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Improving my 10k - fabiogelbcke - 15-03-2015

hey ed!

unfortunately my toe was hurting a lot for the whole week so I didn't do any running since the 5x2k. Will restart from the beginning of the cycle on tuesday.


Improving my 10k - TheEd - 18-03-2015

please keep us informed about the toe, because it can lead to other problems if your foot placement is affected

hope all OK


Improving my 10k - fabiogelbcke - 12-04-2015

Hey ed,

sorry for the lack of posts, but I had the toe problem which hurt for like 2 weeks, then I moved, then I had eye surgery and now I'm starting again. Ran twice this week, did a hard 4k with some stairs in the middle in 15:51, so I'm gonna pick up just a little slower than I left off.
Will resume training from beginning on tuesday Smile

looking forward to getting back on the streets Smile



Improving my 10k - TheEd - 13-04-2015

will be good to hear all is going well


Improving my 10k - fabiogelbcke - 19-04-2015

Hey ed!

so did the first 5x2k this thursday, or at least tried to.
Sometimes when I'm too long without exercising I get a little asthma when I start exercising again, and it happened during the 2k's. Should be gone in a week or so though. I only managed 3 and a half.
1- 3:54/km
2- 3:58/km
3- 3:59/km
4- 4:02/km (but only for 800m or so)

the long run on the other hand went fine.
I did 18km in 1:22:53, which is 4:36/km. Very pleased, cause it felt comfortable Smile

have a good sunday Smile

Improving my 10k - fabiogelbcke - 20-04-2015


I did the relaxed 10k today but I still have trouble knowing my "relaxed" pace. I tried to do it by feeling but sometimes I overdo it. Yesterday the 30min easy i did at 4:36/km which felt easy but today my legs were very tired after that and the also 4:36/km long run which I think was too fast too.
I did the 10k today at 5:02/km, and I'm gonna try to do all my easy and relaxed runs at over 5'/km, is that a good pace for the easy runs or do you think i should go slower/faster?
I unfortunately still don't have a hr monitor Sad

oh also I registered for next years Paris marathon, which I'm excited about haha will be my first marathon if you don't count the ironman run Smile

have a good week

Improving my 10k - TheEd - 20-04-2015

you probably better off being closer to 5 minutes per k for your easy run

ps.. within the next 6 months you should be in a different position with your running

Improving my 10k - fabiogelbcke - 15-05-2015

Hey ed!

had 1 week off when I went traveling with my grandma who came to visit from brazil and jumped right back into the next cycle and just did 5x2k today.

I'm not doing the 2k on the tartan track anymore. It's a 2k straight by the seine that has slight ups and downs, but no real hills. Will check on garmin connect the elevation change later. I do 2k one way, and then 2k back, and for the last 2k I go 1km and come back 1km so there's a u turn in the middle.

1st: 3:51/km
2nd: 3:55/km
3rd, 4th, 5th: 3:59/km

cheers Smile

Improving my 10k - fabiogelbcke - 20-05-2015


6x1k done today, with the following splits:


Started last one feeling bad at around 4:00 during first 300m and couldn't push enough during the rest to get it under 3:50 :/
I'm not running in the track anymore, so there's a slight uphill and downhill on every repeat. Garmin is a little crazy so I can't tell for sure how much it is, but is surely not helpful.
anyway, pretty happy with it Smile

have a good week

Improving my 10k - TheEd - 20-05-2015

do you feel you coming back again?

a solid enough session