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Sub 50 at 51 - heavy runner - TheEd - 27-12-2017

the fact that you running through the festive season is an achievement

in my years of coaching in the 80's and 90's, this was the time of year that I as a coach did not look for results from the athletes

we would ease into the New Year with a race or two but not much was expected

so enjoy


Sub 50 at 51 - heavy runner - Andyc16us - 28-12-2017

Some days I don't run, mainly the 30 min easy runs, but all the quality sessions I do get out. I expect that the 2nd time through, I will me more strict, once Xmas and New Year out of the way :-)

Sub 50 at 51 - heavy runner - TheEd - 28-12-2017

one of the things in the development of a program, is putting time aside for when you should be running. Creating the routine, so even of you don't run, you do something related to running.

As the programs are progressive, there is a plan for the 'off period' like a holiday of sorts Smile

not 'reprimanding' here, but providing the idea behind the format etc

on we go, and enjoy New Year's celebration


Sub 50 at 51 - heavy runner - Andyc16us - 28-12-2017

Hi TheEd, totally understand that.
No more missed sessions from now on :-)

Happy New Year to you also!

Sub 50 at 51 - heavy runner - Andyc16us - 29-12-2017

Actually, we are now planning a week away at the beach so no chance of me sticking to the program......Christmas is also combined Summer holidays here, so I will just run easy on the days I can from now until the 9th Jan, too many distractions, and frowning wife!
Disappointing really, but I think I should have realised, and as you have alluded to, this time of year is normally set aside for rest and regeneration.
I will reset and start day one on the 9th Jan, when I am back to work and all the holidays are over.
Until then :-)

Sub 50 at 51 - heavy runner - TheEd - 02-01-2018

holidays are good and if you can, swim lots Smile

2018 onwards


Sub 50 at 51 - heavy runner - Andyc16us - 06-01-2018

I spent a nice relaxing week away at the beach, did a bit of swimming, and only 1 run, but did manage to do some hill hiking, so it was good.

I ran for 75 minutes yesterday Sat 6th, and today we are going for a hike in the hills for 2 hours with around 400m elevation gain - whole family outing.

This week I will run 4-5 days, starting tomorrow, and I'll do my first day back, with day 1 being Tues 16th.

This fits nicely as I have either a 6km or 14km(my choice) race on March 18th, so I can get exactly 3 cycles in before then.

Do you think I should redo my 4km TT prior to starting, or just go with my original time and see how that goes?

Cheers, Andy

p.s. no more missed sessions as I am keen to see the effect of 3 cycles Smile

Sub 50 at 51 - heavy runner - TheEd - 08-01-2018

not to worry, as long as you develop and enjoy the training, the results will come

on we go