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Consistent 10km improvement - nickmac - 23-06-2010

Hi TheEd,

I am hoping you can give me a bit of help. I have been running consistently for the past 5 years and I am looking to progress my 10km pb and have an ultimate goal of reaching a sub 35mins (currently 39:02 - splits below). I know this is a massive step up from where I'm at, however, I am not too fixated on the time, ultimately, I just want to find my running limit!

My current weekly schedule:
2 tempo runs 8km and 12km (avg 4:05 - 4:20 mins per km)
6 * 1km repeats with 90sec recovery (avg 3:35 - 3:40)
long run (90mins) avg 5mins per km
1 - 2 easy 8km runs

I am really interested in the 2km session in your programs, so yesterday I went out and and aimed for 7:40 avg, though not quite there yet!
1. 7:46
2. 7:38
3. 7:45
4. 7:50
5. 7:51

10km pb race splits:
1. 3:54
2. 3:55
3. 3:53
4. 3:59
5. 4:01
6. 3:59
7. 3:55
8. 3:48
9. 3:50

I'd be really interested in getting your thoughts on my training and what tweaks you would suggest to help me improve.

Thanks TheEd, hope to hear from you soon.

Consistent 10km improvement - TheEd - 23-06-2010

Hi nickmac and welcome

with your current training you would be able to slot into one of the 10km training schedules pretty easily and I would recommend you do try one, look at the sub 35 minute 10km program however we shall revamp it more to your needs regarding pace

once you adapt to the balance of the program I do believe that with the kind of speed you show currently, you will improve.

over to you


Consistent 10km improvement - nickmac - 24-06-2010

Thanks for feedback TheEd.

I've had a good look at the 35min program and I'm happy to get stuck straight into it! Just not sure where to start, I did my long run on Sunday and 5*2ks on Tuesday, so what day would you suggest to slot in to/pace etc.?

Also, I have a 10k race on Sunday, 11th July, so just about 2.5 weeks to go.
It's a good flat course, so hopefully the weather will play it's part :yes:


Consistent 10km improvement - TheEd - 24-06-2010

Hi N .. you did the 5 x 2k session at the pace documented, so look at doing the first 5 x 2k @ 3.50 per k to start = 7.40

the value of the program is the balance it teaches you and how it assists in preparation before events

so your 2k to start with will be 3.50 per k .. your 1000's will be 3.40 per k

after the 10km race we can reassess things


Consistent 10km improvement - nickmac - 24-06-2010

Thanks TheEd, so what session/day should I start with?


Consistent 10km improvement - TheEd - 24-06-2010

Day 1 (for me) falls on a Tuesday with Day 3 being Thursday so the session could be 5 x 2k

you on a different time zone so could shift the 2k run till tomorrow with an easy run Saturday and Sunday the long run with Tuesday the 1000's

how does this sound?


Consistent 10km improvement - nickmac - 24-06-2010

Sounds good to me!

I'll get through the sessions and update you after 1ks on Tuesday.


Consistent 10km improvement - nickmac - 30-06-2010

Hi TheEd,

I hope your keeping well. How is weather in Sweden, Melbourne is grey, cold and windy, but still ok for running!

Training is going pretty well at the moment, I decided to swap sessions to bring me inline with the program. Therefore, day 1 + 3 were reversed, but all other sessions were on the designated day. Make sense?

Sessions as follows:
Fri - rest
Sat - Long run 90 mins (avg 4:49 per km)
Sun - 30mins easy (avg 4:41 per km)
Mon - Easy 10km (avg 4:39 per km)
Tuesday - 6 * 1k - felt ok, bit of a head wind, so stuffed up the pacing on the 1st interval.
1. 3:49
2. 3:36
3. 3:40
4. 3:38
5. 3:40
6. 3:40

Just a few questions:
Should I aim for 15km or 1hr tomorrow?
For Saturday's 5km paced run, what should I be looking to do?
Finally, the easy paced sessions, I have aimed to keep these between 30 - 60 seconds slower than current 10k pace, is this correct?

Thanks for helping me out. Speak soon,

Consistent 10km improvement - TheEd - 30-06-2010

seems like you coming together with the program

for now consider 1hr instead ... keep it enjoyable and relaxed

the 5km paced on Saturday, look at 19.30 for this cycle, this should feel comfortable and if it is then you can accelerate over the last 1km

what have you planned for next Saturday?

easy runs 1 minute slower for distances of 8 to 15 km below that, you can work on the 30 - 60 ratio but more than anything let these 'supplementary' runs be enjoyable

ps.. we had splendid weather the past 4 days other than today, actually the best of our summer

Consistent 10km improvement - nickmac - 01-07-2010

Thanks TheEd, that all sounds good.

I have a local 10k race on Sunday 11th July. Looking forward to it and would like to dip under 39mins this time. I was thinking to try and hold 3:50 pace from the start, although, 2k reps avg was 3:53, so maybe pushing a little bit, what do you think?

Thanks again,