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Improving - Chrisrox - 02-09-2015

Thanks TheEd, much appreciated indeed!

Oslo Marathon it is.

Could not fit the 30 mins recovery run in today and am unlikely to make the run tomorrow also, due to work and travelling. Not key workouts though, so probably not the worst to miss. Will consider a 30-60 min easy run on Friday instead, before the long run 25k'ish on Sat.

Thanks again!

Improving - TheEd - 03-09-2015

only consider doing 20 minutes on Friday before the long run

no need tiring yourself out before


ps.. would you be interested in writing a race report for our marathon section . can be in your own language

Improving - Chrisrox - 05-09-2015

Sure thing, a race report world be cool to write. Let me know if any particular criteria or template should be followed.

Did 24k in 1hr 59 mins today, avg pace 4:57 and avg HR 147. Quite pleased with session, only thing is that HR drifts upwards in the latter part of my long runs, even when pace is constant. Is this normal?

Would you be able to outline a suggested schedule/program for the last two weeks before the marathon?

Improving - Chrisrox - 29-09-2015

Hi TheEd,

Sorry I have been off the radar for some time, time for a quick update. In short, I went out with my aggressive and high risk race plan with pace 4:15/km, following the pacer-keepers targeting 3 hrs, or rather just below I guess. Pace felt comfortable for the whole first lap (2 laps of the same half-marathon route) and also legs etc felt good. As we passed after 21.1K, I noticed that we were just behind schedule with time 1:30:17, obviously something also the pacekeepers noticed. They increased speed, for me it felt like a substantial increase and from that point I had to put much more effort into following them. A couple of the next kms where compleeted in just below 4 mins/km and I really started struggling. After 26K I realized I was not going to manage at that pace and had to adjust, settingg a new target at 4:45/km for the remaining kms.

However, the damage was already done, probably I had been in the red zone for a while there and as the race progressed my speed consistently wentt down. The prblem was my legs, which were heavy, stiff and I just could not make them go faster, even if my breathing was good and overall feeling was not to bad either.

In the end I was struggling and I guess ended up in the classic newbie pitfall of loosing a lot of time in the last 10k. Came in at 3:15:48 and basically dropped 16 mins on the last 16k, which seen independeently was kind of a disapointment. However, I knew I was playing a risky strategy and this being my first ever marathon and all things considered I am relatively happy with my performance and ability to just get to the finish line with a time which after all is quite respectable. I am proud to pull off my first marathon and even if the last 10k was a battle I actually enjoyed the experience and do absolutely not rule out the possibility of future marathons.

I´d be happy to write a more extensive race report as requested, including also the atmosphere, weather, facilities etc. Let me know how to proceed.


Improving - TheEd - 30-09-2015

Thanks Chris, this rox

would love a report and images, are you able to send to

editor @

that would be great

the marathon is a sticky distance, you have to be so patient, a variation in pace too early and it can have a drastic affect on the runner

3:15 is OK at the end of the day Wink

so, what plans do you have