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A program to run sub 40 min in 10K - TheEd - 21-09-2015

just make sure not overtrain during the days training with friends Wink

and switch to program for the last 3 days before event


ps.. get them to do the 2k session with you, make proper runners out of them Wink


A program to run sub 40 min in 10K - Palmer - 27-09-2015

I decided to run a 5K race last Tuesday instead of 10K because the weather was really bad; raining and really windy. I was a hilly course so I was satisfied with the time due to the conditions: 20:29. I ran against the wind the first 2,5K but had the wind in the back when running back the second 2,5K.

Lap; Time;
1; 4:21
2; 4:16
3; 4:08
4; 4:07
5; 3:37

Total time; 20:29

The last 1K was only 0,96 according to my garmin.

This morning I ran a 10K race. My goal was to beat my PB of 41:29. I decided to try to maintain an average pace according to my garmin of 4:05 since it usually shows longer distance than 10K, often 10,1K.

The first 3K was with the wind in the back and the last 3K against the wind. I decided to run the first 3K faster than 4:05 taking advantage of the wind in the back. The time after the first 5K was around 20:33. I lost too much time during the 7th-10th Km so I did not manage to make PB. The time 41:48, around the same time as in a 10K race I ran in August.

Lap; Time
1; 4:04
2; 4:00
3; 4:01
4; 4:07
5; 4:09
6; 4:08
7; 4:12
8; 4:17
9; 4:13
10; 4:15
11; 0:23; 0,12K

Total time; 41:48

I think I took the wind too much into consideration when planning the race. Starting too fast and loosing time the latter part of the race. Next time I will try to run more evenly as you have recommended in your article :mmm: It also made the race more difficult that I did not have any runners to follow and helping breaking the wind.

In the first week of October I will travel to Spain for a 7 days golf trip :yes:. I will try to do some running sessions there to maintain my form. My next race is a half marathon on October 24. I might run a 10K race on October 8, the day after I return from Spain but I will decide later.


A program to run sub 40 min in 10K - TheEd - 28-09-2015

it is all good, the wind is one big spoiler of running results

pretty consistent though. getting to below 20 minutes for 5km, will also make the 10k easier

enjoy the golf, and if anything, try to run 1hr every 2nd day for the time you away

till your return Wink