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Sub 50 at 51 - heavy runner - Andyc16us - 19-12-2017

Hi TheEd, that's understood, and just what I intended thanks :-)

So, first day of program today, 60-70 Easy.
9.7km, 1:02:49 at 6:28/km, 24 degreesC

This ended up being a bit quicker than I normally go at,(I tend to run easy at 6:45-7:00/km) but I had a 2 day taper beforehand, due to Xmas shopping and other preparations getting in the way, so I felt like I was actually cruising, and chatted to my 14yr old son the whole way - he is accompanying me on a few runs, except he won't do the 1HR45' run, as he is not a runner, but 60minutes doesn't phase him.

I'll do a light 30 minutes tomorrow, then onto Thursday 2k intervals.

Sub 50 at 51 - heavy runner - TheEd - 19-12-2017

great that you able to run with your son .. excellent

2k session on its way


Sub 50 at 51 - heavy runner - Andyc16us - 21-12-2017

Hi TheEd, 2k session just completed!
I did it on a grass cricket/rugby field, as no tracks around us, and didn't want to run on the local tar cycle path.
Target pace 5:37/km or 11:14, from my 4kTT of 22:06.

2k_1 11:14.6 Walk 2'
2k_2 11:13.1 Walk 2'
2k_3 11:12.7 Walk 2'

The first interval I went out at 4:30/km and kept having to peg it back until I hit the right pace, but after that did it by feel.
I felt good on the first 2 intervals, but with 600m left on the 3rd interval I was happy enough that I didn't have another 2 to do. :-)
I felt fully recovered with the 2' rest, although glad it wasn't a jog recovery, as I don't tend to 'recover' when jogging.
So in essence I think I could do the same session with 90" rest if necessary, and even add in an extra interval, but I guess that comes later.
How does it look/sound to you, as expected?

Tomorrow is a rest day, and my birthday, I will be 51. Might have a few beers and a nice curry to celebrate :-)

Cheers, Andy

Sub 50 at 51 - heavy runner - TheEd - 21-12-2017

things will get better with experience. As the programs are progressive, in theory (as well as in practise it is meant to be so), doing 4 or 5 x 2k will be no more difficult than what you find the sessions now. The intensity stays the same Smile


ps.. all the best for your birthday, and have a fantastic festive season

Sub 50 at 51 - heavy runner - Andyc16us - 21-12-2017

Hi TheEd, sounds good, thanks.

Longest ever run coming up tomorrow, I have never done a run in training longer than 90 minutes, so it should be interesting.

Is the reason for a 1h45' run in the break 55 program vs 1hr30' in the break 45 program, for instance, for the extra aerobic stimulus?

Also for next week, what pace is my 5k run to be done at?
I am assuming 5:37/km, same as the 2k intervals, which is my 10km pace calculation, is that right? Sounds very hard :-)

Cheers, Andy

Sub 50 at 51 - heavy runner - TheEd - 22-12-2017

Hi Andy ..

the intention is to work on 'time on feet' and then as one develops it becomes distance orientated. This long run can be broken into segments, stop every 30 minutes to stretch and have water, so see if you can plan this to achieve this objective

do the 5k paced next week, starting off slower and speeding up where you can

the idea is to enjoy it all

on we go


Sub 50 at 51 - heavy runner - Andyc16us - 23-12-2017

Hi TheEd, so cycle1 day5 1:45 Easy Run.

14.73km 1:42.9 6:56/km - my longest run by some 20 minutes in the last 4 weeks.

It was a large loop around a load of country roads, so nowhere to stop or get a drink, and I kept moving the whole time.
I have also read that continuous running even at a slow pace will eventually recruit all of the available fibre pool, as the slow twitch fibres run out of glycogen and get rotated out, you eventually have to recruit fast twitch oxidative fibres, so wondering if this would be true or not?

By 90 minutes in my legs were getting quite sore, ankles and especially quads(glycogen depletion at work?), but whereas normally my breathing ramps up towards the end of a run, this time around, I could feel I was running at a much more comfortable heart rate.
I wonder if the faster work has already started to improve my O2 processing capacity?

Anyway, as you can see, I probably read too much about running and just need to get put and do it more, to reap the rewards :-)

1k intervals on the 26th, looking forward to them!

Cheers, Andy

Sub 50 at 51 - heavy runner - TheEd - 23-12-2017

in the beginning, we always focus on our KISS approach

my main concern regarding the long run and not stopping to stretch is related muscle fatigue and micro tears to the muscles, particularly in relation to the calf muscles which work support the ankles. So when the calf muscles fatigue they no longer support the ankles in an effective manner, which leads to ankle pain.

a higher protein intake after training and rehydration is important

as for your running and feeling good, it is too early to be truly gaining the benefits from the training, however your enthusiasm may be ramped up at present, and this will certainly give you that feeling of being fitter

so all good and look after yourself, once Day 8 is complete things do relax quite a lot

on we go


Sub 50 at 51 - heavy runner - Andyc16us - 23-12-2017

Hi TheEd, aha, point taken on the long run and ankle soreness, which is exactly the symptoms that happened to me yesterday, once I was 80 minutes in. I will make sure I do stop and walk/stretch the next time. :duh:
Luckily I awoke today with no remaining soreness, so the steak pie must be working well ;-)
I will keep the enthusiasm high, but temper it with a bit more patience going forward.

Christmas day here tomorrow, and expecting 30 degreesC, never feels like the festive season, down here in NZ - I am originally from the northern hemisphere, but I will enjoy my high protein turkey anyway.
Have a good day yourself too.

Cheers, Andy

Sub 50 at 51 - heavy runner - Andyc16us - 26-12-2017

Cycle 1 day 8 5x1k:90" recovery.
Target pace 5:27/km.

1k_1 5:28
1k_2 5:25
1k_3 5:28
1k_4 5:29
1k_5 5:27

Should have been easier than the 2k intervals, but feeling heavy from all the food on Christmas day, so in fact felt hard on the breathing.

Otherwise all good. Big Grin