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Sub40 10k training (General inquiry) - TheEd - 20-07-2018

HI Mitchel, I misunderstood re: dieting .. and thought you were trying to lose weight

with training your body will find its ideal 'fighting weight'

you can consider doing light strength training to place muscle in certain areas which will steady things if need be

in truth, lower weight = faster running

hope all goes well with the weekend plans


Sub40 10k training (General inquiry) - MitchelC - 22-07-2018

What would 'light strength training' usually compose? And what is sufficient for runners training for sub35 10k? Would like to get some advice; would research on this one as well of course.

Regarding training, '30min easy' on thurs got me to 6.70km. The following '3 x 1600m w/3min rest' had these splits:

1st 1600m: 5:42mins (3:34min/km)
5:38mins (3:31min/km)
Last 1600m: 5:28mins (3:25min/km)

The following '10k easy' had a duration of 45minutes.
Today's 'fartlek' had these splits:
10min warmup (4:32min/km)
3:23 min/km
Easy 4:19 min/km
Easy 4:18
Easy 4:19
Easy 4:28
Easy 4:24
9min cooldown (4:35min/km)

Resting tomorrow as scheduled. Looking forward to 4k time trial on the day after

Sub40 10k training (General inquiry) - TheEd - 22-07-2018

Hi Mitchel, take a look at these simple routines to start with

training is looking very positive


Sub40 10k training (General inquiry) - MitchelC - 23-07-2018

Thanks! Havent read this one yet. Will do the exercises. I understand that each exercise has 12-15 reps. Should these exercises be done every day or is there another schedule?

Sub40 10k training (General inquiry) - TheEd - 23-07-2018

Hi Mitchel, to start with, consider doing the exercises every 2nd day and after Day 8 in the training cycle

once you adapt to the exercises then you can look to include the sessions every 2nd day throughout the 3 weeks.

hope this helps


Sub40 10k training (General inquiry) - MitchelC - 24-07-2018

Got it! I'll start doing the exercises in the next cycle. 4k time trial was done today. Here are the splits:

1st km: 3:31min/km
4th km: 3:27min/km

Everything felt fine. Legs were not tired; breathing started to become labored at the 3rd km. No injuries felt after or anything similar.

Thats all for now!

Sub40 10k training (General inquiry) - MitchelC - 01-08-2018

After the 4k time trial, everything went okay. Did 1hr easy, 30min easy, then 75min easy as recovery runs. All paces were at 4:25ish. Day 1 of this second cycle got me to 20km (pace was at 4:28min/km) , the following 30min easy run was on pace as well. 5x2000m w/90sec rest was up next and here are the splits:

1st 2000m: 6:54mins

Was aiming for 7:20min/2000m (3:40min/km). Pushed very hard at the last 3 intervals, but failed to get the last two on pace. Hardest interval so far; very exhausting

Today was able to finish my 2hr long run at a pace of 5:05min/km (got me to 23.60km). Pretty tiring, but all is okay (no injuries or anything similar)

Im aiming to run a race this coming october. Should i take a break or not?

Thanks theEd!

Sub40 10k training (General inquiry) - TheEd - 01-08-2018

nice going Mitchel, for the 2k session, consider starting off maybe running at 7.10 to 7.15 and then building on from there

As for taking a break, how are you feeling currently, and will you have an opportunity to at least do a fast 5k anytime soon?

will await your feedback


Sub40 10k training (General inquiry) - MitchelC - 02-08-2018

Regarding the 2000m repeats, will surely try to slow my pace down . But it does feel hard to slow down especially when the legs feel fresh and breathing is more relaxed.

Regarding rest,
Honestly at this point i feel like im carrying fatigue from previous day's training all the time. Right now, i think doing a fast 5k on top of the day's scheduled session will feel very exhausting. I prefer to wait for day 12 (which is a week from now). If youre referring to joining a 5k race, unfortunately it is still very hot (40degrees celcius+) outside, so i really cant... as much as id like to.

Sub40 10k training (General inquiry) - TheEd - 03-08-2018

Hi Mitchel, I did mean that when it comes to the end of your cycle, would there be a possibility to run a 5k course which is conducive to a fast time Smile

your main fatigue is Day 3 to Day 8

take a look at this article re: training program

hopefully things work in the right direction