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10K Sub 50 Min goal - Octopus - 23-12-2017

Hi TheEd

Eluid seems like such a nice humble man. I think he is coming to the Commonwealth games here in April 2018. The games are only 1.5 h drive from where I live. I have to check if tickers are still available!

Went for my park run this morning. It was 24 degrees at 7am, so a nice sweaty one!

Total time: 25.15 (29 seconds faster than three weeks ago)

1. 154/5.05
2. 164/5.02
3 166/5.09
4. 170/5.05
5. 172/4.51

I am very happy about the result, and motivated now to break the 25 min 5k. If I can manage this during the hotter temperatures, I'm hopeful to break the 50min 10k in the winter/running season.

Going by the program tips, I worked out the 10k pace to be 25.15 + 25.15 = 50.30 + 1 min is 51.30. This works at to be 5.09 for the 2k paced session.

My last 2 k sessions I did 5.17 pace for the first 2 k sessions, and 5.02 and 5.04 for next two. This works out to be quicker than suggested by the above calculations. Do you think I should start my first 2 k for the next cycle at 5.10 min/k and then go by feel like the last time?

Merry Christmas and thanks for all the support!

10K Sub 50 Min goal - TheEd - 23-12-2017

Hi Octo, as you have mentioned that you are happy with the 5k run, you can consider the following for the 2k session .. keep it at the pace you calculated, and add an extra 2k, so the session becomes 4 x 2k

then we can discuss the 1k session that follows


ps.. Kipchoge is genius Smile ...

10K Sub 50 Min goal - Octopus - 26-12-2017

Hi TheEd,

Santa was indeed very nice this year and gave me my camelback running back pack! I tested it today on my first run of the new cycle today. Nice easy 60 min run.

Tomorrow we are babysitting a dog and I'm going to try and bring it with me on my 30 min jog. Not sure how it's going to pan out as the dog gets very exited in the start and doesn't want to run in a straight line! I will let you know how I go!

10K Sub 50 Min goal - TheEd - 27-12-2017

Octo, we have a dog, which pulls too much in the beginning and not at the end or on uphills when I need his help

hope it was fun

ps.. sometimes Santa gets it right

10K Sub 50 Min goal - Octopus - 31-12-2017

Hi Ed,

Not many updates for me this Christmas! Running life has been hard with little sleep and full time work. I thought I was getting sick but think it was just exhaustion. We went on a spontaneous trip away this weekend witj friends so long run did not happen. Came home today and went for a nice slow run. Will do the same tomorrow and then start over again on Tuesday I think í*½í¸€

10K Sub 50 Min goal - TheEd - 02-01-2018

hope all going well, here's to a successful running 2018