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Improving my 10k - fabiogelbcke - 15-11-2015

Hey ed!

I did the long run today.

21km, 1:37:21, 4:38/km avg.

I averaged 164bpm according to my garmin but I think it was a little lower since it went a little crazy and started recording >190bpm values when I was running at 5min/km pace and a max of 221bpm when I was at 4:40/km, which is obviously not true. It lasted for about 2km. I removed the strap while running and got very weird looks from other runners when licking it, but it fixed the problem.
I tried to stay under 155bpm for the first 10km, pushed a little more for the last 11km, and while it didn't feel very hard I realize 4:38/km is probably too hard for my long runs and will try to keep it slower for the next ones.



Improving my 10k - fabiogelbcke - 22-11-2015


Yesterday my knee "cracked" (idk if that's the right word, just like when you crack your knuckles) 200m into an easy run. I had to stop and it really hurt for 45 seconds or so, but after that I resumed the run normally. Today it hurts so I'm gonna skip the 5k tempo, but I think I should feel fine tomorrow. It already feels better than a few hours ago.

Idk if it's useful to have an idea of what my HR is like during easy runs, but I thought I'd post one here for reference:

yesterday I ran 7k at 5:08/km and avg HR was 145, max HR was 165, temperature was 5 degrees.
HR was under 140 for first 2km but I went up a hill and after that it stayed up over 140 for the rest of the run, specially when returning since there as a 29kph (according to garmin connect) headwind.



Improving my 10k - TheEd - 27-11-2015

Hi Fabio, between day 3 to day 8, keeping the pulse on the easy runs below 140, would be considered good to help with recovery between the quality sessions, except for the long run, where with development things will change.

however after day 8, from day 10 onwards, it is not totally essential if you unable to keep the pulse below 140

hope this helps

as you develop further you will learn what works for you to get your results

on we go