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Sub40 10k training (General inquiry) - MitchelC - 30-04-2018

Very glad to know that this happens in many cases. Will do anticipate such challenges, thanks for informing me beforehand theEd! Also, im excited to know that i can still do quality sessions on the treadmill. Weather in my area is about to get hotter the next few months (40-50 degrees celcius), so im really planning hard to find an alternative that would make my running more consistent and balanced. I noticed that too much sunlight can bring a lot of fatigue to the body during and after the run (which , at least in my case, affects my performance on the next run). This is both physically and mentally taxing to me; so most of the time it feels like everyday is a hard day with no easy days in-between or after.

Looking forward to continue your program theEd tomorrow! Hoping for the best! Will update !

Have a great day/evening!

Sub40 10k training (General inquiry) - TheEd - 01-05-2018

Be kind to yourself, doing less does develop consistency

and you can build on that

and believe it or not, you can still race off less training


Sub40 10k training (General inquiry) - MitchelC - 01-05-2018

Got it, will do ease it up a little bit.
Back to day 1
I did my 70min easy indoor treadmill run at a room temp of 22-24 celcius with my usual watch (garmin forerunner 35). Speed of the treadmill was at 10.0-14.0. Sometimes i felt strong so i increased the speed for 2-3minutes then lower it down to 10.5-11. Every treadmill is different so im not sure how this translates to pace. Here are the splits:

1st km: 5:02
15th km: 4:10
0.53 km: 4:16 min/km

Surprisingly, im running a pace beyond my expectations. I dont know if it's due to the cool room temperature or simply device inaccuracy in measuring my pace. Cadence was at 176 (average) in comparison to my usual 160+ cadence (running outdoors). I think the moving ground forces me to up my cadence. What do you think theEd?
But without a doubt, running indoors than outdoors (at 30celcius+) is better for the upcoming days. I feel comfortable and relaxed, running outdoors at that temp feels like torture. It's true when you said running on a treadmill hurts the calves more, at least i dont have to fight the heat though!! I get to focus more on my form and the actual running than mentally trying to survive the heat! Wew

Ave. Bpm is at 162, max is 185

Sub40 10k training (General inquiry) - MitchelC - 03-05-2018

Did 30min easy indoors. Same treadmill.
Here are the stats:

1st km: 5:20min/km
7th (0.13): 5:05min/km

Ave. Bpm is 163, max is 174. Ave. Cadence is 166, max is 176.

Sub40 10k training (General inquiry) - MitchelC - 03-05-2018

Just updating. Today was my 5x2000m w/ 90sec rest

Here are the splits:
1st 2000m: 4:24min/km (8:47mins)
4:14min/km (8:27mins)
4:17min/km (8:33mins)
4:23min/km (8:46mins)
5th 2000m: 4:23min/km (8:46mins)

Ave. Bpm is 175, max 195.
Ave. Cadence is 174, max 194.
Same treadmill. Was on 13.0 - 14.0. Sped up to 13.5 and 14 (only 0.5 increments are available) when i felt strong. Lowered speed back to 13 when i couldnt keep up with the belt . Also, figured out this treadmill (proteus ldt 7850) displays speed at km/hr. Same temp, it's very cool in our gym. Foam roll and stretched before and after.

Thats all for today. Resting tomorrow

Sub40 10k training (General inquiry) - TheEd - 04-05-2018

how are you feeling with the training progression, after the off-period and build-up?

normally the 2k session is quite a tough return

on we go


Sub40 10k training (General inquiry) - MitchelC - 05-05-2018

Whats really good about this particular session is that i dont feel constant pain in my right calf anymore. Used to be like that before for sub45 and the previous cycle of sub40. Regular foam rolling and the off-period has really helped me recover. Not thinking negative and instead thinking of finishing my sessions really do help in finishing sessions.

I did my long run today. Here are the splits:
1st km: 5:21
17th km: 4:49 min/km
0.41 km: 4:53 min/km

In summary:
Ave. Pace was 5:11min/km . Ave bpm is 159, max 183. Same treadmill. Same temp. Felt pretty long, especially when you consider the fact that i had to stare at a blank wall for an hour and a half. But yeah legs felt good, nothing's hurt as of the moment. Hope it stays that way, aye! Still hot outside, so treadmill for the rest of week

Sub40 10k training (General inquiry) - TheEd - 07-05-2018

nice going Mitchel, do look after the calf muscles though, as the treadmill can sometimes cause stiffness from overstretching

all looking good, 1k session to come

on we go


Sub40 10k training (General inquiry) - MitchelC - 07-05-2018

30min easy was yesterday. Ave. Pace was 5:01 min/km. Similar to what i had last 30min easy session. My 10k easy today was at an average of 4:57min/km. Finished it in 49mins approx. Ave. Bpm is 152, max is 159. Legs still feel good, no fatigue or pain whatsoever. Sometimes the treadmill feels so fast though, especially in the beginning. Really have to keep up with the belt. Speed was at 11kph for the tread.

Will update tomorrow for the 6x1000m session,
Thanks theEd for the help!

Sub40 10k training (General inquiry) - MitchelC - 08-05-2018

Hello theEd, good day!
just did my 6x1000m earlier. I have to say this is the hardest session so far. Felt like i was gonna fall off the treadmill anytime especially if i miss a step. Thankfully, i didnt. But ive never felt such burning pain before in my right calf. It didnt persist after the run. Felt it during the 60 second rests.

Here are the splits:
1st km: 4:16 min/km
6th km: 4:06 min/km

There were some times when i had to shift my gear and slow down. Treadmill speed was at 14 , during the 4th and 5th 1000m , i really felt like i was gonna fall down if i didnt slow the treadmill down so i put it to 13. Then increased to 13.5 for 20secs , back to 14 after 20 secs. Did that multiple times as my calves really felt burning hot. But this was really,by far, the hardest one. Eventually had to lie down and stretch my right calf after the session as it really felt stiff and excruciatingly painful. Didnt persist after the run, thankfully.

Thats all for now!! ^_^