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Sub40 10k training (General inquiry) - TheEd - 02-07-2018

HI Mitchel,

your sessions are going well

if you add your 5 x 2k times together and add 50 to 60 seconds to that time, this would realistically be your 10k race time

if you want to go onto the sub 35 program then that should be fine, simply begin to speed up your target times in the 5 x 2k session and then the 1k session accordingly

and you pacing yourself better by starting off slower and then speeding up

good luck, you coming along nicely


Sub40 10k training (General inquiry) - MitchelC - 02-07-2018

Hello theEd!

Ive decided to do a 4k time trial by the way. Here are the splits:


Id very much like to go to the default sub35 program. However, when i came up with my paces...
My 10k pace would be at 3:50
5k and 3k pace at 3:40 (3:35-3:40)

Is it prudent to use these paces initially when i jump onto the sub35 program (after the next 3 recovery days)? And if i do, im assuming i should replace the 400m intervals with the 3x1600m right?

Sub40 10k training (General inquiry) - TheEd - 03-07-2018

That should be fine Mitchel

remember to ease into the first 2k before looking to run at 3:50 per k from number two on



Sub40 10k training (General inquiry) - MitchelC - 08-07-2018

Here are the splits for today's 5 x 2000m w/ 90sec:

1st 2000m: 7:25mins
Last 2000m: 7:23mins

Today was a tough day. Everyday feels tough though even the easy ones . The recent 90min runs (day22 of last cycle and day 1) got me to almost half marathon each(19k). I feel like fatigue is getting carried over to the next session everytime.

Tomorrow's a rest day though. Timely, as both of my thighs feel very heavy!!

Thats all for now ^_^

Sub40 10k training (General inquiry) - TheEd - 10-07-2018

Hi Mitchel, your 2k session looks decent

are you doing the 2k session on the Thursday, then Rest Friday

this is the reason that it is best to first adapt to the cycle before speeding up the pace

you moving in the right direction


Sub40 10k training (General inquiry) - MitchelC - 11-07-2018

Yes. Im doing everything in accordance to the programs's schedule. So yeah, i take a break on the day after the 5x2000m interval run.

Did 24k on the most recent 2hr long run. 30min easy run was typical (6.80k). Everything's going well. I'd like to know if it's advisable to not take the break (the off period and the build up) despite going through the programs for more than 3 months. I just feel like i want to keep going. And yes, it's been more than 3 months since my last break.

Thanks in advance

Sub40 10k training (General inquiry) - TheEd - 12-07-2018

Hi Mitchel, we can continue going for now, however start taking your morning pulse at least every 3 days and monitor your weight, so that if there is a drastic change you are aware of it, before it develops into a problem

rest and recovery is important so that the body absorbs the workload

all good then


Sub40 10k training (General inquiry) - MitchelC - 13-07-2018

Ive taken my weight about 5 days ago. To tell you the truth, ive actually lost 10lbs. With that in mind, now Im trying to maintain a heavy diet to keep up with weight loss. Nonetheless, i do still feel very much healthy.

Sub40 10k training (General inquiry) - TheEd - 17-07-2018

Please be very careful with what you doing Mitchel. it is never advised to diet and do vigorous training together

on your quality session days be extra careful

good luck

ps.. how did your weekend training go?

Sub40 10k training (General inquiry) - MitchelC - 18-07-2018

I weighed myself earlier . Gained 1kg. My weight fluctuates so ill keep monitoring it. Im actually not on a diet that's the problem; on the contrary, im trying my very best to gain weight.

With regard to training, all easy runs (40min & 15k) were on pace (below 4:47min/km). I did 15k (70mins) on that sunday, and 15k today (70mins). My 5k time trial was on pace. Here are the splits:

1st km: 3:35min/km

Keep in mind that i was trying to go for sub 18:20mins that day (pace on or below 3:40min/km). Will go for 30min easy tomorrow (typical easy run that gets me to 6.50km's now).

What would you advice about this decrease in my weight?

Thanks !