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Improving my 10k - fabiogelbcke - 22-10-2015

Hey ed

21km was routine when I was training for the ironman, but haven't done any sessions that long since my half mary last year in october, so might stick to the 18k

I did the 5x2k today:

First 2 were hard but last 3 weren't all that hard. My first interval is almost always the hardest, so I wonder if I'm not warming up enough before the session or if it's just that I'm getting used to running faster/ getting the HR up. I did some drills and ran 1.5k at ~5:20 for warmup today, so I thought that'd be enough, might try doing some more next time.

I definitely learned from saturday haha no more running too soon after eating and no salmon before my runs haha at least for a while :p


Improving my 10k - fabiogelbcke - 27-10-2015

Hey Smile

did the 6x1k today. I had some problems with the garmin that was stuck in the startup screen for the 1st interval and some of the 2nd, when it finally worked. I don't have exact paces for the 1st and 2nd intervals because of that, but when the watch started picking up, I was running a 3:41 pace, and it felt around the same pace as the 1st interval, which was also a bit too long (1.2-1.3km).
The rest between the 2nd and 3rd was a bit longer cause I was setting up the watch. Paces for the intervals:


cheers Smile

Improving my 10k - TheEd - 28-10-2015

all good then FL


Improving my 10k - fabiogelbcke - 02-11-2015

Hey ed Smile

I did the paced 5k on saturday.
I was pretty hungover from a halloween party the night before, so I aimed for just under 20:00, but the course was hilly, with short hills but up to 11% incline according to GPS, so I ended up running 20:10. Was rather displeased with that but couldn't ask for much more given everything.
Couldn't run on sunday because of travel, so I pushed everything back one day and am doing the 1h run today, which fits well since my half marathon is on sunday, exactly when race day is gonna fall now with the delayed schedule.
What do you think would be a reasonable time goal for it? The mcmillan calculator has my 5k tempo from last cycle (19m30s) as equivalent to a 1:30 flat, but that tempo wasn't a race effort, so I think 1:29 would be doable? The course has some hills (174m elevation gain and 193m loss, it's not a loop), so I can't shoot too low I think.
Anyway, just excited to be running my first race since 2014 Smile



Improving my 10k - TheEd - 03-11-2015

Fabio, if you prepared to hurt a little over the last 3k, then consider going out at 4.10 to 4.15 per k . just under 21 minutes for the first 5km is fine

once you start hurting you have to run 1km at a time, looking always to run no slower than 4.20 per k

if you dig deep and accelerate over the last 1.1k you should crack 90 minutes

what say you?


Improving my 10k - fabiogelbcke - 08-11-2015

Hey ed!

Just got home from the HM and oh boy, did it hurt. I did manage a sub 90 though(1:29:18 on my watch, 1:29:12 official) Smile
I couldn't keep under 4.20 as you said though. Because of the hills my pace was all over the place. I had km's from 3:53 to 4:40. The race had 174m elevation gain and 190m elevation loss, which is not soo much but not something you can look past either. Also it was really windy (23kph head-ish wind according to garmin connect).
Anyway, my 5k splits were:
4:48 (1.24 km)

I'm very happy with my race, the only big problem I had was that I couldn't keep up on the uphills, a lot of people passed/caught up to me, although I'd usually catch them again on the downhill

cheers Smile

Improving my 10k - TheEd - 08-11-2015

congrats Fabio .. there is no harm in not hammering the uphill and conserving energy

as you get stronger, your uphills will easier for the same effort

very impressive how you popped in that sub 20:30 5k split

more to come

ps.. the idea behind aiming for the minimum of 4.20 per k, is to keep the runner focused on what is needed to be done

Improving my 10k - fabiogelbcke - 09-11-2015

Hehe I was pretty happy with my finish as well, the very last 5k (16.24km - 21.24km) I ran in 20:12 according to strava.
I'm always bad at math during races so what really helped me keep focused was setting the garmin's training partner to 4:13/km (I always run an extra 100-200m because of dodging people/wide turns/aid stations so I made the pace a little faster) and using it as reference of where I should be at the moment. Tried not to let it get too ahead of me at any time even when there was a downhill coming.

Right now my goal race is the Paris marathon in the beginning of april, with the half one month earlier. I wonder if it's already time to start increasing the mileage slowly. What are your thoughts?



My grandma brought my HR strap from brazil hehe any tips on how to improve my training w it?

Improving my 10k - TheEd - 12-11-2015

nice Fabio, start adding your heart rate data with your posts so we can start seeing how it 'correlates' with your training

yes, if the intention is to run a marathon, it would be wise to start increasing the long run distance, so that when you switch to marathon training you able to do the 30k training runs without problem

on we go


Improving my 10k - fabiogelbcke - 13-11-2015

Hey ed

just did the 5x2k session.
I saw that some people post the HR at the beginning of the interval, but I don't know how to get the exact one from garmin, so I'm getting it from approximately where the interval begins from the HR graph.

1- 7:35 avg HR 173, max HR 182, start HR 124
2- 7:39 avg HR 181 max HR 188, start HR 128
3- 7:40 avg HR 182 max HR 189, start HR 128
4- 7:42 avg HR 182 max HR 189, start HR 131
5- 7:48 avg HR 180 max HR 187, start HR 136

my goal was 3:50/km on all but started at 3:47 which was a little to fast I think, so ended up doing a painful last interval at 3:54.

I'm starting to run my intervals at the park as the surface is a little more forgiving on my legs than the asphalt where I usually run and as there's no track around here, but I'm guessing it makes for slightly slower times as it's a 'sandy' surface.

I'm gonna run 21km on the long run this week then, but is that enough? First week of the program is about 70km at the paces that I run, which sounds good, but then second and third week come to only about 54 and 48, which seems low if I want to switch to marathon training soon and do well. I have little running experience (only ~2years), so I'm just basing this off of what I read online, which is usually not the best source for this stuff, so I'll follow 100% what you tell me, just thought I'd ask Smile

Have a good weekend Wink