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sub 40 or 45 min program? - TheEd - 01-08-2010

congrats rook, your training showed that you were in sub 42 shape, so you should feel most happy, let the sub 40 minute 10 km come naturally with consistent training

consider the Off Training Period

followed by the Build Up Period

then we can chat about the marathon .. what are you looking to do in the marathon?

Cheers and congrats

ps.. if you interested without attaching any hope for results, I have a 'guinea pig' marathon program that you could try, it is aimed at people such as yourself who have trained on the programs for a while and who then go towards the off period and build-up, once you get back onto the cycles we change certain elements aimed towards the marathon 6 weeks before the marathon

sub 40 or 45 min program? - rook - 02-08-2010

I'd be interested to see your modified program for the marathon, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to use it this year. The problem is that I don't have much time before the marathon which is on October 10th. That only leaves about 10 weeks before the race, so I was planning to take a few days off and then do an off training / build up period for the first couple weeks, then go through an 8 week accelerated marathon training program. The program I found basically increases mileage for 6 weeks and adds some strides, strength training and recovery runs, then it tapers off for the last 2 weeks.

One question I have is whether I should do one or two longer runs during my 2 week "build up" period, or should I stick to easy runs of up to 1 hour?

sub 40 or 45 min program? - TheEd - 02-08-2010

Hi rook, I would stick to the Build Up program as is, it is balanced in a way to take the runner on to the next level when they step up with their training

cheers and good luck with the marathon