1K with my goal to do all below or at 4:05 and push the final K or the 2 final Ks maybe.

Improving my running - TheEd - 21-09-2015

Hi PYL, for now, keep it below 150, not push it up to 150

keep these sessions as relaxed as possible, once you develop to the next level, you will be doing 5 x 2k

everything is towards getting to that session

from there your development will change

however, you first need to beat what is in front of you before taking on the next 'painful' step

onwards and forwards it us


Improving my running - PYL - 01-10-2015

Reporting in!

So Mon Sept 21st: Easy 30 ended doing 27:42 avg is 5:22 and distance was 5.17km Avg HR: 148

Tues: Did easy 30. Avg 5:25 distance 5.61 Avg HR 152. My garmin seems to like spiking to 180+ when I start. I once went to 213 running easy :p

Wed was the 6x1K session. I have to say I like this session Smile
Splits were:

Didn't go under 4:05 on all 6 but it didn't feel as hard as the first time I did this. Might be improving!

Thu: easy 30 again. 5:10 5.87 HR:163 Now this one time I quite likely went too fast... avg is probably around low 150s though.

Fri: east 1h, I was a bit short on time so I only did 32ish minutes.

Sat I had something with my parents and sister and we ended going up a mountain around here. Ran on the way down which was a terrible idea in the end.

Couldn't run since then and my race is Sunday Oct 4h. My quads hurt quite a lot... today was the first day it felt like I might be okay to race on Sun. I'd guess I should be fine on Friday (maybe tomorrow). Should I do anything particular if so? I'd go with an easy 40 just to remember how to run or should I just take it off until Sun? Maybe a 2-3K run on Sat only (or both the 40 min and an easy run). Kinda sad I missed Sun since I enjoy the 5K session.

Hopefully this won't hurt my time too much, I'd guess I won't lose all progress within a week but I don't know!

Improving my running - TheEd - 01-10-2015

wow . a tough lesson to learn . downhill running can be murder on the quadriceps

in the future, eat more protein than normal to assist in muscle recovery

you going to have to play it by ear on race day and hope for the best

do the normal run down to the event, 6 x 1min fast / slow @ anticipated race pace

hope it all works out

ps.. and the 1k session was looking so nice Wink

Improving my running - PYL - 04-10-2015

Tried a test run on Friday, didn't feel too good. Couldn't push much more than 4:46 on my first try 4:30 2nd try then 4:00 on the final try but my quads weren't feeling completely fine.

Ended feeling allright at the start today. Before the day I had pretty much thrown out my 42:30 goal and just hoped for a sub 45 time. Then today I felt much better so I was hoping for a PB. (44:06).

This race has no corral and slow people were at the front. I clocked my first 5K at 22:10. I still felt fine took the first K easy-ish. Then I kept being inconsistent whenever I wasn't watching my pace. Lots of "oups 4:30+ pace.... then proceed to run back to 4:15" But I knew that with a low 22 at halfway a PB would be easy though not as big as I had hoped at first.

Ended with 43:27 a 2 minutes course PB and a 40 sec PB. So not too shabby considering I was careful early with my quads.

Mixed feeling but a much better race than I had hoped a few days ago.

Now no races planned until May! I'll probably take it easy some and try to get a good 2-3 months of the cycle before that May race.

Improving my running - TheEd - 05-10-2015

sometimes we take what we can get and especially considering you almost sabotaged everything the week before Wink

nice going and more to come

enjoy the recovery for now

then . have you seen the Off Period

and the

Build Up routines?


Improving my running - PYL - 09-07-2016

Hello TheEd,

It's been a while. I've been training on and off all winter and a bit more since a few months. Did the Off Period and build up to get back to some mileage and did an unrealated interval session on my way to today.

As a TT I decided to try my first 5K ever which should be a good enough TT.

Ended with a 20:06 so I was pretty happy. I took thing a bit slower though and haven't done many slow 1h run yet.

Splits were 4:04 4:05 8:08 (forgot to split 3rd km) and 3:49

Probably could have gotten the sub but I had no idea what I was going for at the start. Was thinking of something between 20 and 21 was possible.

I'll keep ramping up the distance some then go on with the plan. I'll probably keep 1-2 shorter session when i feel fine. I wasn't sure I could get close to sub 40 this year but I just might!

Keep on trucking!