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Consistent 10km improvement - nickmac - 09-11-2010

Afternoon TheEd,

How is life in Sweden?

Unfortunately the 12k race didn't happen for me on Sunday, so I ran a 10k t.t. on my own instead (39:55). I ran it on a course from a race I regularly participate in, so I'm confident in the distance.

Unfortunately I don't have splits as my garmin battery died just before I started, so I used the stopwatch on my phone instead. I'm a bit disappointed by the time, I would have thought a 39 - 39:30 would be achievable by myself....In saying that, I didn't feel too bad during the run, I just wasn't able to push on (or maybe lacked the motivation to push on).

Conscious I have no data too share, so a bit unhelpful for you this time around :confused:

So I was out for my run this morning, feeling a bit sorry for myself: training regularly, improved my base fitness and not seeing the time improvements. Maybe I'm reading too much into Sunday's run?

Any insight would be gratefully received?

Consistent 10km improvement - TheEd - 09-11-2010

I certainly wouldn't read too much into it .. as you mentioned you didn't feel too bad on the run and 'maybe' lacked the motivation

race stimulus is so much more different

the next time consider doing a 4km or 5km as you able to be more intense over a shorter distance

10km is not an easy distance to run as a time-trial

Cheers and enjoy


Consistent 10km improvement - nickmac - 09-11-2010

Appreciate the feedback, I do indeed struggle with getting my head into non-race hard runs.....

Moving on so, 2ks tomorrow night, with a better showing than last time :laugh:

Talk soon,

Consistent 10km improvement - TheEd - 10-11-2010

the 2k's will sort you out



Consistent 10km improvement - nickmac - 11-11-2010


2ks sorted me out alright :laugh:

1. 7:39 (3:45 + 3:54)
2. 7:38 (3:54 + 3:44)
3. 7:39 (3:52 + 3:47)
4. 7:46 (3:57 + 3:49)
5. 7:53 (3:57 + 3:56)

As you can see from the 1k splits, I struggled a bit with my pacing.
It's been really hot here today, so actually happy enough with my session.

I also think I have been heaping extra pressure on myself with 37:30 target in December, I may need to accept my current level and just keep working away at it.

As always, thanks for your help.
P.S. Still waiting on hr monitor strap

Consistent 10km improvement - TheEd - 11-11-2010

you can always rely on the 2k's to deliver the correct medicine


nice going


Consistent 10km improvement - nickmac - 16-11-2010

Evening TheEd,

My training has been going well since last post.

The long run over the weekend was thoroughly enjoyable, I got through the 90mins in 4:45 avg per k.

Today's 1ks were as follows:
1. 3:29
2. 3:37
3. 3:36
4. 3:39
5. 3:40
6. 3:40

The session felt really good, I was hanging on a little bit on the last one.

This weekend I have a sprint tri on Sunday 500/20/5. I haven't done a huge amount with my swim or bike, so my plan is to go easy and then take the run leg as my 5k t.t. This will keep me on target for my 10k on 28th Nov.


Consistent 10km improvement - TheEd - 16-11-2010

nice .. Smile .. definitely hanging in at the end .. you still waiting for a new strap or battery for your heart rate monitor?

great to hear your long run was enjoyable, that is always helpful



Consistent 10km improvement - nickmac - 16-11-2010

Yep, no hr strap yet, the shop was meant to call, but I'm guessing I'll have to chase it up. With any luck I'll have it sorted by early next week.

I'll follow the program as outlined and update you after Tri on Sunday.

Hope all is well with you.

Consistent 10km improvement - nickmac - 21-11-2010

Evening TheEd,

My son has the sniffles this weekend, not too much sleep for us.....
So I decided to do a 5k tt instead of the tri.

1. 3:47
2. 3:45
3. 3:43
4. 3:45
5. 3:48
Total: 18:50