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Consistent 10km improvement - nickmac - 02-12-2010

Evening TheEd,

A very disappointing night, the first time I have ever dropped out of a race.

Everything was going well, reached 4k in 15mins, felt good and controlled, I got a stitch, which I was able to run through, unfortunately it came back badly just before the 7k mark. I tried to keep going, but I slowed down so much it was all a bit pointless.

I'm not sure what happened, my prep was good, maybe I just got my hydration wrong in the race.......


Consistent 10km improvement - TheEd - 02-12-2010

these things happen

go through things you could have done that could have brought on the stitch and then make sure to exclude them from the next race and your future preparation

this goes down to food and with particular note not to eat meat the night before a race in the morning or during the day before an evening race

once you get your 'prep' down to 'pat' then these things will happen less often

look forward, when's the next race?


Consistent 10km improvement - nickmac - 03-12-2010

This is one of the few evening races in the year for me. So maybe prep wasn't as good say for a morning event. Foodwise, I didn't have anything too heavy during the day, however I had a lot of water (usual plan for me the day before), so I wonder if this was it. I rarely get stitches while I run (training or race) and when I have I was able to run through it. I'll continue to refine my prep.....

My next race is 12th Dec. The 3 races in quick succession have thrown this cycle out a little bit. Tuesday 30th Nov should have been the beginning of a new cycle. Would it be ok to complete a 2k session prior to my next race? I feel this is the one area needing a bit off work at the moment...

Here's what I'm thinking:
Today: Rest
4th Sat: 90mins
5th Sun: 60mins
6th Mon: 60mins
7th Tues: 5* 2ks (90R)
8th Wed: 10k relaxed
9th Thurs: 60mins
10th Fri: 30mins 1min fast/1min easy
11th Sat: Rest
12th Sun: Race

How does this sound to you? Does it make sense? Thanks for your help,

Consistent 10km improvement - TheEd - 03-12-2010

This could have been it then .. put it down to experience and the 12th you have another chance ..

instead of the 2k session do - 3 x 1600m with Rest 3 minutes .. 1600 at 5k pace and then on the Thursday an easy 20 to 30 minutes to freshen up further

on Saturday 4th do a 6k tempo run and the Sunday 75 minutes the rest is OK

the more you develop you will learn that there is more to the program relating to a race period schedule but that is or another time

so everything in order


Consistent 10km improvement - nickmac - 03-12-2010

Thanks TheEd, changes sound good, will do!

Consistent 10km improvement - nickmac - 05-12-2010

Evening TheEd,

Weekend sessions competed as planned. No problems coming out of Thursday and I'm feeling a little bit more relaxed regarding my race performance.

6k tempo: Felt comfortable throughout (AHR: 165 and MHR: 175)
1. 4:00
2. 4:24 (bumped into a mate as he was finishing up his session)
3. 3:58
4. 4:08
5. 4:02
6. 3:57

75mins Easy
Time: 1:12:43
Dist: 14.13
Pace: 5:08
AHR: 136
MHR: 155

Tomorrow is an easy hour and 1600s * 3 on Tuesday. I'll update you then.

Hope all is well with you, Cheers,

Consistent 10km improvement - nickmac - 11-12-2010

Afternoon TheEd,

I hope all is well with you.

My training has gone to plan this week and I'm feeling refreshed for the race tomorrow. :great:

The weather forecast isn't great, but not too much I can do about that.
My plan is to begin a little bit conservatively and give myself a chance to negative split each 5k and all going to plan dip under 38mins.

Anyways, thats the plan, but I'll update you with the reality tomorrow evening:laugh:


Consistent 10km improvement - nickmac - 12-12-2010

Hi TheEd,

40:22 for today's 10k. Unfortunately I don't have any hr info for you....

1st 5k: 19:42
2nd 5k: 20:40

Set off at low 3:50's, with the hope of reaching halfway point in good shape. Unfortunately never really settled into a good rhythm. My 6th k slowed to 3:58 and things went further downhill from there.

I'm not putting up any excuses, but there was a strong headwind and with our trip back home (flying tomorrow) I probably wasn't too interested in racing anyways. Once I knew it wasn't my day, the little bit of motivation I had evaporated.

In regards to my plans now, there are no races (that I can find) in Ireland over Christmas, so I am planning to just get back into the 3 week cycles. there is a charity mile event on Christmas morning, I will look to get along to that for fun. That leaves a Triathlon on 6th Feb back in Melbourne. I was thinking a 3 week build up phase after that to prepare for the Autumn races out here in April/May. Does this sound ok?

We arrive in Dublin on Tuesday, so I was planning on doing a couple of easy runs to acclimatise and moving the 2k session to Friday.

As always, thanks for your wise advice.


Consistent 10km improvement - TheEd - 12-12-2010

if the mind is not there often the race doesn't oblige

travel back safely to the fantastic Irish weather Wink

go well


Consistent 10km improvement - nickmac - 24-12-2010

Evening TheEd,

I hope all is well with you. I've been home a couple of weeks now and I'm glad to say I have been able to train through the cold weather without any major issues.

i was hoping to run a mile race tomorrow morning, but the weather has forced a race cancellation. No biggie though, I 'll get out for a regular run....

Most importantly, I wanted to thank you for your great advice, insights and support in 2010. I hope you and your family have a great Christmas and new year.