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Improving - TheEd - 22-05-2015

every reason to feel happy to come out of that unscathed, not good to race if cold had become an infection, so always check that it is a simple cold and not something worse.

your race will go better by applying things to your training, have you seen the article: Race Your Best 10k

on we go


Improving - Chrisrox - 26-05-2015

Hi TheEd,

Quick update on my running since the race last Wednesday.

Thursday: 7,13 km @ 5:38 min/km easy recovery. Avg HR 140
Friday: Off
Saturday: 5,42 km in 30:53 @ 5:42 min/km easy recovery
Sunday: 12 km including 3 x 2 km (details below)
Monday: 5,32 km in 30:26 @ 5:43 min/km easy recovery

The 3 x 2 km session I did to get a quality session in before the potential race on Saturday 30th. Did 3 instead of 5 reps not to overdo it before the race.


I do not have HR data for these sessions (except the first one).

Planning to go for a long run today and will conclude on the possible race on Saturday over the next few days.

I will start a new cycle of the program on Tuesday, should I continue with the target paces (3:50 min/km for the 2K session etc) or do you recommend adjustments based on either the race result or a time trial on Saturday?

Improving - TheEd - 26-05-2015

coming along nicely, we can look to see how the event goes, and if necessary, then you can speed up over the last 2k and then increase the pace by 5 seconds for the 1k session



Improving - Chrisrox - 26-05-2015

Long run today, 22,2 km in 2:04:48 @ 5:38 min/km and HR avg @ 148. Very hilly with 400m climb in total (starting and ending at same place).

Legs felt surprisingly OK, considering this is by far my longest run this year.

Thanks for the link to the "Race your best 10K" article, I have read it before but it is definitively worth a revisit every once in a while.


Improving - TheEd - 27-05-2015

hi Chris, are you able to get a more consistent routine going now, or will there be other distractions

if you able to get Day 3 to Day 8 done without much interference you should get some rewards

over to you


Improving - Chrisrox - 01-06-2015

Sure, I will start a new cycle tomorrow and intend to be more consistent. I will focus especially on doing day 3 to 8 according to the program. My schedule in the coming months should enable me to put 2-3 good cycles under my belt, let's see if I am able to walk the talk also!

A full marathon on the 19th of September might very well be my goal of the season, hence wondering if you have thoughts on adjustment of the program towards that goal. I do not have other races lined up, apart from a half marathon on the 30th of August, i.e. 20 days prior to the marathon, which should be OK in terms of the program cycles. Do you think it is OK to race a half marathon only 20 days before a the marathon?

I need to get some some really long easy runs under my belt and guess I could gradually increase the longest run in the program, initially to 2hrs, then build towards 3hrs or 35k? What do you think?


Improving - TheEd - 02-06-2015

Chrisrox, we need to get consistency before talking about the marathon (for now)

though if your 2k session goes well, we can look at a 25k long run on the weekend

as long as all goes well through the 2k session

over to you


Improving - Chrisrox - 02-06-2015

Got it, thanks

Improving - Chrisrox - 08-06-2015

Hi TheEd,

Last week did not go as planned, due to injury. I felt slight pain in my left hip during the latter part of an easy paced long run I did on Sunday 31st of May and again in the easy run on Tuesday (day 1 of program). Skipped the easy short run on Wednesday.

On Thursday I started the 5x2k session, warmed up but did not get even halfway into the first interval before the pain was much more pronounced and I decided to stop in order not to inflict further pain and injury. Walked back home.

Since then I have been feeling slight pain when walking and have not even tried running. It has been improving though and I discussed with a physiotherapist yesterday who believes it is likely to be hip bursitis. Gave me a stretching exercise and advised me to take it easy or exercise alternatively (bike) until the pain is gone. Just need to give it the time it requires to get injury free before kicking off the program again. If it continues to improve I intend to try an easy short run (20 mins or so) in a couple of days.


Improving - TheEd - 09-06-2015

hope things improve for you Chris

recover well